Tuesday 21 November 2017

Beasties from the Highlands, and Tigers from the Islands.

I have been back in the mood for painting over the last couple of days, and have been determined to finish the Pan Tang army. I have also painted a couple of miniatures for an upcoming project as well.

Concerning the Pan Tang, my painting of the army has been a little slack of late. My concern has been about tackling painting the iconic Tigers of Pan Tang themselves. So I decided to just go for it and attempt them, and as the WIP photographs later in this blog update show, I think that I have been successful.

In addition, I have painted an old Citadel C28 Giant from 1987, and a Grenadier Turtle Dragon from the 1980's (although this casting is from Mirliton Miniatures).
But why?

Well, I am hoping to assemble the armies for the McDeath scenario. The Giant will work for the Giant 'Markus Grimmock', and the Dragon for the 'Monster of Loch Lorm'. Whilst I do have nearly all of the characters for the scenario, and some of the Highlanders, I don't have either of the actual miniatures for the Giant and Monster. However I am not overly concerned. I am not a 100% keen on either of them, and I actually prefer the miniatures I have chosen.

For me, the Grenadier Monster look more like 'Nessie' [The Loch Ness Monster] has more personality. It is also looks similar to the old Citadel miniature. The C28 Giant, when you add the right head, and copy the Scottish looking paint scheme from the White Dwarf advert, also fits better in my opinion than the original allocated models. Both are also contemporaneous with the mid/late 1980's 'Oldhammer' era and McDeath Scenario, and so neither are out of place.

But more of McDeath in later blog updates.

Enjoy. :)
The McDeath set of miniatures.
C28 Giants, released in 1987.
Wither Wattle, doubling up as 'Markus Grimmock'.
Close up, with the C12 Goblin 'Bag Blower', playing the bagpipes.
I have used some Warlord Games 'Heather Tufts' on the base to give that extra Scottish feel.
Rear view.
Loookin' fer troooble!!!
'The Monster of Loch Lorm'.
This miniature was originally a Grenadier Miniatures Turtle Dragon from the 1980's, now produced by Mirliton Miniatures.
I painted the neck lighter to give an aquatic feel. This colour hinted at on the cardboard cut out in the McDeath scenario.
The Monster in the heather.
Close up of the shell.
The (in)famous hoax photograph of the Loch Ness Monster from 1934.
WIP Tigers of Pan Tang.
I painted them using a mix of Vallejo Orange-Brown, and Citadel's Troll Slayer Orange, over a base coat of Citadel's Steel Legion Drab.
I will be producing a better series of photogaphs in my next blog update once I have based them.
The Tiger Handlers.
I have also been basing the rest of the Pan Tang army, with Citadel's Technical paint Agrellan Earth, and various grass and flower tufts.

Next update will be the completed Tigers of Pan Tang.


  1. Great work on the giant, and dragon turtle. the tigers came out really well and the handlers turned out great as well

    1. Thank you. I will be doing a much better blog update soley on the Tigers and their handlers next week. I am going to finish basing them today.
      Glad you liked the Dragon and Giant as well.

  2. Great stuff. Very nice work on the dragon turtle especially. The purplish plants are a nice highland touch. Love those old Pan Tangian figures too.

    1. The Dragon Turtle was great fun to paint, and is full of personality. The old Citadel version is nice, but I like this one, more of a Loch Ness Monster feel.

      The purple plants are Warlord Games Heather Tufts (WGS-TUF-06)which I bought specifically for painting some Scottish style Goblins. I thought they would look nice and serve the same purpose on the McDeath miniatures.

      I am nearing the end of the Pan Tang army. Glad to have tackled painting the Tigers.

  3. Love the Dragon turtle, but the tigers are extra delish.... great painting and nice vibrant colours.

    1. Glad you like the Tigers. I have been concerned about painting them for a little while, ehich has delayed my completion of the Pan Tang army. So I decided to just go ahead, and people have been very positive about the results.
      It's good to know that you consider them vibrant becuase I wanted to avoid the bright orange look, but also did'nt want them to look dull.

      The Dragon Turtle was fun to paint. Quick and easy, and the Heather Tufts give it that Highland touch.