Monday 12 August 2013

Warhammer Armies Overview.

The idea of this post is just to give an overview of the progress and state of the 3,000 point armies for my Warhammer Armies project. I will be doing better, more detailed photographs of the miniatures in each of the armies/contingents as I paint them. This is just a broad look, as I have something of everything, especially now I started the Skaven army.

A few months ago I stated that my plan was to build, and paint a 3,000 point army with an army list for each of the main armies in the Warhammer Armies book (and the Norse). As I have painted several armies, and am still working on others, I thought I would post an overview of how things are going so far, and what is left to do.

 Contents list of the Armies, Allies, and Mercenaries. 

The Armies:

The Dark Elves:
The army is half painted, and the list needs re-writing. It will not take too long to finish, and I plan on focusing on this army next. I have switched the Dragon Rider model to the Dark Elves, and repainted his flesh.
 I also added Chaos Snakemen to the army as permanent stand in models for a Fimir Ally Contingent.

 Wood Elves:
The army list written, only a few painted though.
High Elves:
As per the post the other week, I have enough High Elves to do a pure Cavalry army. However, this leaves me with a lot of spare miniatures. So the idea is to maybe do several different themed armies, Cavalry, Wardancer heavy, Archers, etc, to simulate differing Kingdoms. 
Below are the Wardancers, and some of the remaining infantry. I do have a further 40 Citadel Elf Spearmen as well, and Elwings Regiment of Renown.

I easily have enough for a 3,000 point army, and have written up a provsional list. The photo shows part of the army,  the Reiksguard, General, 40 Armbrustschutzen, (crossbows), 3 Cannon, and 30 Forstjaeger (Rangers).

 Close up of the 40 Armbrustschutzen, and 3 Cannon.
 Reiksguard and Rangers, with the General (the old ADD 18 Bard Adventurer pack)
 120 Helblitzen/ Erastzsolder with Halberds, and a further 30 Erastzsolder with hand weapons, light armour, shields. It will be an infantry army.
 Closer up.
As with all of the miniatures for this army, they are older pre-1990 ranges of C01 Fighters, C26 Men at Arms, and F2 Fighters, as well as the odd random humans from other ranges.

 The Bretonnians:
The army has a list and is nearly finished. I need to paint the 30 archers, then varnish/base/add flags.

The Army of the SoulFlayer is completed.
The Soulflayers army is largely a Beastman and Monster army. I do have some Chaos Warriors and will be sorting them out into a Warrior army.

 60 Warriors some Sorcerers, and Kaleb Daark. 
I also have some mounted Knights, and few more monsters, as well as the Disciples of the Red Redemption. Might have to have some as Warriors, Marauders or Thugs.
 Close up of some of them. Need to repaint them to give a more uniform feel, except the maybe the green one (C35 Chaos Warrior: Daethskar) in the Centre from the cover of the Warhammer 3rd Edition Rulebook.
They are a mix of earlier solid based Chaos Warriors, and the later Slaves to Darkness era miniatures.

This was the army I never got around to collecting at the time (apart from a dozen odd miniatures), and so have started quite recently. I have a rough army list done, but it needs tweeking or should that be squeeking? (sorry).
Please excuse the fact they are still in the bags, but I need base them up. There are about 70 Skaven from Heroquest, and 60 from the Warhammer regiments box set.

 A few metal Skaven. Forgot to photograph the two Rat Ogres. 

Orcs and Goblins:
This army is completed, and I have enough Orcs and Goblins to build a much bigger army. I keep meaning to do a Goblin only army list. 
I will do an update showing all the Orcs as I have a lot more of the C series ones, including solid based and later 1980's ranges.  

Dwarf Army:
 Still have enough spare for expanding the army.

Completed. I have more Slann  : )

Army list written but needs to be re/painted from scratch.
minly a mix of Citadel and Grenadier metal. Some of the Grim Reaper/scythe-armed skeletons are conversions/repairs. 
This army is low down on the list of being painted at the moment.

 Side view. 

The Army list from White Dwarf #107. 
Again I have written a draft Army list. The bulk of the army is made up from Norse Dwarves. I have a few Human Norse and Barbarians, but intend to get a some packs from Wargames Foundry of the old F4 Norse or Normans ranges.

 Close up. I have included the mounted Gimli model from the old Citadel Lord of the Rings Range.
Norse Wizard that looks a little like Odin, and Thrudd who I want to include somehow.
13 Plastic Fimir. I intend to add these to the Norse army. The idea of having Dwarves, Humans, Weres, Fimir, a Dragon, and a Giant Eagle all in the same army seems too good not to do! 

Slaaneshi Demon Legion army:
From Slaves to Darkness. I have not written an army list or have even looked at painting them at the moment. I need to sort out how many Mounts of Slaanesh will go to the Rogue Trader Emperors Children Army, so that I know how many will go to Warhammer Knights.
At 600 point per Demonette unit, I don't think that a 3,000 point army will be difficult. Using a Legion will probably in seperate gaming circumstances versus other Demon Legions.

Ally Contingents. 

With the Ally Contingents of the major races, I can use miniautres from the main armies for the contingents,  if I am not using that particular army. However, with the main armies lists above I have avoided just sharing miniatures between them and where I have included ally Contingents in them I have used the miniatures solely for that army.

The Chaos Ally Contingent:
 I have Chaos Dwarves, Chaos Centaurs, and if I need to add something specific I can borrow them from the other Chaos Armies. 

The Dwarf Ally Contingent:
Again I can borrow from  main army or Norse. 

The Dark Elf/High Elf/Wood Elf Ally Contingents:
I do have some spare miniatures from the main armies, but have no plans to use any Elf Allies.

Fimir Allies:
I am using these models for the Norse, and the Snakemen as permanent stand-ins in the Dark Elf army.

Old Worlder and Orc & Goblins:
No plans to use them. I have plenty of Orcs and Goblins if I change my mind. 

Can use them with larger Slann armies, but have no plans to.
Consists of  One Pygmy Chieftain, Pygmy Contingent Standard Bearer, Pygmy Shaman, 15 Pygmy Impis, 40 Pygmy Warriors, 18 Pygmy Scouts.
The Skaven Ally Contingent:
Again, no plans to use one. 

The Undead Ally Contingent:
No plans to use one
 The Halfling Ally Contingent:
Consists of about 40 warrior and 5 scouts, with a mounted Contingent Commander (Frodo on a Pony from the old Citadel Lord of the Rings Range).
I might use them in the Empire Army.

 Frodo, Ally Contingent Commander
 Close up of a few of the solid based characterful C11 Halflings.

The Zoat Ally Contingent:
I only have one Zoat, and he (or she?) is included in the Wood Elf army. 
I have no plans to get anymore, but might do in the one day.
Got 8 40k ones, but that might be cheating LOL

Mercenary Contingents. 

I tend not to use Mercenaries when I am fielding armies or writing up the lists. The main reason is because of the possiblity of them not fighting, leaving the battlefield, or worse still turning on you! Also, I did'nt want to have to allocate 'bride points'.
What Mercenary miniatures I do have are a result of me just collecting things I like.

Dwarf Mercenary Contingent:
Same as the Ally Contingent, not planning to use one, but can allocate from the main army if needed. 

 Giant Mercenary Contingent:
Below are the two largest Giants I have. Both are Grenadier miniatures Giants. On the left is the Goblin War Giant. He carries a platform full of Goblins which I have and requires painting. 
The other one is the huge and heavy Garloc, the Giant Prince. It is a huge model, and I have been meaning to paint him for a while. 
I do have other smaller Giants, but they are missing in the box with the Trolls. A few are early C28 giants, and all 3 of the later C28 ones, and a few are Ral Partha. I have the Marauder one too. Once I find them, I will do a blog post on them.

 Ogre Mercenary Contingent:
No plans to use them in the small 3,000 point armies, but I will in bigger armies.
 Below are 10 of the C23 Ogres I have painted. I have a few more, and some Ogres from Maruader and other compaines, as well as both sets of Golfags Regiment of Renown.
If I was to field all the goblins in one big Goblin 'Orc-less' army, then the Ogres would be there too! 

 Half Orc Mercenary Contingent:
I ended up buying Half Orcs as I was building up the Orc Army, but never really bothered with them too much. I like the miniatures. I have enough for 60 Warriors, about 10 Scouts, a mounted Contingent Commander and a Shaman.
They are a mix of old Citadel solid based and slotta C10 series, and a few Grenadier miniatures.

 Close up of solid based warriors.
 C33 Half Orc Hero, and C10 Cleric (used as a Wizard). 

Hobgoblin Mercenary Contingent:
As per a previous blog update, the Hobgoblin contigent is only a few Hobhounds sort of being the complete list. 
I used to use Hobgoblins back in the 1980's with the Dark Elves, but I have no intention of fielding them at the moment. They mostly need paint stripping.

Nippon Mercenary Contingent:
I only have a few random miniatures and never really started a Mercenary Contingent. If you just stuck to Warhammer Armies, then you could only field them with Dark Elves, and I always had other things to field, and other miniatures to buy. 
Tempted to nostalgically pick up some re-released ones from Wargames Foundry, although Perry Miniautres is the way to go for a new Samurai army.

 Orc, Norse, and Old Worlder Mercenary Contingents:
Again, no plans for these, although I can borrow from the main armies if really needed. 

Slann Mercenary Contingent: 
In White Dwarf # 96 there is a Slann Mercenary Army list (the Slann 'O War article). I have no intention of using the list for any of the armies, although perhaps in a big battle it might be fun. I can easliy fill all the slots for the army, although might be a few Human Slaves short of the maximum 80 allowed.
I think it would be a good narrative idea to have them in a Norse army. 

That is the overview. 
My next plan is to finish off the Bretonnians, and to find the Trolls (a quest perhaps!). Not sure what will be in the next blog update, but more painted Goblins will be there :)


  1. If going to aim, aim high. Wow, that's a lot of minis and a massive project :)

    1. I don't like to do things by halves! LOL

      Still a lot to do, that's why I had to sort out a plan of action for painting otherwise I would'nt get anywhere.

      Thanks for looking :)

  2. That is a very nice collections of minis and a project of a crazy (in a good way) large scale. Looking forward to see the development! /Hans

    1. Thank you,
      it's a big project, crazy is a fair comment! I have been sorting out some of my collection started in 1986 into usable 3,000 point armies and contingents.

      A lot of fun and very satisfying to get it all done.

      Nearly finished the Bretonnians :)

  3. Can you detail the army lists? I'd be interested in the dwarf one...

  4. Using Warhammer Armies for Warhammer 3rd edition, I compiled this 3,000 point list for the Dwarves:

    For the other armies, I have been compiling and tinkering with army lists as I go and as I paint them.

  5. This is why you are my level 25 hero, Goblin Lee! Wow! And Alright!! This is so wonderful seeing all these great figs in one post!! Thank you. And that Halfling Force! I hope that will be high on your painting list one day soon...

    1. Thank you,
      it took all afternoon to sort the armies out and photograph them. Feel great to finally have levelled up to a Level 25 Goblin too :)

      I have no plans on painting up the Halflings for a while as I am still working my way through the 3,000 point armies. However, after looking at the Halfing miniatures I might see if I can put them in the Empire Army as they are great miniatures and will be fun to paint.

      Finally finished painting the Bretonnians and need to base those. Next Army will be Dark Elves as I want to paint the Snakemen.

      I will be doing a post tomorrow on Space Slann as I finally completed the set and decided to write a post about them.