Tuesday, 12 November 2019


Quick update. I haven't been painting much in the last couple of weeks, although there are more 40k Squats awaiting photographing. I did however paint a Gyrinx.

The Gyrinx is an alien creature from the Rogue Trader rulebook, resembling a large ginger cat. It bonds with characters, and then had the power to store psi points, and augment shooting, close combat, and initiative by +1. I have added the rules from the rulebook below.  The background to the Gyrinx was that it was some kind of familar-empathic creature which formed a symbotic relationship with it's 'owner'.

Miniature wise, it was released in 1987, but more as a limited edition mail order miniature. I do recall that in 1990 there was a 'sticker sale' in my local GW shop (Brighton) as part of a wider promotion, and there were one or two Gyrinx included in the RT601 Adventures and Pirates packs, as well as Jokaero. Like an idiot I did'nt buy them at the time, and I only managed to purchase my Gyrinx this year.

Sculpting wise, it's a big fluffy cat. The sculpting is good, but there's not much else to say about it. I am not sure who sculpted it, but they did a good job. Painting wise, it's described as a big orange-ginger fluffly cat, with blue eyes, and that's how I painted it. I did take care to tone down the orange with a sand coloured highlight to stop it looking too much like a fox. More contempary takes on the Gyrinx have it blue and white, but I chose the old Rogue Trader look. It will probably end up with my Space Slann.

Enjoy. :)
 Rear view.
 Rules from the Rogue Trader rulebook.
 Rules from the Rogue Trader rulebook (cont.).
The artwork of the Gyrinx from the Rogue Trader rulebook.

Next update will be the last of the Squat miniatures.


  1. That's cute. I have intermittently wanted to own one through the years, but never really found a project for it. You made a nice job on this one :)

    1. I have always been the same, which why I never bought one at the time. I just saw one for sale on e-bay once and thought "why not?". It will end up as part of my Space Slann army. Glad you like it. :)

  2. Great looking rendition Lee, must have completely missed the release of the model at the time

    1. Thank you. It was'nt widely released and I only purchased mine recently. I don't recall them being widespread at the time.