Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Yet more C27 Snakemen!!!

Yes, it's already February (Happy Imbolc), and I have painted, yes, more Snakemen!

Only five painted this week, but I am steadily working my way through them. I have sixteen left to paint, and so am well over halfway through, and I am halfway through another batch (or hatch?) on my painting table. I also have a few other odds and ends that are to go with the army, such as Wizards, a couple of Trolls, a Harpy, and a Chaos Warrior. I reckon that they will be finish in about three or four weeks.

After the Snakemen, I have a mind to return to paint a few of the Fantasy Tribes Goblins, as I miss painting Goblins. I also might paint up a few more Slann as they need to be finished, and am wondering if I should re-base them on 30mm round bases as I have seen some based up in that manner and the look rather nice.

Yesterday I finally got around to sending off my order for the 'Diehard Miniatures' Kickstarter. For the record I have ordered five of Tom Prow's wonderful Skeletal Snakemen to add to the Snakeman army. I have also ordered enough Eru-Kin to build the Slann army in the 'Magnificent Sven' scenario, with enough spare to convert that force into a proper 3rd Edition Edition Warhammer Armies Slann army.

Enjoy :)
 Five Snakemen; two S'lon Life Smasher's, and three S'Sirron Fangthrane's.
 The first of the S'Sirron Fangthrane's, painted in a standard Snakey green, with yellow underbelly. I did paint the axe shaft brighter to offset that, and in keeping with the North American vibe, the fur pelt as raccoon.
 The second S'Sirron Fangthrane.
I went for a much brighter, tropical look for this one, with a dash of red armour. He reminds me of the 1990's Lizardmen. 
 A plain, drab, desert looking Snakeman, great for hiding and ambushing unwary travellers!
 The first of the two S'lon Life Smasher's.
Again, as I have in this batch, gone for a few basic green and drab Snakemen. I did'nt want too many of the Snakemen to be too bright, to avoid the 'explosion in a paint factory' look.
 A dark brown and converted S'lon Life Smasher.
I have twisted his neck to make it look like he is looking at something or tasting the air. I also twisted his body 90 degress to emphise this, and to give him a slightly different look.
 Close up of the armour. I went for mostly green armour to make it look like a Goblin, as well as offset the dark brown of the skin.
Rear view of two of the  S'Sirron Fangthrane's, just to show PETA that some Snakemen prefer fake fur! ;)
 WIP S'Sirron Fangthrane. 
Given GW's recent release of their lovely looking Tzeentch miniatures, I thought I would borrow one of their paint schemes for the standard bearer.
 WIP of one of four of the Grenadier Serpentmen (from their Cthulu range I think) I have. 
I was'nt going to use them, as they are a lot smaller than the C27 Snakemen, unarmoured, and not very well armed. However I have decided to use them as Chaos Sorcerers. Also, I want to keep the Snakemen Warriors all C27 range, to keep a consistent look, only having the Grenadier Snakemen as Sorcerers, and the Diehard Miniatures as an ally contingent. 
Because they are smaller, I have built up the (40mm lipped) bases a little with Milliput, and added items to the bases (in this case part of a Skeleton Horde box set horse).
A possible army General?
With what I have stated above, having only C27 Snakemen as Warriors, having a serpentine Chaos Hero as an independent Hero or Army General, seperate from the rank and file, might work. 
Looking at him/her/hermaphrodite, it could easily be a Snakemen with the Rewards and Personal Attributes of 'Face of a Demonette', 'Hermaphrodite', 'Multiple Arms', and maybe more! 
It saves me buying another Snakeman, and adds a bit more Chaos fun! :) 

Next update will be more Snakemen!!!


  1. I wondered what you were up to with all those Eru-Kin ;) Great collection mate!!

    Tim Prow

    1. Thank you, I am looking forward to painting the Eru-Kin and posting them on the blog. :)