Sunday, 25 August 2013

Many many more Goblins!

Finally back to properly updating the blog!  :)

Further to my post in June of all the painted Goblins I decided to do a follow up update of the 'to do' Goblins that still need to be painted.

For those of you who have missed the previous update of the painted goblins: 

The idea is to give you an appreciation of what is left to do. I have not done a lot of detailed photographs of all the Goblins as that would take far too long. I have instead done general photographs as in the earlier update, and will do better photographs as an when I paint them.
Saying that, I have done a few odds and ends of photographs for close ups of more unusual stuff, but mostly the update is to give you and idea of the grand scale of the Goblin army when you combine the painted, the unpainted, the two of Groms Regiment of Renown, the Troll, the giants, the Ogres, the Half Orcs, and the Hobgoblins all together.

One day I hope to finish them, although there's always new Goblins being produced that would fit quite nicely into the army, including the lovely new Goblin Aid miniatures.

 The bulk of the 'to do'. 
There are approximately700 Goblin infantry, and 40 Wolf Riders in this photograph.
 Battle line of Goblins.
 9 regiments of 40 Goblins.
 I require 2 musicians and a Goblin regimental leader to complete them.
 Goblin archers, again requiring musicians, and a few additional archers.
 2 regiments of 20 Citadel Fiend Factory Red Goblins, with Wolf riding Commander to the side.
 C14 Lesser Goblins (formerly from the FTN range).
 More lesser Goblins, this time made up of the other styles from the range. They are led by White Dwarf's very own Gobbledigook. He needs re-painting.
 Lesser Goblin horde Tesudo. Made by Grendel miniatures in the 1990's, I think you can still get it. Plan is to base it up and use it as a 'counts as' regiment of 20 or 30 lesser Goblins.
 40 Kobolds in two regiments of 20. 
They are mainly made up from Nick Lunds Chronicle range, with a few Citadel ADD range in there too.
I took better pictures of a few of them further in the update.
 Giaks, with a Gourgaz. 
I would field them as Gaiks as I have the stats for them in Citadel Spring Journal 1985. Might have to get a few more to bulk out the unit first though.
 20 Marauder Miniatures archers.
 28 Marauder Warriors, including a Shaman.
 Giant Spider riding Goblin Hero, and 10 Wolf Riders.
 Nick Lund Goblins.
 The following two regiments are 36 strong, and are made up of a mix of Nick Lunds Chronicle Miniatures, and Grenadier miniatures. Becuase he had a distinctive look to his sculpts, I thought they would look best in regiments of thier own. .
 The other 36 Goblins. 
I plan to paint them pallid green to give the impression of cave dwelling Goblins.
 10 C21 range Goblin Wolf Riders.
 10 more Goblin Wolf riders, with converted Standerd Bearer.
 10 Wolf Riders made up from a combination of Essex, Citadel, and random odds and ends.
 2 Lead Belchers and crew. 
In the first large photograph there are also two more Skull Crushers, for which I have the crew too.
 The Court of the Goblin King set. 
This a wonderful set of Goblins scultped by Kev Adams, orginally produced I think for Monolith Desgins. I would like to get these painted sooner rather than later, and could do an update on just this set alone.
 The Goblin Queen, and Goblin King.
 34 plastic Goblin archer from the PBS3 Warhammer Fantasy Regiments. I need to add command miniatures to get them up and running (running away probably!). I have the plastic shield too.
 Grenadier Goblin (or maybe small Orc) on a little Dragon/Giant Lizard. I have another one of these, in a different style, but forgot to photograph it.
 A few random Goblins from the 9 regiments.
Harlequin/Black Tree standard bearer, C13 'Red Goblin' leader, and two Snotlings 'piggy backing'. I have added some of the Snotling 'doubles' and characters to the Goblin regiments for variation.
 Citadel ADD range Mite, Synad, and Norker. 
I have several of these tucked away in the Goblins regiments, they are lovely and characterful.
  Iron Claw Goblin with hammer, Snotling in overalls licking his nose, and a Harlequin/Black Tree Goblin with blowpipe.
 Citadel Goblin Champion from the Command range, and female Red Goblin/Orc.
 Shhhh. Sleeping Goblin. 
No idea of the manufacturer, did'nt like to wake him and ask.
 3 of Nick Lund's Chronicle N13 Kobolds.
 Again, lovely characterful miniatures.
 Do you break for them?  ;)

The following miniatures were things not in the main big photograph:
 First of all, a Snotling Shaman, Red Box Miniatures 'Crowbiter', and an Alternative Armies Goblin Wizard.
 Another Nick Lund sculpt, this time a Shaman, an Iron Claw Wizard from the Chariot set, and another Snotling, this one being rude!
 Goblin Fanatics.
 A mix of C27 Fanatics, later 1980's Kev Adams, Iron Claw, and Marauder Miniatures.
 Iron Claw, and Kev Adams sculpt.
 Two C27 Goblin Fanatics; Agrat, and Noshtof.
 1990's Hobgoblins. 
I have been picking up these on and off to make an Hobgoblin unit. Only 3 more to go. I need to repair the standard too.
Lots of Snotlings to crew the two bigger Pump wagons, and have a few left over.
 On the subject of warmachines, if ever faced with a siege I have the Arcane Monstrosities TA7 Giant Chaos Battering Ram.
For me it has that Baroque feel to it that suits the Goblin Army, especally one loosely based on the Labryinth.
I don't think I have the Demon on wheels that pushes it, but Trolls and Giants can do that for the Goblins.
 Great detailing on the roof boards.
 Wheel, and support.
 Battering ram head. Not too clear in the photo, but it is a sort of Dragon.
 Precariously balanced together with a Goblin close by to give you an idea of the size.

10  Great Goblin/Gnoll Boar Riders.
 Hero/General and trooper.
 Two more riders.
 Two conversions. The one on the left lost his mace and so I replaced with a standard. 
The on on the right is a spare converted driver from the Gnoll Kings Chariot, on an old contempary Citadel boar.
 The painted Great Goblins/Gnolls and Chariot...
 ...and the unpainted Great Goblins/ Gnolls.
 Two drunken Great Goblins/Gnolls.
The screaming brat, little girl, and female Great Goblin/Gnolls.
 12 Harlequin/Black Tree Lesser Goblin riders, to be used as alternative Wolf Riders. I like them as they remind me of the Goblin Kinights in the Labrynith.
 Balanced on a cavalry base.
Chronicle Miniatures BN1 Goblin Warlord's Chariot.
 Goblin battle chariots. 
 I have all the crew needed for them too. I keep meaning to paint more up, but I need to buy Chariot bases, and I am looking for bases that are cheaper than GW ones!
 Some of the Battle Chariot extras that you had to send off for, which I did in 1988.
 1980's 40k  Gretchen. 
I have a plan to have a little regiment of Goblins with muskets just for the fun of it.
 The errant and elusive box of Trolls and Giants (and Ogres). 
I will do an update of just Trolls and Giants another time...

..but I still have the final details of the Bretonnians to do.
I need to perfect painting Fleur de lis.

The next update will on the completed Bretonnian army.


  1. That is one cool collection. A lot of paint time ahead of you.

    1. Thank you,
      so much painting still left to do! That's one reason I took a break from the Goblins and the Slann to do the 3,000 point armies project.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Blessed Gork's balls that's a lot of Goblins!!!

    1. I did'nt quite realise how many Goblins I still had to paint.

      The army itself works out at nearly 1,400 Goblins, including the Great Goblins/Gnolls, Koblods, Lesser Goblins.

      I am going to have to work out an army list for them at some point.

      There's still a few Goblins, from GoblinAid, White Knight, Troll Forged, and odd and ends I would still like to get. I just like Goblins and never really planned out an army for them, hence the horde!

  4. Just wow! If I may ask, how did all those miniatures come in your possesion? I know this is just a small part of what you have shown... I'm flabbergasted :)

    1. I have been collecting since 1986 and always liked to buy Goblins.

      By the end of 3rd Edition Warhammer I already had several hundred, and as people sold off stuff in the 1990's I picked up Goblins (and other stuff) quite cheaply, usually 50p a Goblin. I remember going to a miniautres show in Eastbourne back in the mid 1990's and picking up a couple of dozen Great Goblins for 30p each!

      There was a model shop in my home town (now sadly gone) that also dealt in second hand miniatures, and other newer ranges, and I used to pick up old 1980's citadel, as well Alternative Armies and Harlequin Goblins there.

      In the 21st Century, e-bay has been excellent at providing a way of filling in gaps and obtaining Goblins I never had. Also, with the rise of online shops/businessess it is easier to shop for new Goblin ranges and old miniatures.

      I never really got 100% back into the GamesWorkshop gaming scene, and so never got sucked into the potential money pit of modern armies, although I have collected a big Tomb Kings army, but more for the love of the miniatures.

    2. You've broken the myth here... i've always imagined Kid Goblin Lee going to his hobby shop with a wheelbarrow an coming out withe the thing fully loaded and the shop empty from all slanns and goblins...
      You definitely are a very well focused personn (I mean it as a compliment) for not having been lurred by the mermaids of new releases and such...
      This proved worthy when I look at your collection and I guess it is still true when I look at you painting speed.
      Much to learn from guys like you.... (slowly applauses)

    3. ...but the kid Goblinlee was not only buying Slann and Goblins, but Rogue Trader stuff, Dwarves, Chaos and all manner of stuff! LOL.

      I have only been only tempted by the Tomb Kings and a few Ogres. The Forgeworld Horus Heresy stuff is very nice, but I stepped away from the brink!

      Looking at your Bretonnians, I am very tempted to pick up a box or two of Knights, as your Bretonnians are very nicely done indeed. :)

  5. You never stop to amaze us. That is a huge amount of goblins and a Chaos Battering Ram. Would very much like to have one of them in my possession. Thanks for sharing! /Hans

    1. Thank you,
      did'nt realise how many Goblins I had until I sorted them out and set them up. Been meaning to paint the battering Ram for ages, might have to make a resolution to finally paint it by the end of the year.

  6. Incredible. You'll need a second life to paint all your minis!

    1. Sometimes I think I need to have been born a cat with nine lives!

      I will maybe carry on with the 3,000 point armies for a while before takling the Goblins once more!

  7. Replies
    1. I thought that when I realised I was going to have to paint them! :)