Wednesday 3 May 2017

Native American Orc Ally Contingent, Cacti, and WIP Dark Elves.

I've been a busy Goblin again.

To accompany the Snakeman army, I have painted an Orc Ally Contingent, and keeping with the South Western American theme, I have painted them up in a Native American style. Looking at the Snakeman army I realised that there were no missile troops, and rather than just add bows to some of the Snakemen, or add humans, I thought an allied tribe of Native American-equse Orcs, armed with bows, might be fun.

Painting wise I opted for the classic GW Orc green flesh as I wanted the normal late 1980's Orc approach. Also, as I was going to paint warpaint I thought the green would constrast nicely. On that subject I went for a lot of warpaint and painted the bows coloured with markings, and the shields in a Native American style. I based on the warpaint and bows on a mixture of Apache and Plains Tribes look from an Osprey history book on the subject, as well a a few random Google photographs.

I am happy with how they look. The Contingent consists of two regiments of ten archers, one with, and the other without shields. It also includes a Contingent Leader. I used a mix of C series and later 1980's slotta Orcs, and a few Marauder ones, and tried to go for a less 'European Medieval' look to them. To that end I have used quite a few of Citadels Savages Orcs. The good thing in gaming terms about using the unarmoured miniatures is that they can move fast, not having any movement penalties from armour. I do have more non archer Orcs in this style, so could expand the Ally Contingent at a later date if I wanted to.

Apart from the Orcs I have completed painting the Cacti from Wargames Terrain Workshop, which were great fun to paint. In addition, I have also started the project I wanted to do after the Snakemen, namely the Dark Elf army. A while ago I realised that I never really liked the mid to later 1980's Dark Elves, especially the Marauder ones. So I collected a purely pre-slotta Dark Elf army. With this I have been making good progress, painting a regiment of 10 Cold One riders, 10 Scouts, and halfway through painting forty Warriors (comprised from the Mengil Manhides Regiment of Renown set), and halfway through the Army General riding a Dragon. I have yet to varnish and base any of these, and when I do I will update properly on them, but for now they are still WIP.

This is the first part of my post-Snakeman plan to re-visit my Warhammer armies project. That project was to have one each of the armies in the Warhammer Armies book (1988), each army being a workable 3,000 point list. Now I have all of the miniatures required for this, and several of the armies are already completed. I have however 'tinkered' with some, removing some of the miniatures (mainly pre-slotta, or not 1980's stuff) from several of the armies, meaning a little work is now required. Other armies, notably the High Elves and Empire, I never started. So I have spent the last few evenings re-writing army lists and working out what may need to be painted, but more on that later in May and June.

Enjoy :)
 Native American Orc Ally Contingent.
 Orc Contingent Commander.
He is a dismounted C21 Orc Boar Rider, named 'Nogzod'.
I chose him as I required an Orc wearing Heavy Armour (as per the army list entry), and his headress reminded me of the Apache Gan Dancers.
 Rear view.
 I decorated the hammer sharft to add more colour, and made the armour look rusty to suggest it was old and looted.
 Orcs with shields. 
I have gone for a variety of warpaint, bow and shield decorations, to give each one their own warrior identity. All of the Orc miniatures have bows and a quiver of arrows on their back.
 A pair of Citadel ORC2 Savage Orcs, Gat and Grorb.
 More Savage Orcs, Citadel ORC2 Savage Orcs Snortz and Garn.
Citadel ORC2 Savage Orcs Arakt and Slobl.
 Citadel ORC2 Savage Orcs Gobl and Arakt again!
 Citadel ORC2 Savage Orcs Bruug and Gat (again!).
 The second Regiment of Orcs, this time without shields.
 On the left is a Citadel ORC2 Savage Orc, Pork. On the right however is an ORC5 Villager. I painted his chainmail loincloth to look like rough fibre rather than metal.
 Two Marauder Miniatures MM20 Orcs, from pack MM20/5, from 1988.
 Citadel C15 Braglog and Citadel ORC2 Savage Orc Grobble.
 Citadel C15 Holg and another of the ORC5 Orc Villager archer.
 On the left is an Orc Champion range miniature from 1998, named Eddrig Dwarf Cutter. Although he has no bow, I added him purely for the Native American look of him.
On the right is another Citadel ORC2 Savage Orc Grobble.
 Cacti from Wargames Terrain Workshop.
I added a few of their Rattlesnake miniatures to the bases as well. 
These miniatures are great, and really fun to paint.
 The big cluster of Cacti, with a curled Rattlesnake on the base.
 Two more Cacti.
 Spikey and plump looking Cacti, with slithering Rattlesnake.
 Arakt is blissfully unaware of the coiled Rattlesnake next to the flowering Cacti, as he poses for the camera.
 WIP C21 Dark Elf Cold One Riders.
 The same Regiment from the right. I have converted a unit standard, and written Dark Elf runes from the Forces of Fantasy Supplement. It says 'Hell Drake', the names of the +3 Shock Elite Cold One Rider entry in Warhammer Armies.
 Five 'Shadows': Dark Elf scouts.
   Five more 'Shadows'.
 Army General.
A converted C21 Dark Elf Cold One rider, mounted on an old Minifigs Aureola Rococo range Dragon. This miniature has just been re-released after 30+ years of being out of production, although this is an original one.
On my painting desk are forty RR4 Mengil Manhides Regiment of Renown Dark Elves, to be used in the Warriors entry in Warhammer Armies. 
The horses are from RR10 Regiment of Renown, Elwing's Elf Cavalry, and they aree to form the basis of my next project after the Dark Elves: High Elf Army.
My plan is to have the bulk of the army as Silver Helm Cavalry, using Elwing's Regiment as the basis, and thus having a totally mounted pre-slotta High Elf army. I have more to add to this army.

My next update should be a complete photographing of the Snakeman army in all it's Chaotic glory! :)


  1. Great orc contingent. And I Can't wait to see what becomes of your high elves. Maybe the insight to high elf army list will be done at the same time?

    1. Thank you, the Orcs were great fun to paint and experiment with the Native American theme.

      When I start the High Elf Army I will publish a 3,000 point army list for them. I have written a draft already, it just needs tinkering. The army will probably be ready to start end of May, maybe early June.

  2. Love the native American feel you've achieved on the orcs and will fit in great with your Snakemen.
    Great job on the cacti, and great use of the rattlesnakes with them.
    Fantastic start on the Dark Elves and a vast collection of High Elves

    1. Thank you Dave, pleased you like the Orcs.

      The Cacti were great fun to paint, and glad you like what I did with the Rattlesnakes, they are great little miniatures.

      I have the High Elves all paint stripped and re-assmebled ready to start, but have to finish off the Dark Elves first. I'm enjoying painting them, but they won't be finished for a couple of weeks yet. :)