Tuesday 2 December 2014

Soviet Space Orks.

Another little later than planned blog update this week. This week I am focusing on something more modern compared to the older miniatures in my collection.

Due to the importation of the concept of 'Black Friday' to the UK as a general marketing tool, several companies were offering deals, one of which was Bitzbox ( http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/ ), who offered a generous discount on lots of things including their old stock of Kromlech bits. 

Kromlech is a company from Poland which produce resin made alternative heads and equipment for Space Orks, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, as well as complete models and vehicles ( http://www.kromlech.eu/ ).
The resin they use is tough but not brittle, and only slightly bendy. I only had one mishap when one of the earflaps of a fur hat snapped off, but they are not as brittle as Citadels 'Finecast'.

Now I have a fair sized contempary edition 40k Space Ork army which I have never bothered to paint. My plan was orginally to have them as a Wehrmacht Ork/Blood Axe army, but I had already done that idea which my Rogue Trader army, plus it seems a little too cliched now.

So, just like the Indiana Jones franchise of films, I updated my 'generic bad guy' idea from NAZI Germany to Soviet Russia by purchasing some of the the Kromlech Russian style Space Ork heads. It also amused me using the most capitalist of days to buy something Soviet in style. LOL

Kromlech produce two types of Russian looking Ork heads, the ones in Budenovkas; and Soviet heads in fur hats. Budenovkas were a style of hat used in during the Russian Revolution and Civil was by the Red Army, and used up to the early part of World War Two. So I bought a couple of packs and then got glueing!

Enjoy :)
Ork heads in fur hats. 
They come in packs of ten, two of the same sprue. 
Ork heads in Budenovkas.
 The first two of the heads.
Both sets of heads are only slightly larger than the Citadl ones, and fit on the bodies very well. They have lots of teeth too!
Second pair. 
I like the crazy look of the one on the right.
 Final head.
 Two Orks in Budenovkas.
 Ork with an eye patch, which I thought would suit the heavy weapons Ork. 
I thought I could paint some of them up as a targeters, and I have already converted one into a pair of goggles/glasses.
The last two Budenovka Orks. The detailing of the tongue, teeth, and expressional faces are very good.
 I added a Budenovkas to an Ork Nob body to give an idea of scale and that they seem to work just as well.
Budenovka biker!
"Wotch ya reckon Comrade, shall we shoot 'em?"
I painted one of each of the Orks up quickly this morning. 
I am pleased with how they look painted, and might do a mail order for some more and paint up the rest of the army. 
Painted Ork in fur hat.
Painted Ork in Budenovka.
 I also bought some mixed lichen from an art shop in Brighton.
 I think it give that old Rogue Trader feel.
In addition to the lichen, I found an old Space Crusade Jigsaw puzzle in a charity shop for only £1.50. 

Not sure what the next blog update will be on. I am still buyimg odds and ends of Squats, but really need to find a proper project to get focused on.


  1. good choice. I love the Kromlech sculpts!

    It's like someone (much more talented then me) has looked inside my head and made the miniatures I have always wanted.

    1. Thank you, very kind of you.
      I have liked the Kromlech for a while and thought why not try them out, and see how Russian/Soviet Orks would look painted up. They are great sculpts and add some character to Citadel Orks.

      I like your Space Orks, and that you have referenced the old Paranoia/40k crossover scenario. I have some Paranoia Troubleshooters somewhere which I painted up for the scenario a long time ago. Also Luggubs Drop Legion from the Book of the Astronimican is a great scoure. I did my Luggub's force in Wehrmacht colours and posted them on the blog last June.

    2. I really enjoyed the Luggubs drop legion post you did but know its a bit beyound my ability to paint and finance just yet.

      I have just picked up a copy of the Rogue trader rule book and am in the process of painting up the Ork assault grenadiers like you did in November.

      Hopefully that and the Dimension X orks will form the backbone of a rogue trader style warband ready to set the galaxy aflame.

    3. Excellent, I am glad you liked the Luggubs Drop Legion and the Assault Grenadiers updates. The Rogue Trader Orks are one of my favourite armies and ranges and I have liked them ever since the came out at the time.

      It will be good to see your Orks. Hope you are enjoying the Rogue Trader Rulebook. There are some relatively inexpensive Space Orks on e-bay, so it is still possible to pick up the odd squad here and there.

      I like your idea of using the Dimension X Orks as well. Looking at the scenario it would be a nice little one off project. Thank you for the idea.

  2. Very cool, Goblin Lee! I wasn't aware of Kromlech before - thanks for the heads up about them. I love the look of your Soviet Orks! And nice to see they can enjoy frolicking about in fields of lichen now too!

    1. Thank you glad you liked them, it's been an idea I have been meaning to do for a little while now but never really got around to it. I am pleased with how they have turned out.

      You can pick up the Kromlech stuff from e-bay as well. I have only bought the Soviet Ork heads so far, but they do several other types.

      I like the lichen, those colours remind me of the photographs in the Rogue Trader rulebook and really complement the old miniatures.