Thursday 17 October 2013

Autumnal Wood Elves.

After a few days delay I have started to paint the Wood Elves, but decided to go for a different theme for them.

As it's now Autumn, and Autumn is my favorite time of year, I decided that instead of painting the Wood Elves up in the usual greens I would go the an Autumn look.

The orginal plan was to paint them in a similar way to the Skarlocs Wood Elves paitning guide on the box set, with a modern approach to replicating the 'Woodland Green' paint colour scheme. However, I now plan to use a mixture of browns, orange, tans, and a few bits of green for Autumn.
I also bought some basing material from e-bay and my local model shop to make the bases more Autumnal, as well as picked up a few tiny twigs from the park.

The army itself will probably take a little while to do, it's not going to be an easy one week army like the Undead!  I had painted a few Elves some time ago, so they will give me a headstart once I have repainted a few of the green colours with browns etc. I hope they will be finished by mid to later November.

I also need to re-write the army list. I am not happy with the mix of troops, and also need to reduce the size of a couple of units from 20 to 15 so they can be deployed in skirmish formation, and therefore all the Elves and shoot thier bows.

Anyway, here are a few photographs of the test models and modified Elves that I have done so far.
Enjoy :)

 This is one of the old ME 31 Lord of the Rings Bowmen. 
I have painted him up from scratch and only used the basing material from 'Treemendous', 'Gale Force Nine' (I'll explain that further down in this post), and a twig from the park! I wanted to see how just a brown and orange painted Elf would look with the base, and I think he looks fine.
 Close up of the base.
 Skarloc's Wood Elf Command group and an archer trooper.
I had already painted these up in a mix of greens and browns, so just modified them a little and added the basing material onto the grass flocked bases.
 Close up of Kaia Stormwitch's base.
I am going for a woodland feel for the bases, but not too deep in the forest with too many twigs and nothing but leaves on them, as this might make the bases look too busy and crowded.
 I think keeping/adding some of the green grass flock will give a more varied and relastic feel to the bases.
 Archer trooper.
I will probably add a little ink or paint to some of the leaves now and gain to vary the decompostion look of them.
I had already painted him, so I just added stuff to the base. I did also highlight the leafy parts of the Treeman orange to hint at Autumn. I thought that if I paint it all orange it might not look right. I will probably come back to the Treemen later to get the right look, I just wanted to have a go at the re-basing today .
 Close up of the base.
 The model leaves bought from e-bay, made by a company call Treemendus.
 Pictured next to a UK penny and 10 Euro Cent coin to give an idea of the size.
 'Autumn Flock Blend' made by Gale Force Nine.
The Elves and Treeman together. 
I need to buy a few Autumn trees to go with them, if for not other reason it would make a better backdrop for photographing! 

Next update should be Sunday, so I'll see how far I get with painting up a few more. :)


  1. Hey, these look great! The moreso for having a color scheme and basing theme off of the beaten path. Great choice of colors to go with the leaves! Look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you,
      I thought it would make a nice change to do a different looking Wood Elf army, plus I wanted to try my hand at doing some more in-depth detailed bases.

  2. Hey! Get out of my garden! And stop hugging my trees! ;)

  3. Lee, though I'm absolutely chaotic to the core, I have to say thisarmy is the one I love most. These natural colours with the autumnal bases are just great. Considering a lot of the models are sculpted by Jes Goodwin adds a further interest.
    The model leaves ar ejust birch seeds in fact and I picked a lot to add some autumn vibe to coming projects too. Yours are coloured which enhances them.

    But hey ! Where's my customary group shot?

    Anyway, really good job Lee.

    1. I'll do the customary group shot once the re-worked army list is finalised and I can show the whole army LOL :)

      Thank you, I think the Autumn colours and bases will give a different feel to the army. I did'nt know that about the leaves.

      I like Jes Goodwin's Elves (ignoring the wrong way around arrows on the bows), they were a really good range. The bulk of the army will be from his excellent Skarloc's Wood Elf box set.
      I also have some earlier Aly Morrison ones too, and later Marauder ones which I may use for the Wood Elves, or add to the High Elves.

      I have a totally clear day tomorrow, and so will concentrate on repainting and re-basing up some of the green clad ones in browns, and starting on some of the unpainted ones.

  4. Makes me want to tackle my own Wood Elf Host!

    Love the Autumn feel!

    1. Go on, you'll enjoy doing them. Just paint up a small unit as an aside.

      Thank you, the Autumn look seems to be quite popular. :)

  5. I'm in Brighton today. Care to direct me to the model shop? Fancy meeting up for coffee?

  6. Ended up just driving round Brighton because it was tipping it down! Managed to find Onslaught Games. Seem very friendly!

    I might have to start another Wood Elf army as I like those autumnal leaves! I think it's a bit late to change mine :(

    1. Only just come back on online, I ended up missing your post :(

      Yes, it's been raining all day in Brighton, a little better now.

      Onslaught Games are good, the guy who runs it is friendly and it's good to have local model shop. :)

      You could always do a second Wood Elf army, perhaps using a different miniatures range, in Autumn colours?