Tuesday 20 October 2015

1980's Warhammer Posters.

I have'nt actually done any painting in the last week or so due to being very busy at work, ill with some kind of cold/flu, as well as also being a little 'in between' projects to focus on. So I thought I would post about something miniatures releated, but a little more unusual.

Whilst sorting out odds and ends and looking for something, I came across a couple of my old Warhammer posters I bought in the 1980's. One of them is the iconic Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader artwork used on the rulebook cover. This poster was released at the time of the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader release as some sort of promotion.

The second poster is an early Warhammer Fantasy Battle poster. It is from 1984, and is very much a 1st Edition era poster, depicting a lot of old solid based miniatures, from Citadel, Ral Partha, and Minifigs. The miniatures belong to Gary Chalk and Joe Dever, and are depicted taking part in a battle scene, attacking a castle.

I bought both posters in late 1987, just as 40k was being released, and purchased them from a now long gone shops in Worthing called 'The Crazy Dwarf'. If you look in a few of the old White Dwarf magazines you can still find their adverts. It was a small shop, not far from the train station, and had a good range of roleplaying stuff and miniatures. It was here I bought my first Space Slann. I really love both of these posters, and had them on my wall (kept up with blu tack! :/ ) in the 1980's, and feel that both of them really capture the feel of their respective times. I will be getting both posters framed at some point soon.

In conversation online I have discovered that the Warhammer poster was partly featured in a photograph  in White Dwarf #62. It was entitled 'Attack on the Kai Monastery', and linked with the Lone Wolf background.
Zhu Bajiee updated about this on his Blog here:

Enjoy :)
 The Crimson Fists last stand on Rynns World.
One of the best pieces 40k artwork, and probably the most iconic Rogue Trader era artwork. Space Marines fighting Orks.
The poster measures 23 inches/59cm by 33 inches/83cm.
 Close up of the Marines.
 The menacing silhouettes of Space Ork Dreadnoughts emerging from the smoke.
 Credits on the poster.
 The Warhammer Fantasy poster. 
The dimensions of the poster are 16 and a half inches/42cm by 23 and a half inches/59cm.
 The style of the Warhammer logo, and the date, suggest to me that it more 1st Edition Warhammer, as do the old miniatures photographed! 
The battle is mainly one of Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Trolls, Lizardmen, and a few Chaos followers, attacking a castle defended by Humans and Elves.
 Top left is a regiment of Tom Meier's Lizardman Warriors, whilst to their right are some of Nick Lund's early Chronicle Miniatures Orc Wolf Riders. 
Bottom left is the Fiend Factory FF16-1 Giant Troll attacking with Spiked Club from Citadels first miniatures releases back in 1979.
 Ral Partha Orcs leading a charge. 
These were from the 'Chaos Wars' range, which is currently being brought back into production by Ral Partha themselves.
A forces of mainly Minifigs Pig-Faced Orcs, with a few Minifigs 'Valley of the Four Winds' range Orcs amonst them.
The Pig-Faced Orcs are also back in produced via Minfigs/Matchlock miniatures.
A regiment of Citadel Fantasty Tribes Orcs (FTO range). Looking at them closely most of them seem to be the Orcs which ended up in the later C15 Armoured Orcs Range.
A mass of Nick Lunds Citadel era Chronicle Hobgoblins from the N12 Hobgoblins range. There looks to be a few of his earlier Chronicle range there too.
Another Chronicle Hobgoblin, this time the 'Shaman', fires a magical Fireball at the castles defences. 
All around him is a large pack of Wolves, which are from Chronicles earlier CM Creatures and Monsters range.
There's a lot going on in this part of the battlefield!
Centre stage is one of Citadels/Tony Aklands Arcane Monstrosities, the TA4 Monstrous Orc War Machine.
In front of the War Machine are a group of FTO/C Series Orc archers and warriors, and the odd Pig-Faced Orc. Behind them are some of Citadels FTG-1 Gnolls/Great Goblins with Pole Arms.
Just above them to their left is a regiment of Hinchcliffe Goblins armed with spears.
Just beyond them, lurking in the tree line, is the orginal version of Grom and his Goblin Guards (RR3 Grom's Goblin Guard Regiment of Renown).
In front of Grom, partly obsucured by the Warmachine, is a regiment of FTN Night Goblins/C13 Night Goblins, led by a Chronicle Miniatures CM21G Giant Orc.
 A little ahead of the miniatures in the previous photograph is this regiment. It consists of a mixture FTO range Orcs/C Series Orcs, including some of the FTO-04 Orcs with seperate Spears, some Ral Partha Orcs, and a Fantasy Tribe FTT4 Troll in Chainmail with Scimitar.
 In the top left hand corner of the poster are some Great Goblin/Gnolls lurking (as Goblins are want to do sometimes!). The regiment is composed of the FTG14 Gnorman the Gnoll (aka Gilbert the Goblin) miniature.
Behind them are some C13 Night Goblins, also used as Red Goblins. To thier right and front are the Hinchcliffe Goblins and C Series Orcs from a couple of photographs ago.
Down the bottom and centre of the poster, near the 'Warhammer' logo, is a small group of Chaos Warriors. They look like they are a mix of the first version of the SS1 Speciality Set-Warriors of Chaos, and CO1 Chaos Fighters.
Along from them, in the corner is a C35 Chaos Warrior. 
Around him are Tom Meier Lizardmen, C Series Orcs, and more Chaos Warriors.
Below all of this are the credits for this poster reading,
"Figures and Terrain Gary Chalk & Joe Dever, Photography Andy Whale & Joe Dever. 
C Gary Chalk, Joe Dever 1984. 
 Back up the top of the poster are more Citadel  series Goblins, and Runequest Trollkin in the foreground.They are supported by some Chronicle N13 Kobolds.
 Further down the battle line are more Chronicle miniatures, earlier variants of his Wolf Rider range.

 The next few photographs are of the banners of the attacking army.
Here is a wonderful banner of a Jaguar, carried aloft by a Champion of Chaos.
 A half moon banner, carried by a Ral Partha Orc.
The Chronicle Hobgoblins have a rune banner emblazoned with a heart pieced with a dagger on.
Another Ral Partha Orc, this time with a magical looking banner with what looks like a magical vortex or galaxy on it.
All of the banners are lovely and full of details, and really capture that early 1980's feel.
Behind the above Orc are a pair of Fantasy Tribes range Giant Boars.
The defenders of the Castle!
Up in the tower and battlements are a selction of Citadel C01 Fighters, RR2 Knights of Origo, and Ral Partha Elves.
Close up of the defenders banner, another lovely painted banner. 
Futher along on the lower battlements and being attacked by the Hobgoblins Fireball, are more Ral Partha Elves, pre slotta C Series Fighers, and some Chaos Warriors! Perhaps they are from a rival God/dess?
Below and towards the end of the lower battlements is a gate, the FS Fantasy Specials Range, FS3-2 Demon Doorway (aka Portal of Chaos).
These were later re-released in the 1990's and again in the 2000's by Games Workshop as part of the Arcane Architecture range. As far as I know they are now out of production.

As I am in-between projects, and have not settled on something, I am not sure what the next update will be on. I have been sorting through both my Mithril collection, Fantasy Slann, and the 40k Squats, and so need to focus on something. :)


  1. Blimey remember when a Warhammer Fantasy diorama like that would make your jaw drop.

    Now it just looks like your average body count from a game of 8th Edition and the castle comes ready made in a box. Times have changed.

    1. I know, looking at the diorama through 1980's eyes it looks vast, but compared to a contemporary battle it's not too large. It's good that scenery is easier to buy, and battles can be larger, but it does lose something in the process.

      With this poster you get a feel of the effort put into the building of the castle. Also, unlike some of todays miniatures, the ones in the poster seem to me to have more 'soul' to them and character.

      I have been sorting out my Mithril collection ready for re/painting, and I also did a little mail order to them for the first time. I collected a fair sized Orc Mordor Orc army, about 100 strong, in the mid 1990's.

      I have been in the process of rebasing them onto the round lipped 30mm bases, re-allocating the shields, and adding a few other I have bought over the years. I also have a Gondor army about 50 strong. I was thinking of doing the Orc army for Orktober.

  2. P.S. Would love to see the Mithril stuff. Have always loved their stuff.

  3. Well done on the identification of the minis, and yes I am slightly jealous that you own that poster. I love that a warhammer / citadel miniatures poster has minifigs pig-faced orcs and Hinchcliffe goblins in it, that's brilliant.

    On a minor historical note, the copyright date (1984) and the Warhammer logo are 2nd Edition.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're right, looking at the poster and my copy of 2nd Edition, there are the same logo! I should have known that really, I started gaming in 1986. I recall on your blog update that it was a 'test game' for 2nd Edition, so that must have been the reason for using the 2nd Edition logo.

      It was fun looking at the poster again to ID the miniatures, and for the enjoyment of looking at it. I was suprised how many I recognised, although the 'Stuff of Legends' helped me with the odd C series code number.

      It is great to see all of the different makes of miniatures together in one poster, and for a Warhammer game, rather than just Citadel miniautres. It's a great snapshot (literally!) of the time.

      On the subject of other manufacturers miniatures in GW publications, I did notice some others in the big battle scene in the 3rd Edition Rulebook. On page 18, there are a few of Nick Lunds Grenadier Orcs hiding in the photograph by the 'Kwae Kwar' banner'.

      Glad you liked seeing the poster, I confess I only really own it by chance, buying both on a whim back then. I did'nt realise the link to Lone Wolf until someone nemtioned it on the Oldhammer Facebook group, and I googled and found your blog update on it.

  4. The Warhammer Fantasy Battle poster is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to point out the various manufacturers, I enjoyed that.

    I'm not surprised to see Gary Chalk's name attached to it, the picture is reminiscent of the photos seen in his Fantasy Warlord rule book.

    1. It's a great poster, and I never tire of looking at it.
      I think Gary Chalks name is due to the link to Lone Wolf. I have found out since posting this blog update that the poster is meant to represent the attack of the Kai Monastery, from the Lone Wolf background.

  5. Hi Goblin Lee,

    Just am seeing this now and WOW!!! Thanks for posting these posters, especially the second one! What a treat to stare at it and dream! And I love how you nailed all the id's of the many various figures! Really great stuff! And I can see why you want to have it framed, but really the idea of it hanging bare on a wall (especially a bedroom wall) tacked up by blu-tac just can't be beat!

    1. Hello private w.

      I'm glad you like the posters,and you're right, I used to look at the posters and think 'I should collect lots of Orcs to attack a castle (or Orks to kill Space Marines!)'. Despite the fond memories of them blu tacked to my bedroom wall they do desrve a better housing now in frames.

      I am really glad I did this post on posters as I was'nt sure if anyone would pay it much heed, but a lot of people have taken real enjoyment from seeing them. I've learnt a lot about the Fantasy Battle poster I did'nt know as well, such as the 'Lone Wolf' background link.

      I did enjoy pouring over the poster identifying all the lovely old miniatures. I managed to identify them all from memory, even if I needed the Stuff of Legends site for a few of the code numbers! I thought it would be unfair to photograph the poster, but not take close ups of the miniatures involved and give peole an idea what they were.

      Glad you enjoyed seeing them. :)