Friday, 27 July 2018

The Necrosphinx of the Crimson King, a Wight King, and the Tomb Guard of Princess Meritites.

I have finished painting the last of the elements of my Age of Sigmar Death army, based on the Army of the Crimson King. I painted the Necrosphinx conversion, a conversion of a Tomb Kings Tomb King miniature, and a converted unit of Black Knights.

The Necrosphinx is a conversion made from Tomb Kings Necrosphinx parts, and an Abyssal beast. I added the torso from the old Necrosphinx onto an Abyssal beasts body. The fit was suprisingly easy to do. I liberally added skulls to the base to give a great feel of otherworldly-ness, and painting them the sam colour as the skulls inside the Necrosphinx to give the impression that the Necrosphinx was infusing the skulls with it's magic as it passes over them.

The Wight King is a very simple conversion. An old metal Tomb Kings range Tomb King, on a new 32mm base. I have swapped his arms for a plastic arm with an axe from the Necropolis Knights kit, and a right arm converted from the basic skeleton warriors set. The idea is to have a Wight King in gaming terms armed with a Black Axe. In background terms he is minor son of the Crimson Kings, perhaps from a secondry or lesser wife, as was common in Ancient Eygpt.

The Black Knights are similar in apporach to my other unit. They are a converted mix of Tomb Kings parts applied to the current Black Knights box set. The Tomb Kings parts I used were from the 2011 release Tomb Guard (an excellent box set, and sadly missed). I wanted to make then different from the previous unit of Black Knights, and use these parts to link them into the Tomb Guard from the Crimson King article in White Dwarf #377 (May 2011).

To give the Tomb Guard a bit of a focus and a raison d'etre, I made the unit leader a royal one, and that the Tomb Guard were their personal Tomb Guard. I felt there was a lack of female aspects to the Tomb Kings (and GW as a whole to some extent) and so decided to do a conversion I wanted to do for a while, and convert up a Tomb Princess. I used a spare 1990's era female Dark Eldar torso, which worked out well as a female breastplate in a similar style to the usual Black Knights torsos. I also sculpted some long hair in a female style from green stuff to add to the female look. I named her Meritites, which is ancient Eygptian name meaning "beloved of her father", was apparently used by many ancient royal women, and seemed to fit the Daughter of a Crimson King whom I always assumed to be a very dominant personality.

Enjoy :)
 Close up.
Right side.
 Left side.
 Wight King with Black Axe.
I have named him Neferkare, which was a male name linked with Horus. As he has a hawk-headed axe, I thought that would be fitting.
 Rear view.
 Black Knights/Tomb Guard of Meritites.
 Princess Meritites.
 Rear view.
 Standard Bearer, with a standard from the Warsphinx kit.
A selection of Tomb Guard/Black Knights, converted using a mix of Tomb Guard and Skeleton Warrior parts.

Next update might be Space Slann, or maybe Chaos Dwarfs.


  1. Scary yet tasteful! I love everything in here!

    1. Thank you, I wanted to achieve that mix of scary you get from a AOS Death army, with the style of the old Tomb Kings. :)

  2. These look great Lee, you've really brought the tomb king feel across. I especially like the addition of the princess, that's a great touch

    1. Thank you.
      I wanted to give that Tomb King look without losing the AOS Death feel of the army. I have really enjoyed converting and kit bashing between to two ranges. I have a complete army now, but will probably add more at a later date.

      I really like the Black Knight kits. I wanted the army to have Black Knights as a prestige arm of the army in the same way Chariots are for a 'real' Tomb Kings' army. I like the idea of them being that slightly later in equivalent ancient history than the ancient Eygptian Tomb Kings. I thought that making the unit leader a Princess would add little more personality to the unit, and give a bit of gender balance with a warrior Princess, without it being tokenistic or laboured. She was fun to convert too. :)