Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wood Elves on Thursday!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do an update last Sunday but I have enough time to do a quick update today.

I have been slowly plodding on with the painting of the Autumnal Wood Elves. This week I have been able to finish one of the Scout units, the Army General, and the Wizard. I am currently halfway through the last five strong scout unit, leaving only 20 more Elves to go!

I will have enough time to do a proper update this Sunday :) .

The plan for this Sunday is to do the update on the early releases of Rogue Trader Eldar Ranges from 1987/8.  I thought it would be a nice to focus on these early miniatures before the introduction of new miniatures/background/aspect warriors etc in the famous army list article in White Dwarf #127, at a time before the move away from the Eldar as Pirates and Mercenary Raiders to an expanded  race/range with more background.
Also, as I am painting Jes Goodwin designed Elves I thuoght it will be fun to look at his equivalent miniatures for 40K, and the contemporaries to the Imperial Army, Pirates, Squats, and Orks which I have previously updated on.

I have a large Eldar Army based on the Eldritch Raiders Army list from the Book of the Astronimican and the additions from the later White Dwarf magazines. I havn't painted the army as of yet, but it's on my ever long army 'to do' list! (I do have a painted later Eldar army, and Dark Eldar from the 1990's which I will update on another time.)

Here are this weeks Wood Elves :)

 The scout unit flanked by the two characters.
 Army General.
I really like this miniature and am pleased I could use him as the General. He is from the Elf Personalities range from about 1987.
 Side view.
 The personalities range have different horses to the rest of the Elven Cavalry, they were more barded and standing still. I have placed the General on the least barded of them as I did'nt buy barding for the horse in the army list, but still wanted to use the standing horse.Also, as this and the Wizard are the only ywo mounted Wood Elves in the Army, I did'nt think it mattered and actually suited the army better than galloping horses.
The range also included add on extras/saddle bags such as swords, scrolls, bows, etc, but I left these off as I did'nt want to clutter the horses.
 Elven Wizard. 
He is on a barded horse as I paid for the barding.
 Side view. 
For the horse barding and Wizards robe I went for the muted Autunm orange brown after first trying just brown. Just brown looked too dull, but the Autumnal orange looked brighter but without looking too much.
 Five Scouts. 
Four of them are from the old 1980's Citadel Lord of the Rings Range ME-31 Silvan Elves of Mirkwood.
I went for a largely uniform paint job for the Scouts to give the impression of small close knit units.
 Two of the 'Mirkwood Elves' . 
I will use the one on the right as the unit leader. 
I am not sure who designed them, but they are not Jes Goodwins style, they maybe Aly Morrison.
 On the left is the rear view on the one on the left above. 
The female Elf on the right is a solid based one from the C08 High Elves range. That range was designed by Aly Morrison and looks similar to the Mirkwood Elves, which is why I thought he might have designed them. 
It is because they looked different in design I put them into units of their own so as not to break up the look of the Jes Goodwin Elf units.
Rogue Trader Eldar! 
Just some of the Eldar that I will be sorting out for Sunday. :)


  1. God damnit Lee, It always the same thing with your posts. I always leave them with a big smile from seeing pure eye candy and then I get depressed by looking at my own collection...
    I was planning on sorting out my own eldar army as well bu tI wouldn't want to start a "who's got the biggest (army) with you.

    Anyway, this is all splendid !

  2. LOL thank you.

    Don't be depressed about your collection, you have some great stuff excellently painted, and an awesome Zoat. I really like the Khornate warriors. :)
    It would be great to see your Eldar Army as I will not get around to painting mine for ages.

    The other two Eldar armies I do have are painted but are'nt really interesting. The Eldar one is just a collection of Aspect Warriors and odds and ends I painted in about 1999 and tinkered with a few years afterwards.

    The Dark Eldar Army is an old 1990's style one with lots of plastic stuff, although I did paint them all dark gold which looks cool. Might do an update one of them if people want before Christmas.

    1. Well I could do with a fex extra Zoats to comply with the Eldrith army list but I'll do a group shot, nearly everything is preped and is only waiting fo rme to choose the right colour scheme...

  3. Damn you Lee, you have far too much tasty old lead.. I dread to think what your other half has to deal with.

    1. LOL still have lots more to sort out.
      I have been sorting out the 2nd/3rd edition Skaven army this evening as that might be the next of the armies I'll start, although the Squat Army is a very tempting project to start painting. :)
      I managed to paint up five Wood Elf scouts too this evening, now only 20 to go!

      I am single at the moment, which is probably why I get more painting done, but my last girlfriend was fine with all the goblins as she collected vast amounts of crystals!