Wednesday 26 April 2017

Iron Claw Miniatures Harpies : 'The Blue Footed Harpy Tribe'. (NSFW).

As the painting of the Chaos Snakeman army draws to a close, I have been busy finishing the last peripheral items of the army, in this case Harpies.

I wanted Harpies in the army so I could have some flying creatures to attack Giant Eagle and such, or just fly around annoying things. I did orginally have just the one, which I painted purple, but I never liked the paint scheme, so I paint stripped her. I also wanted more than one Harpy. One lucky e-bay auction added six more to the army.

The miniatures are from Bob Olley's Iron Claw range from about 1988, sold by GW. They are a very small range of miniatures, with only three models, and two types of seperate wings. There was a fourth miniature, but this was unreleased. They could be considered NSFW because the miniatures are sculpted to be naked. The three miniatures are composed of two female and one male Harpies. The three miniatures are meant to be based on political leaders of the time. The male is American President Ronald Regan, the unarmed female Harpy is his wife, Nancy Regan; and the other female Harpy holding a bone is the 1980's UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Other than the Harpies, I have been very busy painting and sorting all sorts of things out. I have largely completed the Native American Orc Ally Contingent, and painted a Hydra. I have also started painting my pre-slotta Dark Elf army, and sorting through my pre-slotta Orc army.

Enjoy :)
 Iron Claw Harpies. 
I have painted them in a standard eagle-equse looking brown, but painted the feet blue to add colour. So, these Harpies are the 'Blue-footed Harpy Tribe'.
 One of each.
As there are only two types of wings, I have bend the open wings on some of the Harpies to give more variation and suggest 'flapping'. 
 The 'Ronald Regan' Harpy.
 The 'Nancy Regan' Harpy.
 The 'Margaret Thatcher' Harpy.
 Both types of wings. The wings are seperate and can be mixed and matched.
 Ral Partha Hydra from 1982. 
I have added her to the Snakeman army as a bound monster, as it seemed appropriate. I named her 'Hetty', as she just seemed like a Hetty to me! :)
 The last of the Snakemen I finished painting a week or two ago. 
The standard at the rear is the Army Standard.
 Pre Slotta Dark Elf army.
I undercoated the army last night, and have already started painting the Dragon and the Cold One Riders. I plan to completely paint this army over the next few weeks, and will update on my progress after the final Snakeman Army updates.
Sneek Peek of my Native American Orc Ally Contingent.
Big box of pre slotta Orcs.
I want to organise these into one or two Lord of the Rings Armies, mixing in Citadels 1980's Lord of Rings miniatures as well. I am not sure whether to do this in the form of a large skirmish army, similar to the GW's War of the Rings game, basing them on 25mm or 30mm bases. The other option is a 3rd Edition Orc army, on 25mm square bases and more formally organised.
All of the C27 Snakemen.
The C27 Snakemen are all now painted, and on a shelf, awaiting a proper army photographing. I thought I would just add this photograph on the blog for the fun of it.

The next update will be on the Native American Orc Ally Contingent. After that, I will organise a complete set of photographs for a full Snakeman Army update, later next week or so. Then on to the Dark Elves. :)


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  2. Some great looking units, and great to see these nostalgic figures being painted up

    1. Thank you.
      The Snakeman/Orc/Harpies, have been fun to paint, and I am enjoying making a start on the Dark Elves.