Thursday 14 February 2019

Kulo, Governor of Xit.

Another Space Ork from the 1980's, but with a little difference.

I am currently painting my 1980's early Rogue Trader Space Ork's with a mind to creating the Ork Drop Legion which invaded Rynn World. However I also have in mind the Ork forces used in the 'Wolf Time' scenario, from the 1988 Book of the Astronomican. So whilst painting some of the Drop Legion, I decided to paint up my conversion of Kulo, the Ork Governor of Xit.

In the background, Kulo is a very fat and loathsome Ork. He does'nt wear any physical armour, but has field armour, and is equiped with a bolt pistol and power glove. None of the 1980's Orks seemed to fit this description and so I decided to convert my own one.

I wanted to keep the conversion parts limited to the 1980's. For the body I used one of the 1980's Judge Dredd range JD3 Fatties bodies I had spare. For the head I swapped the Fattie head for a plastic Orc head from the Warhammer Regiments set, using greenstuff to hold it in place and create a fat neck. Finally, I selected a few items, including a Power Glove, from the RTB101 Space Marine plastic box set.

Painting wise I loosely kept the theme I am using with the Drop Legion Orks: rusty metals, and semi World War Two German army colours. As both Kulo, and Luggub's Drop Legion, are part of the wider Charadon Empire I thought this was a sound idea. I gave Kulo a lighter shirt colour to show off how fat his body is, and also so I could make the light shirt mucky suggesting the lack of hygiene which is sadly a feature of the Charadon Empire. I also painted his nose and face a little flushed to suggest over-indulgence of food and drink.

Enjoy :)
The artwork of Kulo in the Book of the Astronomican, drawn by Tony Hough. I met Tony Hough once at Salute, he was a nice person, and we chatted about his artwork.
The army list entry for Kulo.
I based him on a 40mm round base. I am still considering what basing materials to use for the Orks, so will add more to the base at a later date.
I kept the greenstuff around his neck a little rough to suggest cellulite and various warts/skin problems.
Side view, with the Power Glove. I painted the Power Glove rusty, and then lightly painted the checks on the it to suggest peeling paint.
Side view, with the RTB101 Space Marine Bolt Pistol and pack, no doubt trophies from Kulo's rise to power.
Rear view. Less said the better really!
Size comparison with Kulo and one of the RTB102 Space Ork Raiders for scale.
RTB102 Space Ork Raider.
I have been painting lots of these, and Ork Dreadnoughts. More of these in later blog updates.

Next updates will be more Space Orks. Rynn's World, you have been warned. :)


  1. He's almost cute - good job!

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean, he's like a big, megalomaniac baby, with a Power fist and an army.

  2. Great conversion Lee, the painting suits the model well

    1. Thank you, I wanted to make him look grubby.

  3. That's a cool interpretation of the character, I like what you did. You don't get to see leaders as charming as this one nowadays!

    1. Thank you, I wanted to convert a miniature as close to the description as I could, but using old Rogue Trader era parts. Yes, Kulo's background suggests he's a lovely caring leader. ;)

  4. Looks terrific, Lee! Captures the spirit of the Hough illustration beautifully!

    1. Thank you, I wanted to make him as close to the artwork and his discription as possible.