Sunday 20 October 2013

A few more Wood Elves.

I have been a little busier than planned this weekend, and so I have'nt got around to painting as many Wood Elves as planned. I manged to do the re-painting on about 20, so now have one completed archer regiment of 15, and part way to the next. Hence the fewer photographs today.

Also, I have'nt re-written the Wood Elf army list yet.
As I am assembling the army according to Warhammer Armies as part of the plan to get each of its armies done, the plan is to have a core of four 15 strong bowmen regiments, in skirmish formation. Four regiments because only four infantry regiment can skirmish (apart from scouts), and 15 strong as that is the maximum unit size for skirmishing infantry. And of course, being in skirmish formation means that they can all shoot. The two regiments will be two of Lords Bowmen, and two Archers.

This core of the army will be backed up with a couple of Treemen, a few scouts, some warhounds (giving the army a feel of a hunting expedition) and maybe a few mounted archers if points allow. And a Zoat.

I do not plan on adding any Wardancers to the army. They are a predominent part of the background, and they always used to be popular, but I cannot really see the point in taking them. I can only think that they would be useful in slowing down advancing units or providing flank support in melee, but I want to keep the army a mobile aher army. If anyone can let me know of a good reason for them I must be missing, then please let me know.

Other than that, painting the Elves is straight forward, and the basing seems to work well, although more involved. Here is the first complete regiment, and a couple of odds and ends. The bulk of the army will be made from the Skarloc's Wood Elf box set.
I will do another update in the next couple of days as I need to get the army list done and give impetus to the painting.

15  Lord's Bowmen, led by Skarloc himself.
Skarloc and Glam the Wardancer. 
 Kaia Stormwatch, and Araflane the Musician.
 For those of you familar with my blog, I do like to compare the Citadel's practice of making several different miniatures from the one initial sculpt.
In the Skarloc's Wood Elf box, there are four sets of these.
 With an without a helmet.
 The female Elves of the box set, one with, and the other without a hood. 
For female Elves, they are'nt delicately featured and pretty, but possessing the more stronger faced look of a Dante Gabriel Rossetti painting. 
 The last of the archer pairs, a good standard looking archer.
 Close up of the bases. 
I want to keep the balance between Autumnal leave fall while not making the bases too 'busy'.
 Re-based Zoat.
 Close up of the base. Being a cavalry base I could add a larger twig.
Side view of the base. 

Next update will be of the army list and however many more Wood Elves I get around to doing! :)


  1. Looks great, Goblin Lee! I love your choice of colours and the basing. And Goblin Lee, I have had the Skarloc set for more than 20 years and they have been in countless battles but I have never clued in that the unit contained any female archers!!?!! I thought Kaia was the only female among them! And the archers you pointed out as female were just guys with flowing fashion choices. Yikes! No wonder I have lost so many times with them! Thanks for pointing this out!

    1. Thank you,
      I thought I would try to keep the colours to a selection browns with a few oranges and greens to complement. That way they don't look too bright, but still have some colour to offset the neutral tone of the browns. Also, the leaves give a brighter feel the miniatures.
      I wanted the warhounds to look like hunting hounds, similar to Irish Wolfhounds, and thought the silver torque around the neck more Elven than a golden one, and suited the grey colour of the hounds better.

      Yes, those Elves do not look very feminine, but at least they are not binki clad bimbo looking Elves. Apart from the face, I think the large coat and flat chest makes them look less female, although I agree that they all the Elves have a 1970's flowing hair thing going on!
      I would say that about a quarter of the Wood Elven army I am painting are female.

  2. Still very good.
    If you want a good explanation about why you shouldn't field wardancers here is mine :
    Wood elves follow the seasons of nature and therefore their armies tend to vary with seasons too,
    Wardancers drive their energy from nature blooming and spring. they have no real place in an autumnal army which is more dedicated to the hunt before winter; well at least this is the way I see it !

    1. That's a good reason and interpretation of the Wood Elves and how they fit into the seasons of the year.
      It was one of the reasons I wanted to include the Warhounds in the army, to give that hunting expedtion feel to it all.
      I wrote out the new army list last night, with no Wardancers in it, and so will keep it as it is. :)