Saturday 31 May 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Saturday

I only managed to paint 5 Chaos Marines today! :(
I have been out and about most of the day today in the sunshine, in town in Brighton and then popped up to Lewes.
Anyway, I  have not done as much painting as hoped, but I have still managed to finish painting the last five of the Chosen Marines. I did however start some of the re-basing and added the flagstones to the bases of the partially painted Dreadnought and the Warlord on a Juggernought. I intend to add flagstones and rubble to most of the Marines bases, and if I have time to add extra odds and ends.

Tomorrow I have a totally free day and no plans to go anywhere or do anything but paint :)

 The painting: 5 Chaos Marines.
 The part basing.
 Like all of the Chosen Marines, I have painted at least one of the skulls on them a bone colour to tie the unit together and to differentiate them from th ordinary Chaos Marines. 
The model on the left in an early 1990's all metal marine. Strangely he has a bare left arm and leg. I was never sure why, perhaps to suggest a gladiator or barbarian beserker? 
The Marine of the right is a later 1990's Champion model with a plastic left arm, in this case a Power Glove.
 Again from the later 1990's the metal model on the left also has a plastic left arm, I gave him a normal arm with a bolter. The Chosen Marines are equipped with Bolters. 
The Model on the right is from the early 1990's and all Metal. I think he might be very later Rogue Trader era, about 1994, but I cannot recall. 
For all the Chosen I have been slightly drybrushing gold onto the tops of the Khornate Horns, as I did the the Marine unit Champions.
 Icon Bearer.
He is again another later 1990's model with a plastic (right) arm and bolter. He is the only helmet-less model in the army.
Close up of the flagstone basing. It's just 1cm square thin plasti-card glued onto the base. 
The bases with be painted an off white marble to suggest the rubble of a more Neo-Classical city rather than an Imperial grey concrete Gothic one. I got the idea from looking at the artwork from the 'The Horus Heresy Collected Visions'.

Tomorrow I will paint the Warlord, the Dreadnought, and the Defiler. If time allows, I shall start on the re/basing. :)

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