Tuesday 27 August 2019

More Early Rogue Trader Squats... but terrible photographs! :(

I've been a busy Goblin. But first of all, an apology.
My camera has broken, and so I have been taking photographs with my phone. Some of them are fine, some blurred. I did try with some several times, but I'm just not getting there. So, here are the Squats. Think of it as bad sub-space comms (been watching DS-9 again  :)  )

Anyway, apart from work and other such nonsense, I have been painting Squats. Lots of them, and they have been fun to paint. After a recent lull in painting, I am quite enjoying painting the early Rogue Trader era Squats. As I mentioned in my last blog update I am loosely basing them on the early release paint schemes, which are a mix of greens and browns, with dashes of colour. When I think of this era of Squats, these paint schemes are that which spring to mind, so why not choose them?

I am basing the army on the Hylgar's Hell-Raisers army list from the 1988 Book of the Astronomican, but ignoring all but the compulsary Human elements, and focusing on the Squats. I have done this because I think that this list better reflects the miniatures, it will also act as an opponent to the Ork list army I have, and I also have enough plastic Squats to create an army from the layer Squat list. I'll detail more on the exact composition of the army in a later blog update.

Enjoy (best you can)  :)
WIP army.
I'm filling the gaps via e-bay, and the army is nearly 'collected'.
The last couple of weeks painting.
'Loader Powl', from the RT9/RT303 Squat Heavy weapon range. He is primilarly designed to accompany heavy weapons carriers. He is armed with a Plasma-Gun, and I intend to use him as a Squat Sergeant-Major in the Hylgar list as he fits the entry nicely.
'Galil Lankhester', a musician miniature from the RT302 Space Dwarf /Squat Command Group range. He is a keyboard player. Synth was big in the 1980's . :)
'Gunner Karl' armed with a Conversion Beamer.
Beamer side.
'Waltha Twelvebore'.
Squat armed with a flamer. I have painted him similar to the artwork in the Rogue Trader rulebook, below.
'Waltha Twelvebore' and 'Colt Stoner', jus' patrollin' downtown.
A blurred photograph of a Bloodbowl Dwarf with a Bazooka.
He is 'Barik Farblast', from about 1988, and is armed with a football launching bazooka. I plan to use him as a missile launcher.
Rear view.
Two versions of 'Gatt Gunslinger'.
I like how a different paint scheme, within the overall theme, can work on the same miniature.
Rear view.
Citadel made two different versions of 'Gatt Gunslinger'. The first one, on the left, had a seperate backpack/jump-pack (the same one used on the 'Roth Bergman' miniature). The second version received a minor resculpt, replacing the seperate backpack, with a cast-on one.
On the left 'Capt. Khyrk', from the RT9 Heavy weapon crew range. I photographed him now, as he is off soon on a 5 year misson. ;)
On the right, 'Koch Wesson', a Squat flamer (the backward cap, also popular in the 1980's).
Rear view.
'Heckler Smith' and 'Lee Hotchkiss'.
Both based on the same base sculpt, they are going to be part of the Assault Squads.
Two 'Lewis Gunn'.
Two 'Maxim Bang'.
On the left 'Luger Gerlich'.
On the right 'Mauser von Dreyse'. Apart from the blot gun, he is the same sculpt as 'Lewis Gunn'. 
I do love the firearms names of the Squats.
'Colt Stoner' and 'Barry Schmeisser'.
Rear view.
The 'Barry Schmeisser' miniature has a backpack, maybe a jump-pack, in a similar style to the original metal Space Marine ones.

Next update, more Squats.


  1. Very nice progress Lee, love how the different colour schemes on the same model change the look so well

    1. Thank you Dave.
      Some of the original Rogue Trader photgraphs and new release adverts from the time had the same miniatures with different paint scheme. So I followed that idea and the paint schemes to add variety. It's been fun, and seems to work well.

  2. Thank you, I'm having fun painting them.

  3. I love them. Can't have enough of them. Oh, ando don't worry, your pics are better than mine! :P

    1. Thank you, they are really fun once you get painting them, full of character.
      Your photographs are good. I love your scratch built scenery.