Sunday 2 April 2017

Native American Trolls, and a couple of random nonsenses.

A fair a scattering random stuff this update.

Continuing with the Native American theme for the Snakemen, I have added a bit of muscle, but not brains, to the army in the form of a pair of Trolls. I wanted a couple of bigger sized monsters to take on any other larger monsters the Snakemen may encounter. So Trolls.

I bought pair of the old C20 Trolls from e-bay. One of them, Hobol Firebreath, was broken, missing the end of his hammer. So I added a spare Snakeman halberd head to tie-in with the Snakeman army, and gave him the addition of a fine looking headress from an old broken toy soldier. The other Troll was much easier to convert more to a Native American look by just adding a large stone headed axe to his open hand.

Other than the Trolls I randomly painted up a C01 Fighter, and the Witch King from Citadels 1980's Lord of the Rings range. I have been inspired to look again at the Lord of the Rings and have been sorting out both my old 1980's Lord of the Rings miniatures, and the Fantasy Tribes/C16 ranges of Orcs with an eye (a red eye, wreathed in flames maybe!) to building up a couple of Orcs armies. More on that in a later update, as I still have more Snakemen to finsh. I have also been wondering whether to re-base my Slaves to Darkness era Chaos Marines to 32mm, and so tried out a couple of test miniatures.

Enjoy :)
Native American Trolls. 
I gave them a more Native american skin tone, and some warpaint losely based on artwork from an Osprey book on the American West.
'Bigchief'  Hobol Firebreath.
As I mentioned I have replaced  hammer head, and added headress.
 Rear view.
 Davogrod Gitsucker.
 Rear view.
The mounted ME63 Lord of the Nazgul.
 C01 Fighter 'Atari'.
I always liked this miniature and just randomly decided to paint him. I painted him mainly green as I used to play a lot of Civilzation III some time ago, and when I played the Japanese, the icons were green. So, bizarrely I wanted him green. 
I built up the base a little with Milliput as he is quite short, and now he looks a little more heoric standing on a mound.
 Rear view.
 A pair of World Eater Renegades.
I have re-based them on the current Space Marine sized 32mm bases instead of the traditional 25mm bases. I think that they look better, and make the miniatures look bigger. It gives them more room, without having feet or guns dangling over the edges of the bases to a great degree. 
I am not 100% decided on whether to do this. Twenty Seven years of having Marine on 25mm, as well as my natural inclination to keep everything 'as was'.
The other day I popped into my local gaming shop, The Dice Saloon in Brighton, as the owner asked me to identify some of his collection of old 1980's miniatures, which was a fun way to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon.
Here's the link to the Dice Saloon:

Next update will be the Orcs I am painting as an lly contingent. I need to focus on really getting some serious painting done. I might get the odd Snakeman painted too. Only 17 more to go!!
I am also getting distratced by the Horus Heresy. With the release of the Burning of Prospero and the Mark III armour, I am slowly, bit by bit, making a 'contempary' style Space Marine army. s


  1. Those Native American Trolls are fabulous!!!

    1. Thank you. I wanted to link them to the Native American style I have opted for the Snakemen army. Glad you like how they turned out.