Wednesday 29 November 2017

The Tigers of Pan Tang.

After much foot dragging I have finally finished my Pan Tang Army. I have enjoyed painting them, and will conduct a full army photoshoot for next weeks blog update. In the meantime I am posting photographs of the last element to the Pan Tang army to be completed; the Tigers of Pan Tang. I was going to add some Chaos Thug archers to the army too, but I did'nt think that really worked with the feel of the collection.

As I have mentioned before, The Tigers are an iconic component in a Pan Tang army, and no Pan Tang force would be really 'Pan Tang' without them (well maybe less so when fighting ship-to-ship!). I was very reluctant to paint them as I was'nt sure how to tackle painting Tiger stripes. I recall a White Dwarf article from the 1980's about painting Tiger stripes, and it kind of put me off. However, in the end I just went for it, and used Google photographs of actual Tigers for reference. I don't think that they turned out too badly.

Gaming wise, as the Pan Tang army itself is compiled used the 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army Chaos Army list, the Tigers will be used as 'Proxy' Chaos Hounds. Given the smaller size of the army, four Tiger teams seems a good number. They are somewhat ticky to source now, so four also seemed a good point from which to stop.

Enjoy :)
 The four Tiger teams.
 From the left side.
 ...and right side.
 A Tiger team in action.
 Close up of the roaring Tiger 'Great Tooth'.
 Right side.
 Stalking Death.
 Right side.
 Tiger handler Vashtar Mu'ar.
I went for a Tiger skin paint scheme for the handlers to tie-in with the tigers, but kept the red armour to tie-in with the rest of the Pan Tang army. I like the tiger head/helmet.
 Kaaltar Beastlord.
 Rear view.
 As I had more Tigers than Handlers I decided to use a spare pair of Pan Tang infantry to step in.
This is Grar.
I kept the same indea of colours scheme for these as with the other 'proper' handler miniatures.
 Handler Vandar.
 A group shot of all of the Tigers.
I really like the Tiger miniatures, as I do all of the Pan Tang range. It is a shame that they disappeared from Citadels production. I am sure that they could have been produced under the banner of 'Chaos' miniatures, in the same way the Melniboneans became 'High Elves'. However at the time there were a lot of new miniatures being produced and things going one. It was a fun time in which to collect and game. :)
...Lord and Lady McDeath. But more on these at a later date.

The next update will be an army update on the completed Pan Tang army.


  1. Wow! Those turned out grrrrrrreat! ;)
    Looking forward to more info on your McDeath project as well.

    1. hehe, Grrrreat! I was going to put that in the blog update somewhere, but it slipped my mind. :)

      I have been slowly starting my McDeath project over the years by collecting the various characters here and there. I have all of the personalities except Spot, Sandra Prangle, and Markus Grimmock,for which I have suitable Oldhammer era proxies. I chose to use a different miniature for the Monster of Loch Lorm as I was'nt too keen on the actual one.

      I am currently thinking about what miniatures to use for the Clansmen. I have some of the original ones, but not sure whether to go a pure Oldhammer route of old Norse and Barbarian miniatures, or use contempary companies miniatures from the English Civil War and Jacobite Rebellion eras.
      I would consider a mix of Foundry, Warlord Games, and Front Rank.

  2. Fantastic work on the tigers, and like how you tied in the handlers outfits to make a cohesive unit

    1. Thank you, I wanted to make the handlers linked to the tigers, as well as the rest of the army.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. They turned out better than I thought they would.

  4. These look really good, Lee. The tiger skin garments are brilliant. Really well done. Cool minis, cool painting, and the perfect choice of back drop!

    1. I wanted to link the handlers to the tigers and almost make give the feeling that the handlers were trying to magically link themselves to the Tigers.
      Glad you like the backdrop. As you probably know, it is 'In Search of Forever' by Rodney Matthews, from his artbook.

  5. The models, the painting, that backdrop! Great stuff. I think you really pulled off the tiger stripes.

    1. Thank you Zhu. I was'nt sure I would be able to pull off the tiger stripes, but I decided to give it a go and they look fine to me. I have had a lot of good responses about them which is really cool.

      They are such great miniatures that I wanted to make sure I did them justice. It is a shame that they were only produced for a few years, unlike some of hte Melniboneans (which are a lovely ranges as well).

      I thought that the backdrop would be fitting, and it really turned out nicely in the photographs. I love Rodney Matthews art, especially the art linked to the Enternal Champion.

  6. Really like the stripes on the tigers Lee! They turned out brilliant. Never seen so many lined up before.

    Stellar work old boy :)