Monday 24 April 2017

Things from Salute 2017.

I went to Salute 2017 in London on saturday.

Always fun to go to and have a look around, with lots of demonstration games, and lots of smaller miniature companies. I met up with several Oldhammer bloggers, chatted to Tim Prow about his miniatures range, and chatted to many company owners. I did'nt bother to take photographs as a lot of other people probably have, and of better quality. I wanted to focus on looking around and spying out interesting things, rather than photography.

When I go to Salute I usually don't go there to buy armies or anything that I could really buy online. My aim to to pick up any odds and ends that would'nt warrant a mail order, buy items from smaller companies which I had not heard of or (sadly) might not be around for long, or buy items of scenery which would cost a lot in postage. Also, it's good for gathering information on new compaines and collecting the website addresses for any future mail ordering.

Below are the few odds and ends I purchased, with links to the relavent web sites.

Enjoy :)

 Snail house!
I bought this as a charming scenery piece for fantasy gaming, especially with Fantasy Tribes era Goblins and Dwarves in mind. 
It cost £15 and is made by
 Front door and left side.
 It's a big snail shell house! :)
I have always wanted these, and so succumbed to pure whim, costing £10 for the pair.
These were originally made by Citadel Miniatures for the very earlier Rogue Trader releases in 1987, being converted from earlier Fishmen. They were re-released a few years ago by Wargames Foundry, and now reside at Warmonger Miniatures.
 An armoured Giant Barn Owl from Oathsworn Miniatures. 
I really like Oathsworn miniautres and already have several. I bought this for one of my 3rd Edition Elf Armies as a standing for a Giant Eagle. I might order a few more. He cost £7.
 Cacti from Wargames Terrain Workshop.
As people may be aware, I have been painting a Snakeman army, with a vague Southwestern desert of   North America feel. So I thought a little desert scenery would be fun to have, especially as I will be photographing the whole army on a gaming board, probably next week.
These fine flora cost a mere £3.
 More giant Cacti. These cost £2.50.
 Rattle Snakes. 
I am not sure whether to put these on Snakemen bases, or use them as a bound swarm, but for £2 I could'nt resist. 
These are awsome. Small resin made bugs, great for bases and swarms. I will be using some of these for Slann bases, and maybe some of the Fantasy Tribes Goblins. 
They cost £4.50, and are made by Ristuls Market.
Lots and lots of Flowers.
These are made by Debris of War Scenics and a beautifully detailed and self adhesive. They are very reasonably priced  at £5 and £6, considering the large number you get.
The 'mm' sizing is to  do with how tall the flowers are, rather than the width of the flowers.
 Close up of the 2mm tufts.
 Free stuff!
The Salute female Red Revolutionary miniautre, and Red Star die.
I also was given a free platic miniature from War Cradle. The yhad a big display game and the miniautre looks to be a high quality plastic casting.
Thier website is here:
 Free all-colour Forgeworld Catalogue, handy for my 30k Hours Heresy army.

Next update will be in a couple of days time on the Iron Claw Harpies.
I have been painting a lot recently, and have nearly finished the Snakeman army, with all of the Snakemen themselves now done!


  1. Random but nice haul you got there :) Toys for the Toy God.

    1. Yes you're right Chico,it is a pretty eclectic set of stuff! :)

  2. Wonderful things, love the Snail house and the flowers...

    1. I really love the snail house, I am looking forward to painting it.
      I enjoy going to Salute and having a look around at the different stalls and finding quirky and unusual items and some realy useful little odds and ends. I am looking to paint some more Goblins soon, so I can try out the flowers! :)

  3. Glad you liked the cacti and snakes, and was great to meet you at Salute

    1. It was great to meet you as well Dave. I really like the Cacti and Snakes. They are really nicely made and the detail on the rattlesnake is great. I will be painting them and the Cacti up in the next few days and posting them on the blog.
      Great stuff on the website too. I hope you had a good and busy day at Salute. :)

    2. Thank you, yes very busy, and got to catch up with a lot of friends old and new, so was a great day. Look forward to seeing them painted by you

  4. Some very nice stuff here. I REALLY like that snail shell house! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's lovely is'nt it! I have glued the chimney on and undercoated it this afternoon, so I will be painting it quite soon.
      Glad you like the other stuff. It might seem an odd collection of things, but it all has a function somwehere in my collection. :)