Sunday 7 February 2021

Turnip28 Rifles ( Undead Napoleonic British ).

A short and penultimate update on the ongoing Turnip28 project.

I have painted up the 'Rifle' Regiment. These are the plastic Rifleman which are present in the Perry Miniatures British Infantry box set. I purchased a few extra from e-bay to make the numbers up to twelve.

The modelling was similar to the rest of the Turnip28 infantry, except that I have used the 'bird' heads from the Citadel Skull box set instead of the human skulls. I did this to differentiate these from the regular line regiments, and to suggest the increased alertness of the Rifle regiments, giving an almost a bird-raptor like feel. The bird skulls tops were slightly flattened to allow the shakos (minus the human heads) to fit. I have also added a few different arms to the Officer and NCO from my bits box.

Painting was slightly different. The uniform is based on the 95th Rifles of the Napoleonic Wars, with a dark green uniform, and black belting. Other than that, the mud, tufts, bones, and dirt were the same. They were very quick to paint, about an hour, excluding the bases, and were fun to do.

Enjoy :)

The Rifle Regiment.
These will act in a light infantry/skirmish role. I like how the bid-like skulls, along with the pose of the Rifleman's bodies, give them a roving feel.
Officer, NCO, and Rifleman.
I used a Victrix Light Infantry Officers sword arm and Line Regiment left arm for the Officer. For the NCO I swapped the Rifleman's arm for a rather brutal looking Citadel Skeleton sward arm, to make him seem mean!

I have left a few Rifleman bare-headed to give some variety, and to show off the bird skulls.
More Rifleman.
Although they only have two set of arms and two bodies, you can achieve a nice selection of poses.
The last three Rifleman.
Rear view, showing the tufts.

The next update will be the last Turnip28 update showing the elite infantry regiment, and the General. 


  1. Great addition to the force Lee, like the use of different skulls to mark them as a special unit

    1. Thank you Dave, I hoped the different skulls would. They seem to fit the poses of the Rifleman's bodies better as well.

  2. Seriously, I find all this project really cool, you are doing pretty interesting experiments, I love the eerie lookings and the whole vibe they instil

    1. Thank you Suber.
      I have really been enjoying this project and kit bashing. You are absolutely right, I have been going for the eerie look, rather than a more 'standard' Undead look. I am hoping to use some of these ideas for when I return to Oldhammer miniatures.
      I have one more update on these, and then, for now, my Turnip28 project will be completed. However I do wish to return to this soon.
      I have also been tinkering with a more straight forward, but no less eerie, Undead Napoleonic project as well.

  3. Wow - absolutely loving these Lee and I wouldn't worry about departing from Oldhammer for a while if this is the result! I've been a bit absent a while from blogger so had to read back a few posts to see how and why you went for the cool effect of reeds and stalks coming from their backs - not come across turnip28 before but I like it a lot!

    This particular post though is brilliant - Sharpe's Rifles (sorry that's my entry point to Napoleonics XD) but with bird skulls and vegetation growing out their backs with glorious muddy paint jobs - inspired stuff!

    I do feel the need to cross pollinate the idea of root veg based horror with the Old World though...

  4. Great to see you back on blogger. Thank you, glad you like the miniatures.

    Turnip28 started last year, and was something I have been keeping an eye on. I felt I needed to do something different recently, and so a couple of months ago thought I would try the Turnip28 idea myself.

    I wanted to do a more Undead version. I had some old and broken Perry Miniatures and Victrix plastic Napoleonic British and a Citadel Skull set so thought I would try. I am really happy with the results, they look quite creepy and weird. They have been really fun to do.

    With the Rifles I wanted to make them to have a different sensibility and feel to them, a different type of Undead, yet still part of the overall army. The bird skulls really give them that alert but otherworldly edge. They remind me of some of the strange Victorian taxidermies where birds or frogs are dressed up in miniature human clothes, or enacting out a human activity.

    I hope to transfer some of these ideas over to Oldhammer. It would be good to see what you may create. I have one more blog post on Turnip28 to do, and then I will be putting it on hold for short while.