Wednesday 14 August 2013

Mid week Goblin mischief !

Just a quick post of a painted Goblin regiment with mischief in thier minds, and sharp weapons in their hands!

The Bretonnian army is going well, only 16 Raspcallion peasant archers to paint, and then on to the varnishing, basing, and flags.

For the next post it will hopefully be the completed Bretonnian army, but if not it might be a big post of my Goblin 'to do' pile.

Have fun, enjoy the Goblins :) .

 40 Goblin Warriors
 Within charge range!

  Nagrot Crook-Eye.
 He is made by Guild of Harmony, and acts as the unit leader.

 The drummer is from Crooked Claw miniautres, and th standard bearer is an old solid based C13 Night Goblin.
 Three more Crooked Claw miniautres. 
They are designed by Kev Adams, and I personally think they some of his better sculpted Goblins in recent years.
 Two more Kev Adams Goblins, this time from 20 years earlier, from Harlequin/Black Tree.

 and another two! I love the expression of the Goblin with an axe.
A Fifth Harlequin/Black Tree Goblin on the left.
On the right is a solid based miniature that I cannot recall where he's from. I know he's 1980's, either Citadel or Ral Partha, and think he is from one of the box sets.
 Two late 1980's Goblin Spearmen.
On the left and Middle are two of the same Citadel C series Goblin, but the centre ones mace broke and has been repaired with the head of a bill. On the right is a C13 Night Goblin. 
 Two more Goblin Spearmen. The one on the right is one of my favorite Goblins.

 Centre is a repaired Alternative Armies Goblin, flanked by two more Citadel Goblins. 
 Unknown Goblin. 
I have no idea who made this Goblin, or even if he he a Goblin! Bought him off e-bay years ago as a Goblin, and always liked him. If anyone knows about him, please let me know :) .
 Two Iron Claw Goblins. I positioned the one on the right so you can see the great looking Goblin faced shoulder armour.
 Three more Iron Claw Goblins with polearms. 
The Centre and right Goblins being the same miniature.
 Goblin with long spear, and warrior with two-handed weapon and stripey socks.
 C13 Solid based Goblin, a Goblin Javelinman in the centre, and another two-handed weapon Goblin, this one wearing a grin rather than stripey socks!
 Two Chaos Familiars added to give extra flavour to the Goblin units. Armoured Mite is on the left, and Beast centre. On the right is a mace wielding C12 Goblin named Mace Wielder.
 Alternative Armies Goblin with club (I have two of these, photographed the other one a little while back), and Crooked Claw Goblin with Morning Star.

 Finally, two lesser Goblins with spear from Harlequin/Black Tree.

Quick WIP shot of the Bretonnian archers.


  1. Wonderful stuff! Another great post! The mystery goblin with the spear and backpack is a RAFM figure from the Wizard's Adventure Party boxed set, released in the early 80's as part of their wonderful SHADOWS AND STEEL line. I have some of those kits and am trying to hunt down the rest.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for solving the Goblin mystery :)

      I have done a quick Google search and you a right, they are a lovely set of miniatures, I never knew about this range.

      It seems his name is Gomer. Looking at the range I also have Beatrice the Beast Master and Armadillicus, and Drakar Doubledeath somewhere too.

  2. On the right is a solid based miniature that I cannot recall where he's from. I know he's 1980's, either Citadel or Ral Partha, and think he is from one of the box sets.

    this guy weirdly is a c01 chaos fighter ;)
    Seen here

    12 rows down far left.


  3. Thank you for finding him,
    never thought of him being a Chaos Fighter! I think he fits better hiding away amongst the Goblins. You're right, I am sure he is from a box set too.