Tuesday 20 August 2013

Busy week, no (proper) update.

Just to let you know that I am having a busy week and won't get time to update Wednesday as usual  :(

I have painted a Space Zoat thuogh! Part of the Zoat Terror Squads from my Rogue Trader Eldritch Raiders Eldar Pirate Army from the (1988) Book of the Astronimican.

Next update will be my unpainted 'to do' Goblins which I have promised for a while, probably Thursday or Friday.

Here's the Space Zoat, newly painted and varnished:

His name is Sheear, and he has a Multi Melta.


  1. Lee, You know you have no choice but to show us these eldars?
    You show us Space slanns and zoats, the direct following after that is showing us eldars you know.
    I just got one resin zoat holding an eldar in his arm and a shuriken cannon in another and i find it's a very good addition to an eldar army, I will also add space slanns to them if I manage to make some good conversions.

    1. Oh And my self centered self forgot to tell you the paintjob is great especially the bone gear which looks deliciously alien and gigeresque...

    2. Never thought of it like that! LOL

      The Rogue Trader Eldar are all still unpainted, I only painted up the Zoat as a flight of fancy after sorting them out. I copied the paint scheme from the 1988 adverts as I like it and it does give an alien feel to them. I still have to paint strip some of the Dreadnoughts and assemble them, so the main army is'nt really ready yet.

      The army is composed of the full list given in the Eldritch Raiders Eldar Pirate Army from the (1988) Book of the Astronimican, included the Zoats, as well as the later Dreadnought and Walker updates. I'll see if I can do an post on them in the near future. :)

      Your Zoat and project sounds great, will be good to see them too.