Monday 20 October 2014

British Telecom Goblins, Skaven army 'completed', Mark VI Marines, and Orktober.

I have been having problems with my internet over the last week or so, hence the lack of Blog update in the last week. BT assured me it was a hardware problem, internet junction box or something, but I recognise the work of mischievous Goblins when it see it! ;) I only got my internet back late last week, and have been too busy with work to update over this weekend. However, with my day off today, here's a slightly delayed Blog update.

The lack of internet has meant I have got on with some painting and I have now completed all the models needed for my Skaven army. Over the last week and half I finished 5 Command groups, the Army Standard Bearer, Skaven Mage, and a regiment of 20 Stormvermin. I now only have to base the over 200 Skaven models in the army.

When not painting I was sorting out my Rogue Trader Mark VI Space Marine army. At some point soon I want to tackle my ' Rogue Trader Horus Heresy' project, which is to organise and paint my Rogue Trader Space Marine, and Chaos Space Marine armies. I will be organising the loyal Space Marines according to the Space Marine detachment army list first published in White Dwarf #105, and later on in the Compendium, as well including the seperate Terminator add-on lists.
I have organised two loyalist detachments so far. This gives a total of 28 Squads of 10 Space Marines, and also 32 Officers/Medics/Libarians/etc. I have several Techmarines as well to look after the 6 Dreadnoughts and support weapons. I probably have enough models for about half of another detachment. The main two detachments will be painted as Ultramarines as I feel they are the iconic Rogue Trader Loyal force which was more often than not shown in the artwork of the time. The 'half detachment' I have to sort out I might paint up in a different colour scheme for fun, but not sure which one yet.

For the Chaos forces I intend to split the army into five parts so I can have a variety in the Chaos forces of Horus. One part will be the full detachment list for the World Eaters; the second part will be the detachment for the Emperor's Children, both lists coming from the 'Slaves to Darkness book'.

To be able to use Tzeentch and Nurgle forces I will use the lists from the 'Lost and the Damned'. However as the list are open eneded, and the squards only 5 marines strong, I will take the number of squads for the army according to the sacred numbers of the Chaos power. So, the Death Guard of Nurgle force will be 7 squads strong, the Thousand Sons Tzeentch army will have 9 squads.

For the Sons of Horus/Black Legion, I will represent the Legions presence using the Chaos Terminator list. It means I don't either have to mess about spliting the Terminators into seperate Legions colours; allocating them all to one Legion; or collection lots more Chaos Terminators; or even collect another full Chaos Detachment of 192 Chaos Marines.

But before all that there is Orctober, or Orktober if you're are tackling something 40k. The aim is to complete an Orc/Ork project for October. I was going to do a small Autumnal Orc army for Warhammer 3rd Edition Fantasy, but I will no longer have the time, and I want to proceed with other projects. Instead I am going to take this opportunity to finish off the odds and ends to my Rogue Trader 'Luggubs Drop Legion', found here:

I have to finish off the 'Ork Assault Grenadiers' force from the 'Battle of Jadeberry Hill scenario in White Dwarf #93. This was the attacking force of 21 Space Orks which were similar in equipment to Thrugg Bullnecks Orks in the 'Battle at the Farm' scenario. Consquently I have chosen to use the Space Ork Raiders miniatures, swapping the Thrugg model for another.
I also have three Wartrakks and the Limited Edition Sleazy rider to paint too.

Enjoy :)

5 Skaven Command Groups, Mage, and Army Standard.
 I always liked the album cover of 'Rattus Norvegicus' by the band 'The Stranglers', so...
 ... I copied it and painted up as the my Army Standard. 
Incedently, I painted the fur of the Skaven blue as I have painted all the Character models in this Skaven Army with unsual coloured fur, suggesting either dyed or mutated.
 Level 20 White Seer Skaven Mage.
 The Command group for the Clanrat regiment 'The Blue Meanines'.
 Close up of the leader, C47/27 'Flench Packlord', and standard bearer.
 In situ.
 Clanrat command group for a regiment of spear armed Clanrats.
 Second Clanrat command group for a regiment of spear armed Clanrats.
The 2 leaders. On the left is 'Malis Manwrack'.
I added a Hasslefree shild to the one on the right.
 Standard bearers.
 Slave Skaven Command.
 Second Slave Skaven Command.
 Leaders of the Slaves. 
The one on the left is listed as Iron Wielder under the C47 Ratmen listings, and 'Steelrat' under the C27 listings. 
The Skaven on the right has a Hasslefree Miniatures sheild.
  20 Stormvermin. 
I went for purple to distinguish them from the rest of the army.
Unit Leader, 'Throt the Unclean'. I think no 3rd Edition Skaven army would be complete without him. 
Also another standard, with a greenstuff banner.
 Rear view of Throt, and Musician.
 The regiment is equiped with double handed weapons and so I used metal Skaven with double handed weapons, spears, halberds, and hand weapons for the regiment.
 2 Skaven sculpted from similar master model.
 'Glave', and spear armed spearmen with Hasslefree sheild.
 On the left 'Warthrall', also listed as 'Skuttle'; and a double handed weapon Skaven.
 'Clan Retainer' also listed as 'Goar Headwrecker'.
On the right is 'Lair Warden' also listed as 'Vermyn'.
In theory this model is a Mage, but I put him in the regiment as he has a spear and I needed one more model. If I expand the army or tinker wit it and add another Mage, I will use him as such and get another Skaven to replace him.
Mark VI Loyalist Space Marines.
 A mix of my old Crimson Fists Marines, and the odds and ends I have bought over the years. They will all be painted to Ultramarine colours. 
Here are pictured (just under) 16 Squads of Tactical Marines.
 Side view.
One of the Detachment Commanders. 
The other one is the 1990 Games Day Space Marine.
 The Ork Assault Grenadiers.
To keep with the World War Two Wehrmacht theme of my army, I will paint them up in black uniforms with Vallejio German Army Green flak armour and helmets. As the bulk of the army is in German Field Grey, and Thruggs Raiders in Afrika Corps Khaki, the black will give a slight SS look to them.
 The "moody albino Ork Captain Ulruk of Mergabenurga, leader of the dreaded Ork Assault Grenadiers".
The model was released under the name' Buzzy Buzzacks', but as he is very similar to the Thrugg Bullneck model. As I am basing the Ork Assault Grenadiers on the Space Ork Raiders he makes a good rival Ork Captain to Thrugg.
In the scenario it was possible swap the Ork Grenadiers for Thruggs force, so I consider using the same models, just painted differently, to be apt.
 3 Wartrakks.
I might mount them on different bases.
LE24 Sleazy Rider.  

 Next update might be on the completed Skaven army if I get around to basing them all. Also if I get started on the Orks there will be a progress report. I have done a small mail order of something too, which I might be able to preview, depending on the Royal Mail.
As I am working weekends at the moment, I will proably be updating my blog either on Sunday evenings as before, or Mondays now. :)


  1. It all looks fantastic but especially the Stormvermin. I'd planned the same for mine, always loved the purple armoured Clanrats from warhammer armies. Well done sir.

    1. Thank you.
      I was pleased with how the metal Command groups and Stormvermin painted up. There are lots of little details on them that make them surprisingly characterful models. I am also happy with how the army has progressed and enjoyed workingwith the Skaven models as they were one Warhammer race I never really had much experience with.

      You noticed the purple Clanrats too! I also liked that regiment in Warhammer Armies, and you're right in that I based my Stormvermin on that regiment.

      I really have been impressed with your Skaven Army, the colour schemes, detailing, and the way it looks as an entire army. I am going to do the bases for my Skaven partly based on your army, using two types of flock.

  2. Hi Ya! I love that Skaven standard! Great Paint Job!

    1. Thank you Justin, I wanted to do something quirky and I always liked that album cover :)