Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Test Models for Turnip28 ( Undead Napoleonic British ).

I have painted five test models for Turnip28.

Mine are a combination of bits from Napoleonic British kits (Perry Miniatures and Victrix), and various Citadel Undead parts I had left over in bits boxes. I have spent the last few evenings making lots of these, somewhere in the region of 100! They are organised into 'Regiments' of 12, with an Officer, Standard Bearer, Drummer, Sergeant, and eight troopers.

They have been great fun to convert, really a nice change from Oldhammer, (which I still love). I am still painting the Big Hatted Chaos Dwarfs, but for now I am very distracted with this. It is an interesting distraction which is allowing my imagination to move beyond the 1980's and 1990's Citadel focus which I have been in for a while.

In line with the Turnip28 idea I have added tufts to the body of the miniatures to suggest a link with roots and the land. If I was to leave this out, I think that the Undead Napoleonic British would look great in a more Ethereal aspect. However, I have added the tufts and gone for the muddy look. They were easy to paint, very slap dash in a way, similar to the Chaos Dwarfs. I say that, not to suggest they are badly painted, but as painted in a particular style, not the precise style of some painting (which I shall reserve for other miniatures), but a more laissez faire approach to give that muddy, unkempt look. 

A quick mention on the bases. I have used Vallejo Thick Mud for them, a form of technical paint. It is a great paint for adding mud which is oozy and sticky looking, similar to the mud which Sussex is (in)famous for. I will be adding model leaves and wood, etc, to later bases, but for now, just plain bases. It's great stuff to use.

Enjoy :)

Five test models.
I under coated black, dry brused dark brown, and then lightly painted on the base colour onto the brown. I then gave everything a very light dry brush of tan (Vallejio Game Colour 'Earth).
Two Troopers at porte.
Rear view.
Rear view.
A big pot of mud!
When I ordered this I didn't quite realise that it would be this big. But I will find uses for it. :)

Next update will probably be a combination of Big Hatted Chaos Dwarfs and Undead Turnip bothering soldiers. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, they are great fun to convert and paint.

  2. Great work on the models Lee, the colour choices look perfect

  3. Seriously, this is utterly fantastic. I love the eerie looks, how they all appear to come from the dead... I love this.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like them.
      I really wanted to give them that kind of look, a very earthy and eerie feel.I have toned the mud on the bases down slightly by lightly dry brushing an earth shade over the top.
      I have been painting a lot more over the last few evenings, and I am really enjoying the change of project. I'm at work over the weekend, but hope to update the blog on early next week with some more, about 50 now in total.