Monday 2 February 2015

It's been a little while! Now what to do.

...yes, it's been about three weeks since I last updated my blog! 

At first my main distraction was having building work done at home which turned out to be a less than happy experience with the builders. However, just over a week ago I was ready to update but felt unwell, which turned in a very bad case of gastroenteritis which left me unable to paint or blog, and for a several days confined to bed. Sorry to say but my only forrays into my hobby were the occasional post/like on the Oldhammer Facebook Group, and of course a little bit of e-bay :)

But I'm back and (mostly) alive and well and looking forward starting a new project.

After the great success with the Space Slann project I have been comtemplating the following projects for the coming year (in no particular order):
  • finishing off the Squat Army re-dux, with the repainting and rebasing of the army and painting the 'new' items which I have bought.
  • a small Rogue Trader Tyranid project. I already had some 'nids from the era, and have recently picked up a few more odds and ends. In total I have 10 Zoats; 12 Warriors; 8 Termagants; 3 Screamer Killers; 20 or so Genestealer Hybrids; lots of Genestealers (about 100).
  • Painting my 3,000 point 3rd Edition Warhammer Empire army. 
  • Painting my 3,000 point 3rd Edition Warhammer High Elf army. By doing this and the Empire army I will have completed my Warhammer Armies project, one usuable 3,000 point army from each of the army list entries. 
  • Goblins. There are always Goblins to paint! And I have missed painting them for a while. 
  • My 18th Century alternative history army. I have always been interested in the premise of the English re-adopting the Longbow (Warbow) after switching to Firearms and Pike. I would like to convert up an English/British army, either using War of The Spanish Succession miniatures, or Seven Years War miniatures, and using a mix of Longbows, English Bills, Pikes, and maybe a few Muskets and Cannon.
  • Paint my Lord of the Rings Orc army, which consists of Nick Lund sculpted models, from his Chronicle ranges to his Grenadier work. I still need to buy a few Half Orcs and Archers, but the army is largely collected.
  • Finish of the Preatorian Imperial Guard army. I also have Catachans to finish too!
  • I have both a Chaos Nipponese army to attend to, as well as lots of 1980's Chaos Warriors I would like to paint. I want to approach the Chaos Warriors more as an unusual painting project with scenic bases. Similar in approach, but different in style to Don Hans excellent work, which can be found here:  .  I was thinking more of a Tzeentch style for mine, but I'll see.
  • Maybe, just maybe, finish more Fantasy Slann this year.
I am sure there will be a few more high point 3rd Edition battles with Justin, and I am bound to end up buying stuff from somewhere that I will want to paint as well.
Also at some point I want to start sculpting. I have several ideas but need to organise things. 

 Catachan in the Jungle.
 Three squads of eight Squat Bikers in need of painting and re-basing.
 Converted Squat Heavy Weapons Trike. 
There are many weapon mount options in the Squat army list, but as the model comes with e Multi Melta most people opt for that. Most of my trikes have Multi Metlas but I decided to choose a D-Cannon for this one, using a spare D-Cannon from the Rogue Trader Eldar set. I intend to add a Missile Launcher from an old model Helicopter to another, and I have already added a Las-Cannon from the Rogue Trader Ork Wartrakk onto a third.
The Brighthelmstone Squat League infantry, consisting of eight Brotherhoods of a Warlord, four Hearthguard, three Comabat Squads in each.
 Tyranid Warriors from the Space Crusade/Rogue Trader era.
 Indomitable Gnome Fighter, from Citadel's BC 1 Adventer Starter Set. 
I painted him in about an hour for the 'I've never painted a ....... before -The Fantasy 100 Club, on the 'Oldhammer Forum':
Turns out I had never painted a Gnome before!
 Grenadier/Chronicle Goblins sculpted by Nick Lund. 
Nick Lund Orcs! 

The next update will be on the project which I have decided to start first, and will be a lot sooner than three weeks! :) 


  1. That D-cannon on the trike looks wicked, much drooling over all those bikes too mate.

    Sucks to hear about the gastro and the builders though!

    1. Thank you Bruno,
      I was looking at the Squat Army list and thought that a D-Cannon on a Trike would look great, so thought I would give it a try. It will deliver some excellent modile firepower.

      I'm pleased with having got 3 squads of ordinary Bikes/Trikes now, so I think I'll stop there.

      Yes, with the building work and gastroenteritis it's not been a good few of weeks, but I am looking forward to getting back to painting again.