Sunday 1 June 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Sunday

Well I had a whole day to paint, but did'nt get quite as far as I had hoped.

I did paint the Defiler and the Dreadnought. However, I spent most of the afternoon re-basing the Marines bases with flagstones and rubble, which took longer than I thought it would, although there are 70 of them!  It think it looks good, and enlivens the bases. I could'nt resist painting up five of the bases for the blog to show how they will turn out.

Painting wise, I only have the Warlord on a Juggernought left to paint. Other than that the army will be completed ....

...except for painting the bases (and varnishing of course). Actually the painting the bases takes a bit of time as I need to slightly water down the paint to make it flow into the rubble, which takes a lot of paint, and then a time to dry. Then I have to highlight the rubble.

The army's painting as a whole will be completed by tomorrow night, but it might take the rest of the week to base!  All in all I don't think I have done too bad over the week (considering I have been working full time too), and so if I get the Warlord painted by tomorrow, it will consider it a success, especially as the main reason for the project has been to get me painting again :)

 The Defiler.
 Close up of the cab ( or Demon in a box ! ).
 What's that coming over the hill..?
I am pleased with the look of the Dreadnought, and it ties in well with the Chaos Marines.
 Three Chaos Marines with the basing I have done on all of the Marines. Each model in the army has at least one of the plasti-card flagstones on it, with varying amount of rubble. I had to remove many of the Marines this afternoon so I could reglue them onto the flagstones.
 Painted bases. 
I have goone for a lighter base to constrast with the darker look of the Marines. I also wanted to do bases that suggested a ruined Neo-Classical city, rather than the standard Gothic Imperial one. I liked the artwork from the 'Horus Heresy Collected Visions' artbook of runied Classical looking cities.
Close up of the bases. 
I basescoated them with Vallejo Stone Grey, and then highlighted it with just white. 

Monday will be one week on from the start of the challenge, and I shall paint the Warlord tomorrow evening after work, and see if I can get more bases done. :)


  1. Ever felt like spending a week in french western Alps Lee?, I could totally have you at home painting my Chaos army waiting for the 5th year to get some love (1 model painted only).

    Joke aside, this is one real wonder to see an army take life in such short notice... The plasma cannon on the Dreadnougt could have used some drilling but I'm just being picky about it,

    1. Tempting, but I would'nt want to rob you of the sense of achievment of painting it yourself ;)

      Good idea, I have now just drilled the barrel of the Dreadnought and will repaint it shortly, thank you :)

      It has been fun painting the army, and has been a project I have been wanting to do for ages. I am pleasently suprised that I have been able to paint it in a week, despite the fact the bases will take longer.