Friday, 1 January 2016

Rogue Trader World Eaters (part 2).

The gathering of forces for the Rogue Trader era World Eaters has relentlessly continued over Christmas and New Year.  I had considered posting a review of the year of 2015, but wanted to update on the World Eaters. For anyone interested in my 2015, there be Goblins, lots of Goblins! :)

Anyway, since my last update, which has been delayed due to a busy time at work, I have completed the rest of the first Devastator squads, and fully painted a second. Also I have completed the last two of the footslogging Tactical Squads, and a Medic.
This completes the foot slogging part of the World Eaters, apart from the various officers. I have just started painting the two Jump Pack equipped Assault Squads. After that there are the Officers to complete, as well as the two mounted Assualt, one squad on Jet Cycles, the other on the Space Marine Riding Lizards (counting as Chaos Steeds).

...and then of course there are the Terminators! 

I will be photographing each of the Legions in turn. They obviously will not be painting by then, but it will in order to give an idea of the scale of the Rogue Trader project, and the grandeur of the forces of the Tratior Legions. I might even get my Rogue Trader Ultramarine Legion organised too!
Enjoy. :)
 Two Devastator Squads, and two Tactical Squads, and a Medic. 
There are four or five miniatures in this update which were in the last update, but I have re-included them here as there were part of the above batch of squads.
 A Tactical Squad advances throught the smoke of battle!
 The first of the Tactical Squads
 First off are two Chaos Renegades that technically are'nt, but are two normal Space Marines with Chaos backpacks. As mentioned in previous updates, I have added a few Space Marines to the Chaos Legions add variety, suggest less mutated armour/Renegades, and to add a little extra bulk to the armies.
 Renegades with bolters.
The one on the right has been given a Rogue Trader era Normal Space Marine backpack, for the same reasons as I have added normal Marines to the Legions.
 Bolter Marine and Missile Launcher.
I gave the Missile Launcher Marine a 'bare metal' look to his armour as it looked quite medieval. The more astute might notice a rogue spot of red paint on his left shoulder, something I missed until photographing, but has now been covered. :)
 More bolter Marines.
 I think the black helmet gives a much darker and sinister look to this miniature.
 Rear view of the above two Renegades to show their normal Space Marine backpacks and how they look of the Renegades. 
 The second Tactical Squad.
 A skull faced Marine on the left, with another normal Space Marine sergeant on the right. I gave the sergeant a black helmet and tubing to give a much darker look.
 More Renegades with bolters.
 Yet more bolter armed Renegades, both from the Khorne range of Renegades.
 A slightly damaged Renegade on the left (he is missing the tops of his horns), and a Missile Launcher armed Khornate Renegade.
 The first Devastator Squad. 
For the two Devastator Squads I chose a Power Glove upgrade for the Sergeant, and for the Missile Launchers to be upgraded, one to a Heavy Plasma Gun, the other to a Las-Cannon. Both will give a bit more variety in the look of the squads, as well as providing more verstility on their combat roles. The Las-Cannon, with the strength 9 will be better at shooting at vehicles and taking down power fields. The Heavy Plasma Gun adds a sustained shot attack to the force, with a template weapon useful for killing vehicles and troops. 
I have enough Missile Launchers in the army in the Tactical Squads anyway. 
I did'nt upgrade the Heavy bolters to Heavy Webbers as I like Heavy Bolters.
 Four armed Renegade Sergeant, and bolter armed Renegade (with an blue pre-Heresy piece of leg armour).
 Renegades with Heavy Bolters.
 Bolter Renegades, and a cool looking Las-Cannon armed Renegade.
 Another normal bolter armed Renegade, and a Heavy Plasma Gun Renegade.
The second Devastator Squad.
 Sergeant and Bloodletter headed Renegade.
I bent the horns of the Sergeant to add a little difference.
 Bolter Renegades.
 Heavy Bolter renegades.
I repainted the eyes of the one on the right from orange to green from the last update as I did'nt like the orange.
 Heavy Plasma Gunner, and Las-Cannon Marine.
I really like the Skull headed Renegade, really evil looking. Unfortunately it is the only one of this miniature I have (so far).
 World Eater Medic.
With a buzz saw tail and Skull Head, I thuoght he might make a good Medic Officer.
I kept the colours simple to bring the eye to the white.
 Rear view.
I have used the early 1990's Rogue Trader backpack to add more variety. I painted the top white to keep with the Medic theme.
A World Eater Tactical Squad mops up the last of some Sons of Horus in a post Heresy battle within the Eye of Terror!

Next update will be on the Assualt Squads, which hopefully I will have painted, or if not I will start the photographing of the Legions.


  1. I love your work on these guys, looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you Suber, I have been painting more this evening :)

  2. I'm pretty jealous of your impressive crop of renegades! They're looking ace, and great choice for the medic!

  3. Such a succinct collection of hard to find chaos renegade miniatures, I especially like the heavy weapons.
    I'm looking forward to seeing some terminators though,
    they are an investment of points but their potential for absolute carnage when fully knitted and lead by a chaos hero is impressive.

    1. Thank you, although I have been collecting since Renegades 1988, so that has helped. I pledeged my allegiance to the Warmaster and Chaos a long time ago! ;)

      The Terminators will be a few weeks away, but I am looking forward to painting them. I have some more tactical Marines to paint, and have been undercoating a Land Raider, and base coating bikes and Jet Cycles this evening.

      You're right, the Terminators do cost a lot but can add a heavy and hard hitting element to an army. I think this is especially true of the Slaves to Darkness era World Eaters. Their list has less hard hitting Heavy weapon armed Devastaor Squads, and so the Terminators add that solidity. I have 21 Terminators for the World Eaters. I am using the Chaos Terminator list in White Dwarf #116, which gives four squads of 5, and 1 Captain/hero.