Saturday 20 May 2017

The full C27 Chaos Snakeman army.

I have photographed the complete Chaos Snakeman army.

After taking a few months to finish painting, I wanted to take a series of photographs to basically show them off, as well as finally see what it looked like fielded as a completed army on the battlefield (or desert in this case!). As I don't own a large gaming table, I popped down to my local gaming store in Brighton, The Dice Saloon, and hired a table with desert base and desert scenery for an afternoon.

As promised to the owner Axel, here is the blatant plug for the store, so if you're ever in Brighton, pop in:   :)

Back to the Snakemen, it was great to see the army formed up as an army ready for battle, for the first time as well, and also in the Southwestern American looking setting I was aiming for. The photographs are of each of the independent heroes, then the regiments, the bound creatures, and then the allied contingents. I based the army on the generic Chaos army list from the 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle supplement 'Warhammer Armies'. The Snakemen themselves are proxies Chaos Warriors, and Chaos Marauders. The heavy armour and the better, more anti-heroic profiles and background, I feel fitted the more 'bad-ass' feel to them.

I am really pleased with how the army has turned out. The look and feel of the army is great, and I am also pleased with the idea of going for a slightly South-Western American desert look, with the desert bases, and the Native American looking Orcs, Trolls and Humans. In addition, the decsion to base them on the round lipped 40mm bases looked worked on the table, and several people at the Dice Saloon liked the idea too. I feel this gives the option to field the Snakemen in skirmish games, both fantasy and sci-fi, as well as more conventional Warhamer mass combat battles.

Enjoy :)

The full Snakeman army.
 I could'nt get better overview photograph, but it gives a good idea of the army arrayed.
 Right flank of the army.
 Centre of the army.
 Left flank of the army.
 Looking down the battleline.
Army General.
Whilst not an actual Snakeman, I am using him (or being a Champion of Slaanesh, him, her, or a combination of both!) as a mutated Snakeman Chaos Champion.
 The Army Standard.
I wrote the runes in Dark Tongue from the 'Lost and the Damned' book. 
 The two together on the field.
 Independent Chaos hero.
When I was painting the army I was also re-reading Stormbringer, and so thought I would paint up one of the Snakeman heroes albino to suggest that he is an aspect of the Eternal Champion from an alternative dimension. I replaced his original sword with an old 1990's Chaos Space Marine one to look like one of the sibling swords of Stormbringer.
Second Independent Chaos hero.
To keep with the Eternal Champion theme, and to have an independent hero with a bow, I painted this Snakeman red fleshed, with red armour, in pastiche of Rakhir the Red. I wanted an independent hero with a bow, so he could go around sniping at things that might need sniping at, maybe with a 'Hail of Doom' arrow or two!
The first of three of the Snakemen Chaos Sorcerers.
 The miniature is a 1980's Grenadier Serpent men, from their Call of Cthulhu ranges.
These miniatures are smaller than the Citadel C27 Snakemen, but by still mounting them on the same 40mm bases, building up the base with some milliput, and moving the positon of the neck, they fit nicely, looking like merely an unarmoured version of the other Snakemen.
Second Snakeman Chaos Sorcerer.
 I added the remains of plastic skeleton horse to give it that desert wasteland feel, and bulk out the base.
Third Snakeman Chaos Sorcerer.
Another Chaos Sorcerer.
Keeping with the South-Western American feel, I have used a Native American looking miniatures from Citadels C03 Cleric range, named 'Sacred Bull'. 
 I had a spare Citadel Native American miniature with a bow, who will fufill the same function of scouting and sniping as the independent Snakeman hero,
The miniature is from Citadels 1980's C07 Ranger range, and is appropriately named 'Scout'.
Rank & File.
The first of the Snakeman Regiments.
As I wanted the Snakemen to be better than just Beastmen, I decided to use Chaos Warrior and Chaos Marauder profiles. As the Chaos list in Warhammer armies only has provision for a maximum of 20 Chaos Warriors, and 30 Marauders, I decided that the two Regiments with with polearms were to be Chaos Warriors; the three Regiments with Hand Weapons were to be Chaos Marauders.
In keeping with that idea, this regiment is 10 Chaos Warriors, armed with double handed weapons.
The second Regiment of Chaos Warriors are armed with Halberds.
I think using the same miniature in each of the two Chaos Warrior Regiments gives them a more the feel of a unified purpose than the mixed miniatures I used for the Chaos Marauders.
Close up and impersonal!
The first of the Chaos Marauder Snakemen. 
To give a little more individuality and sense of movement to them I did minor conversions such as repostioning the arms and tails.
Side view.
The Second Chaos Marauder Snakeman Regiment.
The units leader, ready with pistol!
The third Regiment.
Battleline of the regiment, slithering in a most Chaotic manner.
I converted up a pair of old pre-slotta C20 Trolls with a Native American feel to them. I added an old Native American looking Citadel Fighter to lead them. I wanted a couple of Trolls in the Army to add some muscle, and the Human to give them a little brains too.
  Ethereal host.
I like Ethereal hosts, and added a Wraith to the army. It is an old Reaper miniature, which I painted up in a sand colour to look like an old blanket rather than a black wraiths robes, and to blend in with the desert.
Chaotic host.
Bound Hydra.
I thought that a Hydra would be an appropriate Chaotic monster for a Snakeman army. It an old Ral Partha miniature from the early 1980's.
Her name is Hetty.
The Chaos army is the only army that can bind one of these, and given that she can turn creatures into stone, and has snakey hair, it seemed a great idea to include her.
Bound Harpies.
I wanted some flying creatures to chase off giant Eagles generally fly around annoying things. I like the idea a tribe of Harpies living in the desert, scavenging like buzzards in an old Western.
Chaos Ally Contingent. 
I wanted more Chaos Snakemen/Chaos Warriors in the army. By adding a Chaos Ally Contingent I can add up to another 20 if I wanted to. I built a Regiment of 10 from the 'left over' Snakemen.
To give the mixed unit some coherence I painted them up the same colour flesh and a different armour colour from the main Snakeman army; silver. 
For a backstory, I painted them in a paler pallette and whilst the main Snakemen army is linked to the desert sun, these are to the moon, hence the became the Snakemen of the Moon Goddess.
Regimental/Contingent commander, and standard bearer.
Orc Ally Contingent.
Apart from the two Chaos Heroes, there was a distinct lack of missile troops in the main Snakeman army. To remedy this is also added an Orc Ally Contingent, armed with bows. 
To keep with the South Western American aesthetic, I painted the Orcs in a Native American style, mixing Apache and Plains Tribes looks.
Contingent Commander.
His headress reminded me of the Apache Gan Dancers, so I thought he would make a good Contingent Commander.
The first regiment of Orc Archers. These ones are only armed with bows.
Close up. I am really pleased with how they look.
The second regiment, armed with bows and equiped with shields.
Close up. I partly copied the shield designs from an old Osprey History book on the North American Tribes.

...and that is the army.
However I could'nt resist setting up a few photographs of the Snakeman army on the desert table.
The invasion begins!
On the northern desert frontier of the Slann Empire the Army General points the way as a Snakeman Regiment passes an ancient Slann border marker.
Scouting ahead of main force on the other side of a river, the red Snakeman hero and Human Scout scour the border.
The Snakemen of the Moon Goddess fufill their age old obligations and ties of kinship, and join the invading army.
The bulk of the army moves through a desert canyon, emerging into the desert beyond.
The advancing.
The head of the column, streatching out into the distance.

The Snakeman army has now been completed. Well, kind of. I am still considering adding perhaps a few more Snakemen in the future, and I have the Undead Snakemen from Tim Prow's kickstarter on their way. But this won't be yet, and for now, the Snakeman army is completed. :)

I have now started painting my pre-slotta Dark Elf army, and I will be updating on the progress and ideas behind them on my next blog update. 


  1. They look fantastic on mass, a very impressive sight.
    I have always been a fan of lipped bases and think it really suits the force.
    I think you have made a very diverse but cohesive army. Brilliant!

    1. Thank you,I am glad you also like the lipped bases as well. I have been a fan of them since I started using them for my old Fantasy Tribes Goblins. They give some of the older miniatures the room they deserve, rather than squased onto 20mm/25mm bases.

      I wanted a diverse selection of miniatures for the army, but to keep it within the general theme. It's nice to know that people consider I have acheived that.

  2. What a great looking army, and love the background behind each unit

    1. Glad you like themand the background for the whole army, as well as the individual regiments. I wanted to have an over arching theme for the army, with a little variation on that theme for some of the component regiments.

  3. Fantastic army, must have taken quite a while to collect and paint. Not a fan of current lizardmen but these are really cool and inspiring!

    1. Thank you, great to know they are inspiring. I'm not much of a fan of the current lizardmen either.

      I had about a dozen of the Snakemen, the Gorgon, and most of the Orcs since the 1980's, but it only took me about 6 months via e-bay and the Oldhammer Trading page, to collect the whole army. It has taken several months to finish painting though, one of my longer painting projects, but it was fun to do.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. It was great fun to photograph on the desert board, it really bought 'the look' of the army to life. I enjoyed collecting and painting the army, but I am glad to now move onto other things as it has taken a while to complete.

  5. Fantastic Army - the terrain really suits it as well. I had those Harpy miniatures in my Chaos Army over 20 years ago!!

    1. Thank you. The terrain really brought out the look of the army, and made the photographs look a lot better.
      The Harpies are odd miniatures. They were quick and fun to paint, and they will come in handy in gaming and fit in the army nicely. I never owned any in the 1980's and only bought them recently.