Sunday 14 September 2014

5,000 point 3rd Edition Warhammer Battle report (preview).

This weekend myself and my old friend Justin (the author of 'The Masterwork Guild' blog) fought a 5,000 point aside battle using 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy battle rules. I used Slann and Justin used Wood Elves.

All of the models used were painted, and all of them were 1980's Citadel ( a few were 1980's  Grenadier). I myself used over 200 Slann!

It has been over 20 years since we fought using these rules, and we had a great time fighing the battle.
What follows are a few photographs to preview the battle. I will be doing a full battle report in a couple of days time, as will Justin.

Justin's preview can be found on his blog here:

Enjoy :) 
 The opposing armies facing one another.
 Slann and a Pond Dragon crossing the lake, with a Wood Elven Treeman in the distance looking on!
 The battle progresses!
 Slann Spawn Band vs Wardancers.
Slann Mages!!!


  1. Glorious! Love the photo of the Slann spawn band crossing the wall to get at the Wardancers! Looking forward to more!

    1. I love that photo too, it was great to have the Spawn Band fighting thier way across the river against the Wardancers. Both units looked great on the table, and Justin and I will be writing up battle reports in the next few days.

      It was a great battle, with some dramitc incedents and some breath taking dice rolls!

      We have both learnt a lot of things about 3rd Edition we had forgotten or never really considered back in the 1980's. I will be reappraising all my 3rd Edition army lists, and will be writing up a new 5,000 point Slann list for a possible re-match at a later date :)

  2. Glorious work Sir as always, it must be very rewarding to field such a force after labouring so hard upon them; looking forward to the battle report and the destruction of those cursed fairies (hopefully) .

    1. Thank you, it was really good fun, and great to use a larger old style army again.

      I had forgotten how much I enjoyed 3rd Edition Warhammer as I have'nt played in such a long time (I have'nt been do any gaming for ages). We both now view the game in a different way to how used to, and it has given each of us a lot to think about when selecting an army.

      It was great to see the Slann (and Wood Elves) on the table and to get an idea of how they look on the table.

      I am currently writing up the battle report and adding the photographs,as is Justin for his blog. Mine will probably be ready for publishing Thursday or Friday.

  3. Incredible view of so many oldhammer minis!!! I hope I can do something similar with my actually in process dark elves.

    1. It was a great sight to see, and we were glad we got them all painted up in time for the game too. There were over 300 models on the table, probably about 350. :)
      I will be posting the battle report in the next couple of days, as will Justin on his blog at .

      It would be good to your Dark Elves, I like your Ultramarines.

  4. Shazam! I've been waiting for this one. Photos look great, so far. Still think using the Grenadier pond dragon was a stroke of genius. Looking forward to the battle report!

    1. Thank you, I thought that the Pond Dragon fitted in well with the army, and he looked good with the rest of the Slann army on the battlefield.
      I will be publishing the first half of the battle report (the first day of the battle) later this evening. :)