Tuesday 19 July 2016

A quick post on critters in the orchard!

Just a quick update this week.

Whilst I am assembling my Melniboneans, and sorting out my Pan Tangian army, I decided to paint up a few random odds and ends for no real reason. I have painted up a few EM-4 Aliens, originally produced for Grenadier Miniatures back in the early 1990's, a pair of 1980's Rogue Trader Imperial Army/Guard, and a mutant from Thunder Child Miniatures.

Enjoy :)
 Aliens in the orchard!!
These are a pair of 'Cockroach' aliens from EM-4 miniatures. I have gone for a more 'alien' rather than Cockroach paint scheme.
They are quite cheap (£1.80), so buying a batch of them for some 1950's B-Movie scenario or Warhammer 40k planetfall is'nt too out of the question.
 Close up, front and rear.
I added a Vallejo metal medium to the green for that shiney bug look.
 Here for the bug hunt!
A pair of Rogue Trader era Imperial Army/Guard.
On the left, 'Trooper Chow', and on the right, 'Sniper Lang'.
I wanted to try out the old style 'classic' early Rogue Trader Imperial Army paint scheme. I really like it, and may get some more done at some point, maybe as part of a 'Hylgar's Hellraisers' force from the 'Book of the Astronomican' (1988).
Rear view.
I always liked the backpack and equipment on 'Chow', giving him that 'on campaign' look.
 Away from the orchard, in the ruins of the farmhouse, is another EM-4 alien, the 'Feeder'. It is, or course a 'not Alien movie' alien, and fits the idea nicely, although it does'nt have the long Gieger head.
I went for a black paint scheme, and then highlighted with just the Vallejo metal medium. I also added some superglue to the mouth, for that icky saliva look.
 Back at the orchard, another alien! 
This time it's a resin 'Troglomite Thug' from Thunderchild Miniatures. I really like this miniature. He (or She!?) is meant to be some sort of mutant, but it paints up nicely as a backward alien. I was thinking Rodney Matthews artwork when I painted it.
Rear view. 

Next update will be on the Pan Tang army I am also assembling. Hopefully, if I do not melt in the heat, I will painting some Melniboneans sometime too. 


  1. Cool! I think (imagine/guess/whatever) that the not-alien may resemble an Ymgarl Genestealer, playing with the ambiguity of designs, but I may be wrong! Anyway, I love all this batch!

    1. It's funny you should say that but I was originally going to paint up the not-alien as a Ymgarl Genestealer. I think there's a cross over of design between the Ymgarl Genestealer, the movie Alien, and the EM 4 alien.
      Glad you liked them, they were fun to paint.