Wednesday 19 July 2017

Photo-shoot of the pre-slotta Dark Elf army.

This weeks blog update is a little bit of a 'photo-album', as in that there are a fair few photographs, but little accompaning text or prose as the photographs are largely self explanatory.

After photographing my completed pre-slotta Dark Elf army last week, I booked a table at my local gaming store, The Dice Saloon in Brighton, to do a proper photoshoot of the army on a full sized gaming table, as I have done with my Snakeman army. The Classical looking scenery is mine, which I think complements the classical look of the Dark Elves, the rest of the scenery belongs to the shop. I am really happy with how the army looks, and the Classical Greek look.

Enjoy :)

Side view of the army.
Front view.
From the view of a Dwarven Gryrocopter.
The flank of the army, with Scouts advancing.
General on Dragon.
And again.
Better view of the General.
Cold One riders.
Cold One riders, with better view of the standard.
Cold One riders, showing the shields.
Standard bearer and leader.
I chose some of the more intricate designs for the Cold One riders shields to signify their elite status. 
More shields.
Even more shields. These three are some of my favourite.
Dark Elven sorceress.
Rear view of the sorceress. I painted her cloak black, but the lining purple, as per some coven cloaks. 
Male Dark Elven sorcerer.
Bound Ghost. I love this miniature, it's a very old miniature, simple sculpt, but effective.
(Great grandpa's!) Mengil Manhides regiment.
Top view showing the shields.
Shield wall!
Alternative painted sea raider version of Mengil Manhides.
Top view.
Shield wall!
Witch Elves.
Witch Elf.
I painted her up in a slightly Gothy look, with stripey leggings.
More Witch Elves, about the fail a frenzy test!
A few of the Crossbowmen's shields. 
More Crossbowmen's shields.
Shadows, Darf Elf Scouts, moving through the forest, er, scouting I suppose.
I took a few different photographs of the army.
Here they are marching through the ruins of an ancient Elven city in the forest.
Closer up.
Glimpses through the trees of the passing army.
Crossbowmen and Cold One riders.
Crossbowmen and Cold One riders from the other side.
Rear Guard of the army.
Sea raiders.
The first of a few 'Classical Greek' vignettes.
Crossbowmen tackle a Hydra in a ruined Classical Greek temple.
Shadows corner a Gorgon, but is that such a good idea?
Witch Elves attack a Harpy perched in another ruined Classical temple.
The Army General amongst the ruins of a ancient city.

Next weeks update may be on my Slann armies, or my redux Catachan army, both of which are currently distracting my attention.


  1. Nice idea doing a showcase like this. The army looks fantastic, the greek vignettes really show it off well and the sheild wall shots are a great way to make the uniform poses of the warriors look very imposing. And i love the goth witch elf!. Great post.

    1. Thank you.
      I wanted to photograph the army on a full sized gaming table to give the impression of what it would be like if I was setting up for a game. I did the same thing for my Snakeman, and plan to eventually do it for all my armies.

      The Ancient Greek theme seems to have been very popular. I am glad I tried it out, and I think it suits the miniatures and the early Dark Elf background.

      I thought that the shield wall photographs would look good and show off the shields a little better, and also give a slightly Hoplite feel to the unit. I did the vignettes for a bit of fun, with Ray Harryhausen in mind! I gave most of the Witch Elves a slightly more Gothy look, but the one in the green striped legging is my favourite.

  2. Great job on the army and really nice to see it as a full force in the photographs

    1. Thank you. I think it's important to take complete army photographs on full sized gaming table, just to gain an impression of what the army would look like in it's natural setting. :)

  3. Yeah. These photos are fantastic. I can't get enough of this wonderful army! Great colour-scheme, theme and models.

    1. Thank you Zhu Bajiee, glad you like the amy and the Classical Greek/Early Dark Elf theme. I thought it might suit the miniatures and tried it out. I am really happy with how they turned out, and people have been very positive with the end result.