Wednesday 20 September 2023

Praetorian Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum Platoons.

 I have been painting more Praetorian Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum, and have been making some quite good progress. In the last few weeks I have now completed two full platoons consisting of one command squad, and two infantry squads in each. This has also included a Platoon Commander for each.

Enjoy :)

First Platoon.
Firing line!
Auto Cannon.
Unlike the Heavy Bolters I decided to add the gun shield to give it that slightly heavier look of a small calibre field gun.
The other side of the Auto Cannon.
Platoon Commander.
This miniature is the old metal Cadian officer miniature from a few years ago, but with an added green stuff moustache to give him that British 'golly good chap' look. He was originally one of my Company commanders in my previously painted Praetorian army, and all I have done is re-based him and tinkered with the paintwork. In time he will be promoted back to Company Commander when I get around to converting and painting up a new Platoon Commander.
Second Platoon.
The hcomposition of miniatures in the Second Platoon is the same as the first, so I did not see the point in photographing them. However, the Platoon Commander is different, see below.
Platoon Commander with power fist.
I had a damaged Mordian Sergeant miniature, and so I swapped his head for one of the old metal alternative heads made by GW about 20 years ago. The Power fist is from the Tempestus Scions box set. The pistol holster is from the Mark III Space Marine box (I think!).
Power fist.
I chose this power fist as it looks a little Steampunk to me.
Both Platoons.
Firing line.
"Front rank fire!"
"Rear rank fire!"

At the moment I am most of the way through painting Las Cannon teams, and have made a start on a tank! After those, I am going to focus on a different, more goblin based, project. I wanted to make a start on the Praetorians, and experiment with the newer paint scheme first, before tackling something else. So next blog update will be more Praetorians.


  1. Excellent work Lee, and the two platoon commanders look awesome, and fit in perfectly.

  2. Fantastic, really wonderful work. I'm totally hooked up to this project, would love to see them in action!

    1. Thank you Suber. I might get around to gaming with them for a little while, although I am tempted to pop down to my local GW one evening!