Friday, 16 January 2015

Space Slann painted

It's been a good start to 2015 as I have finished painting my Space Slann force in about a fortnight. Some of the Space Slann were painted before I embarked on this project, but I wanted to re-do or refine the painting I had already done on those, as well as painting the others from scratch. They all needed rebasing too.

After collecting the Space Slann at the time, and on and off over the years, I had at last got my Space Slann collection finished in 2013 with an e-bay purchase of 'Quinletz', meaning I had at least one of each of the orginal twelve models released (but alas not the unreleased Slann, yet).  So, I had enough other Slann by the end of 2014 to create a small but usable Rogue Trader force.

I like the Slann. As evident from my fantasy battle army collection I have always liked the Von Daniken-sque' idea of an ancient mystical spacefaring race. When Rogue Trader was released I was eager to use a Space Slann army (which I did for a while, much to the annoyance of the local GW at the time!). I liked the fact that the 40k models background, and design concept linked them to the mystic Pre-Colombian looking feel which typified the fantasy range. I like the idea that the fantasy Slann and Space Slann could be used together, the small Space Slann force perhaps supporting the larger primatively equipped Slann army.

When painting the Space Slann I wanted to keep that look in mind, painting them in bright colours, and using some of the skin colours which I had used in my fantasy army, but like them, keeping green as the domiant colour. In addition I also wanted to give the Space Slann an added element of kitsch, and a 1960's/1970's sci-fi feel, and so I painted some of the furs, equipment, and weapons even brighter, unnatural colours, or off/white. Think Original series Star Trek meets Roxy Music, meets Steve Harley, with Aztec additions!. I also decided to base them the same as my fantasy battle army's Slann Scouts, with long grass/reeds and flowers on the bases, to give that added skirmish feel to them.

In the Rogue Trader rulebook you can randomly rolls up the size of the squads, number of heavy/special weapons, and equipment. In this I cheated a little bit and for ease sake and organised the Slann into five squads (or Warbands as they are referred to) of five Slann, and have two independent characters. I do still have a converted fantasy Slann Wizard on a Palaquin I will paint at a later date, but I wanted to just focus on the TSF 18 Range of Space Slann for the moment.

Concerning weapons, I had some damaged models (I had in times past converted three of them up to act as character models in my fantasy army, but decided to re-convert them up to 40k) which I had now earmarked for converting up with heavy weapons or other weapons, and so I just rolled for them on the relevant charts. I have'nt rolled for the rest of the equipment, or worked out an actual army list, but given the high previlance psykers and access to exotic equipment, the force would cost more points than one might at first think. I will sort out an army list in the near future.

Enjoy :)
 The complete Space Slann force, 27 Slann.
5 Warbands of 5 Slann, and two independent Warleader characters.
I am very happy with the colourful look and the overall feel of the army.
 On the left the overall Warbands leader, 'Quinletz'. 
I have painted him up as an albino as the Rogue Trader rulebook suggest that albino or brightly coloured Slann might be gifted in some way.
On the right is 'Huvez', acting as the second in command.
Rear view.
The first Warband
The Warband leader of the first Warband, 'Capt.Haxl'. 
I am unsure what his pistol is, but I like his headress.
On the left a converted 'Holx' miniatures, armed with a Space Marine/Imperial Guard Conversion Beamer. I have used several really Rogue Trader Imperial items. In the background it suggests that Slann trade with all races for items, and use similar items to the Imperium. 
I painted his wrist bangles with Vallejo fluorescent green as a change from the gold, and to give a slightly more sci fi feel.
On the right is 'Scotiz'.
 Rear view of the converted Holx. I added a couple of RTB101 Space Marine bits to bulk out the rear of the model and fit better with the Conversion Beamer.
On the left 'Sgt.Yotiz', and on the right CMMR. Xix.
 The second Warband.
 The leader of the second Warband, 'Ixtacha'. 
 On the left, a 'Holx' miniature.
 I have painted him with a more uniform look, and used a dark green mixed with Vallejo's "Metal Medium".
On the right is another CMMR. Xix.
 Left is Sschoi, armed with something which I think might be either a Las-gun, Gravition Gun, or Needler.
On the right is a 'Olassa' Slann, painted up to look a little like a Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, which is the same paint scheme as two units of Venom Tribes in my fantasy Slann army.
The third Warband.
 'Xvarn', the mottled skinned leader of the Warband.
 Another 'Scotiz' miniature (right), and 'Olassa' (left).
 Another 'Sgt.Yoitz' armed with an Imperial Las-Cannon. 
Like the Holx miniature's green armour earlier I have painte it using dark green and Vallejo Metal Medium to give a slighty more sci fi and less Imperial feel to it. 
On the right is another 'Holx' miniature.
 Right view of the converted 'Sgt.Yoitz', like the Conversion Beamer Slann, with some RTB101 equipment.
 The fourth Warband.
Warband leader 'Llamas', armed with the mystery rifle. 
 Another pair of 'Olassa' and 'Scotiz' miniautres. 
I have photographed them from this angle to show the rear of these models. You can see front shots of them from the Warband group photogrpah above.
 Left, a converted 'Ixtacha' miniature with a converted Chaos Space Marine/Renegade Grenade Launcher.
On the right is another 'Sgt.Yoitz'. I have painted him up similar to the Slann on page 12 of the Rogue Trader Rulebook.
 Warband five.
The leader of Warband five, a 'Xvarn' miniature with a Space Marine Bolter.
 Another CMMR.Xix (left) and 'Sschoi', which I again also painted in a similar fashion to the Slann on page 12 of the Rogue Trader Rulebook.
 Yet another pair of 'Olassa' and 'Scotiz' miniatures.
The 'Scotiz' Slann is the same skin colour as one of my fantasy Slann Scout units.
 The two Slann I painted in homage to the Slann on page 12 of the Rogue Trader Rulebook.
Space Slann emerge from the jungle and ambush Necrons,
another encounter in the ancient struggle between the 'Old Ones' and the slaves of the C'tan.
The 1987 Rogue Trader release sheet for TSF 18 Space Slann release. 

Now that I have finished my first project of 2015 I plan, despite the tempation to paint the rest of the fantasy Slann army just yet, to revisit my Squat Army project.


  1. Cool guys! Pretty nice work, I like the attitude they instil :)

  2. A beautiful force. And tremendous painting! Its too bad the slann never got more attention from the 40kRT designers...they are an interesting race.

    1. Thank you,
      I agree it was a shame that the Slann were not developed more as a 40k race, but the focus at the time was more on Chaos. Orks, and Space Marines. I get the impression from the time that 40k design was pretty chaotic and haphazard in their output.

      I think that the role of the Slann (an ancient space faring race) has been taken up now by the Necrons, although you never know, they might do an 'End of Times' thing for 40k and the Slann might reappear in their role as the 'Old Ones' .

      I always loved the models, as I do the fantasy Slann, and they were a joy to paint and finally have completed.

  3. Very cool unique stuff you have there never a dull moment on this page

    1. Thank you,
      I have a lot of varied miniatures and like to keep the blog and my hobby activities interesting :)

  4. I'm a couple years late to the party but, wow!
    Your trio of Space Slann posts are absolutely terrific.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you Legion, glad you enjoyed the posts.

      Collecting and painting the Space Slann was great fun. I have been a fan of them ever since the release of 40k in 1987, as well as the 1980's Fantasy Battle Slann.
      I was finally glad to have bought the last Slann I needed,'Quinletz', a few years ago, and then be able to paint up a nice sized Warband.

  5. I feel you on the "collect 'em all" vibe.

    I did that with all the Citadel AD&D Githyanki, though like you with your Space Slann, I'm still missing that one hardest-to-find fig.

    I just put a ping to you on my blog:

    Thanks for all the awesome!

    1. Thank you for the ping, I like your blog and have bookmarked it.
      The Githyanki are lovely miniatures, reminiscent to me of Rodney Matthews artwork. I have a few of them, I might get around to painting them now you've reminded me. Still lots of Snakemen to finish though.
      Glad you're enjoying the blog. :)