Saturday 8 August 2015

80,000 views!!! ... and some more Great Goblins/Gnolls.

Wow!! I have reached 81,185 views to my blog since I started in April 2013.

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my blog and the various odd and ends I have been painting. I still have lots of Goblins, Dwarves, and a myriad of other things to paint, and lots of stuff I still have'nt photographed and posted on the blog.

Due to work commitments, it's a short update this week with only a dozen Goblins and just a few photographs. Still, twelve Goblins are enough to annoy any the Dwarves, so it's probably fine. I have been painting some more Goblins, Great Goblin/Gnolls from the Fantasy Tribes/C-series ranges, as part of my 'Goblin Wars' Project. I am really enjoying painting them, and am already halfway through another four, with more lined up on the painting table.
Enjoy :)
 12 Great Goblin/Gnolls from the Fantasy Tribes and C-Series ranges. 
With this latest batch, I have opted for a much more colourful palette of colours. I like the Great Goblins in brighter, almost fairy tale style, bright colours, and they contrast to the darker and grubbier 'ordinary' Goblins.
 Left, a FTG2 Gnoll attacking with Hand Weapon, with an eye patch and spotted neckchief. 
On the right is a FTG5 Standard Bearer/Musician. As the standard is sculpted very creased, it is difficult paint a symbol on it without it looking a little odd. So I opted for a plain dual coloured standard.
 On the left is a FTG3 Gnoll Standing with Hand Weapon. The sword blade is a little fragile on this sculpt, and is often for sale broken. I love his sallet helmet, mail armour, and large shield (for a Goblin), giving him the look and bearing of a Goblin leader. 
On the right is a bearded FTG2 Goblin attacking with hand weapon.
The fun thing about this range is that many of the Great Goblin/Gnolls are bearded, have hair, and/or have whiskers. This is one of the reasons I have given them a more human-type flesh colour, as I feel they are different, if not more sophisticated, breed of Goblin compared to other more 'common' breeds, and that this flesh tone also works better with the hair
 Two more FTG2 Gnolls attacking with Hand Weapon, including one with a rather natty pink spotted blue shirt!
I am not 100% happy with the blank blue shield, and might go back and add a bit of decoration to it. 
 FTG1 Gnoll with Pole Arm. 
Left some sort of bill or spear (or a stolen boat-hook?), and on the right a Goblin with a Fauchard.
 FTG3 Gnoll Standing with Hand Weapon, in a gaudy outfit. 
On the right, a 'Norman' looking Goblin from the C12 Goblin range. I have a mix of about 20 of this model, and the FTG14 Gnorman the Gnoll model as a unit of Goblin Heavy Infantry/Guards.
Another FTG3 Gnoll Standing with Hand Weapon, with a shield design based on one on p113 of Warhammer Armies.
On the right is the Fiend Factory FF64-1 Female Goblin. Now she's a great miniature but a basic scuplt. I gave her dyed red hair to make her less like 'Cousin It'.

Next update wil be more Goblins! I do have a dinky Rogue Trader project to I want to do, but that will be  little later on.


  1. Congratulations Lee, well deserved!

    I love the Gnolls.

  2. The casts are quite comical, they must be a joy to paint.

    1. They are great fun to paint and very characterful. I am really enjoying painting them.