Saturday, 29 October 2022

A mixed selection of Tomb Kings painting.

  I have been carrying on with my Tomb Kings painting, and have been painting at quite a rate, even despite working, etc. In addition to what I have painted here, I have also painted 60 Tomb Guard, a Necrosphinx, two WarSphinxes, and I  have nearly finished 20 more Archers! I want to update on those in more detail and shall do so in a later blog post.

For now, here are the random odds and ends, and 40 archers. I have really been enjoying painting these, and they do look effective. I have been slightly distracted by another couple of side projects, but will be focusing on completing the Tomb Kings. Even at this rate I doubt if I will be finished before Christmas as it is a large army, and a lot of the Skeleton infantry require gluing.

Enjoy :)

Prince Apophas.
Converted Liche Priest.
I swapped his left arm for the a metal Tomb Kings one, and the right arm for a plastic skeleton one.
Side/rear view.
Ushabti with Great Weapon.
This one is a Fine Cast model, but the rest of my Ushabti with Great Weapons are metal.
Rear view.
Ushabti with Great Bows.
I really like these miniatures, and it was sad that they were only available in Fine Cast, of which I am not a fan.
Ushabti with Great Bow.
Ushabti with Great Bow.
Ushabti with Great Bow.
This particular model, again a Fine Cast. He was, quite unsurprisingly, broken when I bought him from e-Bay second hand, missing his sword blade. I have replaced it with a Tomb Guard blade, which I think looks a lot better.
Rear view.

Queen Khalida's archer regiment.
I have painted this regiment with green bows, quivers, and headdresses, to match the green details of Khalida, and to give them a slightly separate identity from the rest of the army.
Queen Khalida herself.
It was only after paint stripping her and repainting her that I realised how much of a lovely miniature she is.

Next update will be more Tomb Kings!


  1. Wonderful work Lee, the army is taking shape quickly, and some great detailing throughout your painting.

    1. Thank you. I've still got a lot left to paint, but it is starting to come together, and I am enjoying painting them.