Friday 26 May 2017

DieHard Miniatures order arrives!

My Diehard Kickstarter order arrived late last week.

For those of you unaware, the Kickstater was started by Tim Prow who was a sculpter and 'eavy Metal painter for GW in the 1980's, and who has continued to sculpt since. The kickstarter was set up to recreate many of the old style 1980's Citadel miniatures and ranges,'Oldhammer' style, but with a modern emphisis on sclupting quality and an updated look.

The ranges were largely fantasy based, although there were some sci fi elements. The main race of the Kickstarter is the Eru-Kin, a range of frog-like humanoid creatures, some with sci-fi elements, others with a more fantasy basis, all with a Aztec-esque/ancient alien feel. This may sound familar to those people familar with older editions of Warhammer, being reminiscent of the Slann, especially the pre-slotta ones.
The original kickstarter info can be found here:

I really loved the Eru-Kin when I first saw the Kickstarter as they had more than a passing resemblance to the old Warhammer Slann. So I put in a couple of hundred pounds and opted for a selection of miniatures which would allow me to have (another!!) a small 3rd Edition Slann army, or cover the Slann required in the Magnifcent Sven scenario. This resulted in an order of 90+ Eru-Kin.

I wanted a Slann army which had a mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements to suggest the Slann just after the fall of the Old Slann Civilisation, a Slann Empire which is in decline but still has some access to it's old tech and retains it's more hi-tech look, which had'nt yet slipped into backwardness. My painting plan is to go for less the 'classic' Slann scheme of golds and semi-Aztecness. I am aiming for a mix of the classic Slann but with sci-fi colours to suggest a transition to decline. Also, as I have chosen a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, this leaves me open to use the Eru-Kin as a 40k/Rogue Trader force.

So what of the miniatures themselves?
They are fanatastic. The casting and quality of the metal is very great. Design wise they have lots of little details on them and the look of them really suggests the old C32 Slann and Magnificent Sven scenario Slann miniatures and artwork, but without being slavish copies to either. With the fantasy Eru-Kin many items such as the hand axes and swords are very similar in design to the artwork, as are many of the poses are similar to the C32, and their armour too. However the great thing about them to me is that they have the feel of the old Slann miniatures, but sculpted with contemporary quality and ideas and takes my imagination of the Slann further than the 1980's miniatures really suggested or allowed.

In addition to the Eru-Kin, I also purchased some of Tim Prow's Skeletal Snakemen to add as an additonal part of the Ally Contingent to the C27 Snakeman I have just 'finished' (ahem!). I really love the idea of these, and they also capture the old Citadel Snakemen style in the same apporach as the Eru-Kin does for the Slann.

Apart from the Eru-Kin and Snakemen, Tim Prow also sculpted a whle host of other fantasty and Sci-fi miniatures, but I decided to focus on the Snakemen and Eru-kin. For anyone who missed out on these miniatures, I asked Tim Prow about later sales and he responded in an e-mail to me that he would be releasing the ranges for general sale when he starts the new Kickstarter in October.
I'll be buying more Eru-Kin!

Enjoy :)

Diehard's business card.
In the box!
The army all un-bagged.
It had been about four months since I placed the order, and I had largley fogotten what I had ordered and into what regiments I planned to fit them. So, the organisation above will probably be subject to change!
However as it stands, going by the 3rd Edition Warhammer Armies Slann lists, I have two regiments of 20 Spawn Bands; one regiment of 20 Bull Slann; one regiment of 12 other Warriors, maybe Alligator Warriors; two regiments of 10 Venom Tribes; one unit of 5 Scouts (with pistols!); and a few indepenent Heroes/Mages.
A sci-fi Eru-Kin, with gun and large and beautiful shield.
 He will probably end up as the army General. 
Eru-Kin Mages.
The one on the left might end up as a hero.
Command group. 
The musican and leader are fantasy, the Standard bearer sci-fi, and he screams Goa'uld from 'Stragte' to me! As a consequence, I will be learning to the dar mettalic grey forthe sci-fi elements of Eru-Kin armour, with their more backwards kin having more glod and cloth.
Command miniatures I intend using for the Bull Slann. I am going to use the helmeted heads for the Bull Slann to differenate them.
These are the bodies types for the Eru-Kin infantry.
Heads and weapons.
I love blowpipes. in 3rd Edition Warhammer, although short ranges, they do have a D6 strength, and Slann can shoot them whilst hiding in water and still claim hard cover.
Close up of the Blopipers.
Sci-fi Eru-Kin with tech weapons.
In a fantasy game I plan to use them as alternative blowpiper scouts.
Close up.
GW Slann Mage.
I bought this a while ago for the Eru-Kin army, and will add him to be a high level mage 'in a palaquin'. I always wanted one of these.
Scale comparison with pre-slotta Slann (left), and the later slotta (right).
In the middle is the old pre-slotta C32 Slann, with Diehard Eru-Kin either side.
 Here is the old pre-slotta C32 Slann for comparison.
 Slann artwork from Warhammer 2nd Edition.
The Magnificent Sven cover artwork.
Armour details, similar to the C27 Snakemen of old.
Skeletal Snakeman with two hand weapons (next to a 40mm round lipped base).
Skeletal Snakeman with sword and shield.
Skeletal Snakeman archer.
Skeletal Snakeman with sword.
Snakeman scale comparison with an old C32 Citadel Snakeman.
Another, 'on the flat', scale comparison.

Next update really should be my progress on my pre-slotta Dark Elves, which I am steadily painting my way through.


  1. What a fantastic haul, and the models look great and pretty close in scale comparison as well. Look forward to seeing what you do with them after the dark elves and high elves

    1. They are lovely miniatures, a great updating of the 'Alien Aztec Space Frog' concept. I have contacted Tim Prow to order a few more and expand the army. I am looking forward to making a start on them, but it won't be for a while yet.

      I will be updating my blog later in the week on the pre-slotta Dark Elves. I am having fun painting them, and have chosen a more unusual theme for them.

      I have also been painting some test models for my Melniboneans, so might paint that 'High Elf' army first, although the Elwing Army is still a tempting prospect. :)