Sunday 21 February 2021

Last of the Turnip28 : The General, and the Elite Regiment (Undead Napoleonic British).

This is the last update on my Turnip28 project which I have been focused on recently. It's a project I hope to return to, but for the moment the first phase of converting and painting is finished. And great fun it has been too. :)

The last phase for my Turnip28 army has been the converting and painting of an elite regiment, and the  General to lead the army.

For the General I converted a Victrix Officers body, an old metal gas mask head, and a Citadel Skeleton arm and shield. I wanted give him a much more commanding and more earthy look than the rest of the army, suggesting a deeper connection with whatever magic are animating them. To this end I added more tufts, a big rusty looking sword, and head which I hadn't used for any other miniature in the army, and a left arm which reaches out, almost suggesting he's using magic or enchantments of some kind. In addition to this, I placed him on a 32mm base to give him more of a visual impact, and decorated the base with tufts and skulls to suggest that extra magical link, like he has crawled out from beneath the mud.

For the elite regiment I wanted to achieve a similar thing. So I used a different mix of the animal skulls from the Citadel skull box set to give a more Fey, feral, animalistic, and creepy dead animal look. For most of them I didn't add backpacks, but green-stuffed parts onto the back and body, so that when I added the tufts, they looked a little misshapen. Added to that, they also all carry melee weapons and a few also shields, in addition to the muskets, to suggest a more brutal approach to fighting. I have tried to give them all more individualistic looking poses to suggest a little more autonomy in the magic which animates them (similar to the Grave Guard in Undead armies). A couple of extra little painting touches, such as grey trousers and blue water canteens also suggest they are of a different regiment than the rest of the army.

Overall I am happy with how they, and the proceeding Turnip28 miniatures have turned out. They have been a great deal of fun to convert, and great fun to paint. I love the Turnip28 idea, and like the Undead take I have undertaken with them . In the future I will wanted to convert some cavalry and maybe a cannon battery. One of the most interesting things is that it has provided an interesting break from the Oldhammer miniatures, and I am now currently sorting out some Oldhammer miniature with a newer and fresh approach.

Enjoy :)

The General.
Who knows what magic animates him, or what his aims are?
Side view.
The Elite Regiment.
Officer and Standard Bearer.
Sergeant and Gin-Trooper (he has a barrel on his back).
Double-handed weapon Troopers.
Sword and musket.
Sword and musket again.
Rear views, with the Gin-Trooper on the farthest right.
Side views.

New update will be on the 4th Edition Chaos Dwarfs I have also been painting.


  1. Excellent work on the General and elite troops Lee, they all have a very unique feel in comparison to the ones shown before, but have enough to tie the whole army together

    1. Thank you Dave, that's what I was looking to achieve with the elite regiment, to be part of the army and animating magic, but slightly separate. I wanted to make the General stand out from the both the elite and the rest of the army and have that 'standing alone' feel of an army commander.

  2. Looking good, and quite a change in direction from the oldhammer stuff. Well done sir.

  3. It's fantastic, everything is so evocative and eerie!

  4. Fantastic! Some great posing here really brings them to life! For this new T28 modeller this post is very inspiring, thanks

    Love the Toadie too, and his 'use the force' hand gesture! :-)