Tuesday 1 March 2022

The return of old Nagash.

 A few years ago I decided to paint the old 1990's Nagash miniature, considered by some, to be one of the worst miniatures Citadel has released. I did this to see if I could make him seem a little less unloved. So I repositioned his arms and pose slightly and gave him a slightly darker, non 1990's looking paint scheme. I generally considered my efforts to have been successful. The results can be seen on my old blog post here:

Now, as the years passed I forgot about him until I decided randomly to look again at my Tomb Kings collection. Somehow, in the process of moving boxes around he had broken, with arms and head separated. In this sorry state (regarding which, I shall not post such distressing images of a broken classic miniature!) I decided to rebase him and give him a slightly tweaked paint scheme.

So, as in the spirit of the Tomb Kings background, Nagash is reborn to fight again. I am happy with how he looks now, and I think I have made him look more sinister than he would have been on the 1990's. Overall, all I really did was repaint the sword with Citadels Hexwraith Flame Technical paint, highlighted his robes a little better, and added a some more detail to his staff.  I rebased him on a 60mm round base, which I built up a little with milliput, and then liberally scattered skulls over.

Indecently, this revisiting of Nagash is part of my project to rebase and reorganise my entire Tomb Kings army.  I was never really happy with their basing, and some of the paint work felt a little unfinished. In addition, I have bought all sorts of other Tomb Kings odds and ends over the years to add to the items I already had left to paint. However, I have some Empire Halberdiers to paint before all of that.

Enjoy :)


Next update should be some more Empire Halberdiers. I have also been converting a couple of Age of Sigmar Ogors into Samurai looking ones, repainting my Ancient Egyptian scenery, and removing my Tomb Kings from bases.


  1. We do not know if it is Nagash who periodically resurrects to return to stand in the way on your work table, or if it is you who are moved by the dark instinct not to let Nagash decompose in peace ;) Seriously, we think that, also compared to your 2016 paint job, this miniature has acquired even more character. The pose of his body is far more natural than the original, and the details you have added or repainted make the miniature more original, without having the caricatured look of Nineties photos. Even the base covered with skulls fits perfectly: a snake or a scorpion moving among them could be an additional touch of originality? We look forward to seeing the finished Imperial halberdiers, unless Nagash decides to skip the queue again for one more touch up...

    1. I do wonder who is calling to whom to raise the Undead back from their slumber again. ;)

      Thank you, I wanted to make the pose more natural and dynamic, and move away from the two dimensional pose from the 1990's. I wanted to give him that evil, dark look. Concerning the added painting details, I added the detailing to the staff to hint at his Khemri past, and I wanted the sword to have a warpstone magic look, as per his experiments with warpstone at Nagashizzar.

      It is a good idea to add a snake or scorpion to the base, and I did consider it. However I decided to keep it just skulls to suggest an all pervading aura of death. I consider his painting now finished, although I am considering starting a Tomb Kings army for him to command, specifically made from 3rd party miniatures to make use of some of the interesting sculpts available, and so as not to just repeat my current Tomb Kings army.

  2. I prefer this Nagash over the new one! He may be crap, yes, but at least he fits in the army box easily and can be transported.

    1. I totally agree with you, I think this Nagash has more charm about the sculpt. You also don't need to transport him around in a big box or a bucket!

  3. Great work Lee, it a looks a lot better in the stance you've achieved, and the colours you've used are a lot better than the original as well