Wednesday, 7 January 2015

60,000 views and the Space Slann project.

I've had a great start to 2015, as of today my blog has now reached 60,066 views. So again, a big thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my blog and miniatures.

Secondly, after engaging in conversations on the Oldhammer Facebook group, and chatting with Andy Hoare about his current Space Slann project, which is located here: has inspired me to tackle my own Space Slann.

It is a project I have been meaning to do ever since I managed to buy the final Space Slann I required for the complete set last year.

My Space Slann force consists of 27 Slann, formed into five squats of five, and with two independent Warleaders. I have always loved the Space Slann, both as a concept, and as a miniatures range, and have been wanting to paint them. Like my fantasy Slann army I have chosen to paint them in bright colours and to vary the skin tones, but have tried to keep the majority green skinned, although not to such a great degree as the fantasy army. 

Since starting the project on the 2nd January I have managed to paint up 21 Space Slann! I still need to varnish and base them, and will base them the same as my fantasy Slann.
Once I have painted them all I will do a proper update with them all in squads, and going into the Space Slann range and background in more detail.
Enjoy :) 
 21 Space Slann in the jungle.
 On the left, Quinletz, the Warbands Commander.
 I have painted him up as an albino Slann as the background suggests that brightly coloured or albino Slann can be extrovert, talented, or noteworthy in some way.
On the right is his second in command, Huvez.
 Two Sschoi. 
I have painted the one on the left similar to the Slann on page 12 of the Rogue Trader rulebook.
 Two CMMR. Xix 's .
 Another CMMR. Xix, and Llamas. 
I am not sure if Llamas's gun is a Las-gun or a Graviton Gun, or maybe even a Needler?
 Two Holx's .
 Another Holx, converted up to carry a Conversion Beamer. I had orginally converted this model up (yes, I chopped up a Space Slann!) to act as an army general for my fantasy Slann army, but I decided to go for Gurggl Greenwake instead. So I thought a Conversion Beamer might look good for him, and add some firepower to the Warband. 
On the right is Xvarn, who will act as a squad leader.
 Two Scoitz's.
I painted the one on the right the same as one of my fantasy army's Scout units.
 Another Scoitz, and a Olassa.
 Two more Olassa's.
 Final Olassa. 
I have painted him up similar to the Strawberry Posion Dart Frog, which I also used as a basis for another pair of fantasy army's Slann units.
The painting table, only eight left to paint. :) 

Next blog update will be the finished Space Slann. I have a lot more time free now that Xmas is over, so I can get busy painting :)


  1. Lovely! I know what you mean about the free time. I have had 3 weeks off, and have not picked up a paint brush. Some times my hobby time just disappears. =(

    Can't wait to see more.

    1. Thank you, glad you like them.
      You're right, hobby time can quickly disappear, I have that problem in the summer.

  2. That's a top effort in a short time, Lee. I particularly love the albino commander and the strawberry poison dart one. I'd love to paint Slann but my Achilles heel is green which plays a large part in it I guess.

    1. Thank you, I am really enjoying painting them

      The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog Slann seems to be a popular choice, on the Oldhammer Facebook page.I have painted up two unit of Blwpipers for my fantasy army that colour. I wanted to paint the leader albino as it seemed fitting for a Slann leader and gives him that even more exotic and unusual look.

      With fantasy Slann, Space Slann, and Orc/Orks, I have painted a lot of green!
      For a mid green flesh I use Citadels Warpstone Green (similar to the old Woodland Green) as a base, highlight with Vallejo Lime Green similar to the old Goblins Green). Then I add a little yellow to the Lime Green for final highlighting. You can swap the yellow for white to give a paler colour, and change the eye colours or add mottleing to bring out the green in different ways.

      You could always do a non-green Slann army, all Poison Dart Frog based? There are a lot of lovely tropical frog colourations, and it would look quite striking.

  3. I think you got that albino commander spot on. He really stands out as a leader. Looks like palid Wych flesh or whatever it's called. Hope I get over my green hoodoo one day; thanks for letting me know your green methods. Yeah, googling poisonous frogs would give me a lot of options for a Slann force, or perhaps a converted Blood Bowl team.

  4. Wonderful old pieces and very nice painting. Your dark green CMMR Xix is beautiful!

    1. I was pleased with how he turned out as well, I was going for more depth to his skin, and wanted the orangey/red to offset the green.

      They are lovely old miniatures to paint, glad you liked them.