Friday, 20 July 2018

Mortis Engine and Black Knights.

My blog updating has been a little remiss of late, but in fairness I have still been painting and collecting. I have nearly finished the AOS Death/Tomb Kings style army, finishing the Mortis Engine and the painting (repainting in this case) of one of two of my Black Knight units.

Outside this, I have been adding to my Space Slann army, increasing the size, and will be rebasing and painting them after I have finished the Death army. Also, I have been spending money on a collecting project I have wanted to do for a while, the 1990's 'Big Hat' era Chaos Dwarfs. I never liked them at the time, but have grown to like them over the intervening years. I have built a small army, again, more of which later.

Due to the crazy hot and sunny weather in the UK, I was not able to take proper photographs, one of the other reasons my blog update has been delayed. I do need to construct a photo box, but in the meantime I took the photographs in the garden.

Enjoy :)
Mortis Engine.
Like the other elements of the army I have substituted some of the parts for old Tomb Kings parts to keep with the Crimson King theme.  
Right hand side.
Tomb Kings shields.
I swapped the heads for Tomb King arms and heads.
Close up.
I swapped the supplied Necromancer for the plastic Necromancer kit that can be bought seperately. I converted the top fo the staff with a Tomb Guards blade, and head swapped with a Tomb Kings head.
As for the Mortis Engine, I swapped the Skeelton heads for Tomb Kings heads on the lower two, and Beastman horned heads to the upper pair from the Skull set.
I also swapped out the icon for a Tomb Kings standard from the Warsphinx/Necrosphinx, with the pole cut off. I wanted to give it that extra Tomb Kings feel.
Tomb Kings Black Knights.
I had orginally painted these up in a similar style to my Tomb Kings army. However I re-painted them in line with the rest of the Crimson Kings army.
Unit leader.
Standard Bearer.
Charging, left and right sides.
Galloping, left and right.
I copied some of the designs from Tomb Kings articles, and wanted to have at least one piece of red on each shield. It is the Crimson Kings army after all!
Frontal photograph showing the head, weapon arm, and shield swaps.

Next update will be the last batch of painting of the Crimson Kings army.


  1. Great looking additions Lee, you are certainly bringing the Tomb King feel to this army

    1. Thank you, I wanted to create a balance between the Tomb Kings background and the AOS Death minatures. I'm happy with how they are turning out. :)

  2. Really interesting decisions, and so well executed! I really like what you did here

    1. Thank you, glad you like what I have done.

  3. Wow I’ve never seen your Mortis engine before, it looks amazing! That back standard is a really cool idea. I did something very similar myself last year. Awesome to see someone else keeping the Tomb Kings alive!

    1. Thank you, it was great fun to kit-bash. It was a shame that the Tomb Kings were cancelled, I just wanted to keep some part of them still going.