Sunday 16 August 2015

A bakers dozen of Great Goblins, more Goblins, and four lonesome Half Orcs.

Again due to work this blog update is a little later than planned! I had planned on updating yesterday, but fell alseep after work!

After my milestone of 80,000+ views last week, I have reached another one this week with 100 followers! Thank you all 100 of you for following my blog.

Despite my delay in updating, I have had a productive painting week, painting no less than 22 miniatures. There are 13 Great Goblins/Gnolls (aka a 'Bakers Dozen' for those of you unfamilar with the term), 5 ordinary Goblins (as if there could anything ordinary about Goblins!), and 4 half Orcs.

The half Orcs are 4 Troopers from 'Mudats Mercenary Half Orc Manics'. I only have 4 Troopers of this Regiment Renown, but I want to eventually assemble a whole regiment. This regiment was one of the Regiments of Renown which, according to the various backgrounds, took part in the 'Goblin Wars'. They did'nt do very well!

The rest of the Great Goblins/Gnolls and Goblins are all wonderfull examples of the FTG and early C-series ranges, and I really enjoyed painted them.

Enjoy :)
Goblins, Great Goblins, and Half Orcs.
13 Great Goblins/Gnolls.
These Gnolls/Great Goblins can be found both in the Citadel FTG and C12 ranges.
5 Goblins atop of the hill.
4 Half Orcs of 'Mudats Mercenary Half Orc Manics'.
On the left is a FTG2 Gnoll/Goblin attacking with a hand weapon. On his shield is written 'Goblin' in the Dark Elvish runic alphabet from the 'Forces of Fantasy' supplement.
On the right is a FTG1 Gnoll/Goblin with pole arm. I think the striped/banded haft adds a bit of fantasy Goblin colour to the whole thing.
Rear view of the above Goblin.
I took a rear photograph to show that unusually for this range he has a hood, and in addiiton that it is a chainmail hood, historically known as a Coif.
A FTG3 Gnoll/Goblin standing with hand weapon, and next to him with a rather snazzy hood buckle, a FTG3 Gnoll/Goblin.
Both of the shields are the wicker looking shields which have metal strut supports. I sometimes paint these as wood effect, or as here on the right, painted wood effect.
FTG3 and FTG 2 Gnoll/Goblins.
The one on the left has a really characterful face and big nose.

I have photographed better pictures of the shields further down this update.
Another pair of FTG2 (left) and FTG3 Gnoll/Goblins.
I painted the Gnoll/Goblin on the right with a grey beard, drab brown clothing, and red shield, as he reminded me of Jeremy Corbyn. Quite apt really as both have been around since the early 1980's! ;)
Yet another FTG3 Gnoll/Goblin attacking with hand weapon (he has a morning star which is obscured by his head), and a FTG 6 Gnoll/Goblin Halbardier.
 FTG2 (left) and 3 (right) Gnoll Goblins.
Finally a FTG1 Gnoll/Goblin with Pole arm, in this case a scythe, no doubt stolen from a farmer, which is why I decorated the base with Sunflowers.
Gnoll/Great Goblin shield designs.
A pair of C13 Range Night Goblins.
The shield design on the left hand Goblin was based on one from the Orcs, page 91 of 'Warhammer Armies'. 
Like all the non/Gnoll/Great Goblins or Lessers Goblins, I am painting their skin a pallid green, as per the suggestion in the 'Forces of Fantasy' supplement. I think it suits them, looks more 'releastic' than the brighter green, and helps to differentiate them more.
Two more C13 Night Goblins.
I think the little pinkish nose adds even more character.
Final C13 Night Goblin, with a spear.
Again I have paitned bands of colour on the spear shaft as I think it adds extra colour and a more fantasy feel.
2 Half Orc Troopers from 'Mudats Mercenary Half Orc Manics' Regiment of Renown.
I only have 4 Troopers and no Command so far, but hope to add more.
Here are front and rear views.
Close up of the shield and face.

Next weeks update may be more Goblins, or something else.  This is'nt very helpful I know, but I have'nt painted anything since these Goblins yet, and I still have a little Rogue Trader project on the back burner I want to paint.


  1. Congratulations on your big milestones!
    But what's more, congratulations on painting 22 miniatures to such a high standard in just one week. Seriously, those guys look amazing. You given them so much character. The various skin tones are especially good. If I painted 22 minis like that in 2 months I'd be happy.

    Plus, I love the sculpts you've chosen. Classics! That hooded night goblin with the long face is one of my favorites.

    1. Thank you, glad that you like them.
      I am a fast painter, but the four Half Orcs were quick and easy to paint. Also once you get painting the Gnolls they are quite straight forward as they are similar in sculpting, and so with a free day or couple of evenings I can make some headway. I have had a free day today and have got 10 Rogue Trader miniatures done (except for bases).

      Glad you like the skin tone variations, I think it helps give them a different feel and look. The hooded Goblin is one of my favourites, as well. :)

  2. he he :). It does look like Mr Corbyn! I spot another goblin I haven't got (chap with the blue hood and mace).

  3. Replies
    1. I thought it was funny as I was painting him that he looked like Mr Corbyn.

      Cool that you are spotting Goblins you have'nt got, but I hope you manage to get them someday. It's always good to find a new miniature from such an old but good range.
      I quite like the Goblin in the blue hood with mace. I'm afraid I don't have any duplicates of him, just the one.

      Glad you are enjoying the updates on the Goblins. :)