Monday 21 February 2022

Helblitzen Regiment project (part one).

 I have a lot of miniatures to paint (well, that's an understatement!), and recently realised that I have been approaching things in what I consider the wrong way. Instead of picking one project and ploughing on with it regardless, which often results in getting bogged down and disenchanted, I am now just painting things I wish to paint. This, I have found, is a lot more enjoyable, and still allows be to delve deeper into any particular army as an when.

One of these projects is from the photograph of the regiment of Empire Helblitzen in the 3rd Edition Warhammer Armies book (below). Like many people over the years I was always intrigued by the photographs, and a  few years ago I was looking at this photograph on page 58. Now I thought to myself I must have most of those miniatures somewhere, and low and behold, I had all but two. A little visit to e-Bay and one to Wargames Foundry, and the Regiment was completed.

Why do this? Well, it's a fun thing to do, and I am going to require a couple of Helblitzen Regiments in my 3rd Edition army anyway, so why not this one? I am going to paint them in the colours in the photographs, after all it would be a shame not too.

Enjoy :)

Helblitzen Regiment.
The regiment is comprised of a mix of Citadel Human miniatures from their various F-series Fighter ranges, and the C46 Militia range.
I would think, although of course I do not know, that the regiment was just quickly put together with the painted miniatures which they had at the studio at the time, rather than someone's specific component of an army. I think that gives it a little ad-hoc charm.
Below I will detail each of the miniatures in the regiment, with the Citadel series code and range in brackets).
Front to back, and starting left to right:
Dwyer (F2 Dogs of War); Dransfield (F4 Men at Arms);

Master Vlad (F4 Feudals); Jan the Slar (C46 Militia);

Gustav (F4 Dogs of War); Feargus (F4 Dogs of War).
Vintner (F4 Men at Arms); Germinius Hero Capitan (F2 Fighters);

Edmund (F4 Men at Arms); Calder (F2 Dogs of War);

Hodge (F4 Mercenaries); Billy (C46 Militia).
Holbert (F4 Men at Arms); Chauncey (F2 Dogs of War);

Rardach (F2 Dogs of War); Wilkin (F4 Mercenaries);

Gutbucket (C46 Militia); Jack (F4 Mercenaries).
Eldon (F2 Dogs of War); Rodger (F4 Men at Arms);

Fenwick (F2 Dogs of War); Eric F4 Men at Arms);

Bloggin (C46 Militia); Dakin (F4 Men at Arms).
...I've made a start, work in progress!

Next update will probably be some Turnip28 conversions or more Helblitzen or something else.


  1. Nice! I totally agree, the important thing about all this is not finishing projects, but just to enjoy whatever you are painting. So I hope you thoroughly enjoy these minis, they do deserve it! :)

    1. I am finding painting, and the whole hobby, a lot more fun since I changed my approach. I am also getting more done and consequently I will be posting more on my blog.
      You're absolutely right of course, the miniatures do deserve it, and I am appreciating them more and looking at them in a different manner as well.

  2. We fully agree with both of us in carrying on what attracts our attention at the moment, without feeling forced by the obligation to arrive at the conclusion of a project: after all it is a hobby, not a job!
    We salute the return to fantasy with a cheer, and it seems to us that the unit is doing very well. Yes, the variety of these figures makes the whole more distinctive and even more fun to paint. A curiosity: were these miniatures originally conceived to fit into the army of Bretonnia more in the French style, or in that of the Empire more in the German style? Or could they work for both of them?

    1. Thank you. I have been missing painting fantasy genre miniatures. This afternoon I have been re-visiting my old Tomb Kings army with a view to re-basing and modernising the paint work, as well as painting more of the regiment.

      The miniatures in the regiment were from across Citadels ranges at the time. Some were more for Bretonnia, whilst some were more Empire. A few of them were part of their Dogs of War mercenary range, so could be used for both.

      I think the GW studio at the time just collected a selection of miniatures which would work together and placed them in a regiment for photographing. This said, some of the artwork at the time for the Empire did have a mix of 15th and early 16th century looking soldiers in it.

  3. Great looking unit Lee, and you seem to be making quick progress with it, if you are enjoying doing something then it is the right way to go.

    1. Thank you Dave. I have found I am enjoying painting a lot more and re-discovering the way I approached the hobby when I first started in 1986, just painting what I liked and enjoying the miniatures.