Monday 8 September 2014

5,000 point Slann army ready to march (well, hop off!) to battle.

It is a bit of a late post this week as I have had a very busy week and weekend.  I have also not made much progress with painting the Skaven, but fortunately they don't take very long to paint, although I want to finally get them finished soon they are taking long than planned (mainly becuase I have'nt been painting them!).

Anyway, the 5,000 point Slann army is all painted and ready for the game at the end of this week. The actual amry list can be found on a previous blog update here:

I am happy with the army compostion, although I would have liked to add Pygmies, and maybe some Troglodytes and Cold One Riders. The overall look of the army is a lot brigher than I thought it would be, and is going to look a colourful sight on the gaming table, and I think I have picked a good mix of coloured regiments, with a mix of blues, greens, yellow, orange, and mottled.

The battle is next weekend, and will be over two days (unless something goes really wrong with panic tests on either side! ). I intend taking lots of photographs and writing up a turn by turn report on the battle, but this might require a little time to write up, so the next blog update will be after the weekend. Justin and I are working on a back story for the battle as well.

Other than that mixed news concerning wargames/model shops in the South of England. Onslaught Games in Hove has closed, due to personal reasons of the owner. However in Portsmouth a new shop called Fistful of Dice has been opened up by someone I knew from  Portsmouth University. They don't as yet have a website, but it will be coming soon I have been told.

Here is the Slann army, ready for battle.
Enjoy :)

 5,000 points of painted Slann.
 Gurggle Greenwake, Army General, escorting Level 20 Wizard. 
Before the weekend I am going tothink up of names for the Wizards, in true poor punning 1980's style! :) 
 Level 20 and Level 15 Wizards.
 Level 1 Bound Pond Dragon.
 10 Warrior Priests, +4 Shock Elites, with Bane Banner.
I re-painted the Bane Banner green as I was not happy with it.
 War Altar on a litter with Warrior Priest Guards.
 20 Eagle Warriors, +3 Shock Elite.
 20 Jaguar Warriors, +2 Shock Elite.
 20 Aligator Warriors, +1 Shock Elites in Heavy Aligator skin armour. 
The regiment is made up of the C32 Slann model 'Pintamilkada'
 Bull Slann regiment, +1 Shock Elite Slann garrison soldiers.
They are made up from the solid based C32 Slann 'Palace Guard Officer'. 
I have painted them up slightly different to other Slann giving them new-fangled steel armour and edged weapons.
 Another 20 Bull Slann +1 Shock Elite. 
Made up from C32 Slann model 'Ethelalco'ol'.
 10 Venom Tribe, +1 Missile Elite, made from solid based Slann 'Brave Leader'.
 10 More +1 Missile Elite Venom Tribe, made up C32 solid based model 'Brave'.
 20 Spawn Band, normal profiled Slann warriors made up from a selection of C32 models.
  The second regiment 20 Spawn Band, normal profiled Slann warriors made up from a selection of C32 models.
 15 Jungle Braves.
Slann levy, made made up from the C32 Slann blowpiper model 'Akabylk'.
 15 more Jungle Brave levy, armed with hand weapon, shield, and darts. The regiment is made up from the C32 Slann 'Naxlatl', and I have re-postiooned the arms and legs of many of them to avoid a 'cookie cutter' look of bland uniformity.
 5 Slann Scout, er, scouting. 
The model is C32 Slann model, but is unlisted.
I think it is quite appropriate to have the more independent minded Slann represnted by a 'Slann with no name'. :)
 5 more Socuts, blending in to the jungle.
They are a mix of models, the leader being the Slann Lieutenant Blowpipe (sometime listed, wrongly, as a Musician), one ofthe models being the C32 Slann 'Lep'nluni', and the other 3 unlisted Slann.
 Slann Animal Handler, with 2 1980's Citadel Giant Spiders.
I really like the Giant Spiders, however.....
.... these arrived in the post today from e-bay. 
They are a pair of old Grenadier Scorpions, and I might paint these up as soon as possible and swap them for the Giant Spiders as they are both 45 points.

As I mentioned earlier in the blog the next update will probably be after next weekend, with lots of battle news to report. :)


  1. Absolutely stunning - can't wait to see them in action!

    1. I am looking forward to fighting the battle, and it will be nice to see them on a proper gaming table too. :)

  2. I'm out of town until late Thursday, but hopefully will have Friday to finish off terrain and finalise my army list! Figures are of course already to go... Using the army builder I might have found a few points for a Zoat Mage... Although the sight of that many Slann is sending shivers down the back of the elves... I'll have to check the army list for frog leg eating french allies...

    1. Excellent, and enjoy your holiday. It would be good if you finish off some more terrain, especially the river. I only have a limited amount of terrain, but I can bring that too.

      Boo! Horrid Zoats! ;)

      It is a lot of Slann LOL

  3. A truly splendid army Lee ! I really like the different tones you've given to each of the units so they have their own proper vibe. An excellent work !

    1. Thank you,
      I wanted to give each regiment thier own feel and skin colour to suggest particular tribes or specific Bull Slann spawnings.
      The only excpetion to this are the Spawn Bands who are mixed flesh tones to suggest a milita from the big cities or mixed proviences.
      I am pleased with how they look un-masse as I was concerned that it would be too colourful and mixed up, but it seems to work. :)

  4. Lovely army. You can just feel the dedication and love put into it. Bravo.

    1. Thank you,
      the rest of the army still needs to be finished, but it is nice to have a good portion of it completed and ready again for gaming. It has been a labour of love on and off since 1987. :)

  5. Wow, beautiful army. Hope there will be some pics of the battle.

    1. Thank you, I am planning to take lots of photographs of the battle as it progresses.

  6. Holy crap, that is an amazing collection! You've given it all sorts of painting love that it most definitely deserves.

    (I used to have a handful of the old pygmies - bloody awesome sculpts)

    1. Thank you,
      I still have a lot of Slann left to paint, and I might go back to these Slann at some point and add some shield designs.
      The Pygmies are great, I did'nt have enough points in this army to use mine. I still have a few more of those to paint as well.

  7. Ahh, I'm so jealous! Always wanted a frog army! I love the lobotomized slave litters. No cold one riders? So a technical question, when you refer to the C series are they the pre slotta-base mins?

    1. It is a fun army to collect and paint. I have had the advantage of collecting them on and off since 1987. They give the Slann that dangerous alien slave overlord feel.
      I did'nt add Cold One Riders to this army as I ran out of points. I have about 55 or 60 of them, but I did'nt want to use them against a Wood Elf army (which is the army will be fighting at the weekend). This is because I am going to face a lot of bowfire and they probably will not make it close enough to charge.
      In addition, with Cold ones in 3rd Edition Warhammer in the special rules you have to declare your charge the turn before you make it, and so that might leave the unit exposed in the open to bowfire for a turn.

      All the Slann miniatures, both pre-slotta and slotta were given a C series code number. The Infantry were C32, the Cold One Riders were C21, and the Wizard on Palaquin and Warhounds were C22. The only Slann not part of the C Series were the those belonging to the Magnificent Sven Scenario range.
      Here's useful link giving an overview ofthe Slann ranges:

  8. Wow amazing colored frog army (french compliment) !! Seriously, they re splendid. Collection, colors, banners, basing are the best recipe for a good army aspect result.

    1. Merci Nico :)
      I am very pleased with how the army has turned out so far, glad you like it too. I wanted to make the army very colourful without it looking too messy or jarring, and to have a variety of Slann flesh tones just as real frogs/toads have.

  9. wow i really like this army.great to see so many slann in one place.i think the overall aesthetic look of the army works really well.brilliant stuff.i was wondering what make the pond dragon miniature was as i have never seen that mini before.

  10. Thank you, it's the result of 27 years collecting Slann. I am glad with how the army is looking so far after returning to painting it after some time. I plan to return to the army to later this year and paint up some Cold One Riders too.

    The Dragon is the old Grenadier Miniatures 'Pond Dragon'. I bought mine some time ago, but the Dragon is still being produced by Mirliton in Italy. You can order it in the UK from Miniature-Heroes, and can be found here:

    1. cool thanks for the info on the pond dragon.i will have to look into getting one of them.i really do much prefer the older metal miniatures to modern finecast or plastics.i will for certain be checking back to see progress on the cold one riders