Thursday 21 February 2019

Rogue Trader 'Bomber Class' Ork Siege Dreadnought.

As part of my redux of Luggrub's Drop Legion, I have been painting Ork Dreadnoughts. Now, more on the bulk of Ork Dreadnoughts once they are finished. However as part of this I decided to convert a spare Ork Dreadnought into a Siege Dreadnought. I thought Luggub might need one for attacking New Rynn City.

Most people who are interested in the Rogue Trader era, especially the early era, are familar with the Ork Dreadnought rules first published in White Dwarf #100, and later included in the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium. However, anecdotally it seems that people are less familiar with the Ork Dreadnoughts in the 40k section of the 1988 Warhammer Siege book. The book details three different types Dreadnoughts each for the Orks, The Imperium, and Eldar. I chose to make a 'Bomber Class' Ork Dreadnought because I liked the combination of las-cutter and phase-field generator, and felt it would be a challange to represent both items in a conversion as Citadel had never made models for either.

I started off with a Super-Attack Onslaughter Ork Dreadnought, bascially the big four-armed one, as the Bomber is equiped with two power claws, as well as the las-cutter and phase-field generator. I used the short legs option because I reasoned that the Bomber would require a study lower centre of gravity for using the las-cutter and phase-field generator, as well as having to be close to the ground/walls/fortifications to use them.

For the las-cutter and phase-field generator is used two old plastic Zoid parts. On the Dreadnoughts right hand side I added my version of the las-cutter. This is a cut down Zoid leg, with a nice looking tube thing on it. I placed the phase-field generator on the left hand side to give the model a certain symmetry. For this, I used a random Zoid piece which reminded me of the Star Trek Warp engines, which is similar to the warp technology used in the phase-field generator. Finally, for the headshield I used a few cut down lollipop sticks, some metal mesh, and a couple of squares of plasticard.

Enjoy :)
 Warhammer Siege (1988).
The  'Bomber Class' Ork Dreadnought entry in Warhmmer Siege (1988).
 Before painting.
I added another piece of lollipop stick, some cut up sprues, and a little model barbed wire to the (60mm) base as rubble.
 Painted. :)
I used the Citadel Typus Corrosion/Ryza Rust/Runefang Steel over black undercoat combination. I love the Citadel Technical paints, as for the Orks they create a grotty, rusty, out of warranty look to their weapons, vehicles and equipment. I dry-brushed some yellow with black stripes onto the claws to suggest that at some point there was a visit from an Ork health and safety officer.
 Rear view.
 Phase-field generator.
I think it looks like the Star Trek Warp Drives.
 Top view of the headshield.
I added a couple of pieces of plasticard to break up the blandness of the mesh and suggest a half-hearted (or with Ork perhaps half-arsed) attempt at extra protection. For those unaware, the headshield is a canopy which provides the Dreadnought, and any assualting infantry, with extra protection from above when assaulting fortificaions, etc.
 Base, complete with rubble.
I have used Citadel's texture paint 'Agellan Earth' for the soil. I wanted the base to have some rubble, etc, to suggest it was close to fortifications. I will be adding some flock tufts to this, and other Ork basing, once they are delivered by Royal Mail!
 Thw WIP Ork Dreadnoughts.
Various Ork Dreadnoughts in a variety of levels of painting. I have eleven Ork Dreadnoughts.
 For fun, I converted and painted up a 1980's second Edition Blood Bowl Orc. 'Converted' is really  grand description for glueing a RTB101 Space Marine bolter on his right hand.
Luggub's Drop Legion has an option for 'Exotic equipment', one of which is 10 suits of Carapace Armour, so I might use him and some other Blood Bowl Orcs as those. They might also make good 'Scumbos' for the Wolf Time scenario.
Rear view.

Next update...
...more Orks. :)


  1. Great looking conversion Lee, and very nicely painted too. I think you have enough Dreds to make a Mekboy weep with pride at his achievement ! Look forward to seeing what you come up with next

    1. Thank you, I am loving using Citadel's Technical paints to create the rusty look. I have ended up with quite a few Dreadnoughts over the years, but I do like them. I am glad I finally made a siege Dreadnought, I have been wanting to make one for a while.

      Next up will be some Ork infantry, as I need to start painting my way through them. I have already started, and they are great fun. I do have a plan to build an Ork Drop-ship at some point, but not for a little while.

  2. A fine display, I especially like the conversion. My favourite BB team of yesteryear.

    1. Thank you. It was a fun conversion. When I think of Blood Bowl, these Orcs always spring to mind. :)

  3. I do love this one. You keep on improving with each new Dreadnought! Gork is satisfied. Mork is probably happy too

    1. I try to be cunning and brutal, or brutal and cunning.

  4. Fact: Zoid parts fit perfectly on anything RT. Your siege dread looks great Lee! Really cool mate. Any yeah, you do have quite a few of the little eggs don't you :)

    1. Very true, but I am running out of Zoid parts. Might have to have a look on e-bay for some old kits.
      Glad you like the Dreadnought. I do like the old Ork Dreadnoughts, they have that air of alien menace about them.