Sunday 27 October 2013

Squats, and a few Wood Elves.

I got a little distracted this week.

At the beginning of the week I had painted up a few more of the Wood Elves; the 10 remaining archers that were needed to complete another regiment, and the Warhounds and handlers. I have also written the final 3,000 point army list up for them.

After a break in painting mid week, I remembered that I had joined the Oldhammer Forum back in May but had'nt really posted (here's the link: ).

I ended up posting and commenting a couple of times on there. I got chatting and one of the topics was on the Squats, and I remembered that I still had my Squat army to do.
The army is in need of repainting, not only to a better standard, but to tie in all the different miniatures that I bought second hand in dribs an drabs in the very late 1990's when I was going to re-field the army. This was because there was an article in a Citadel Journal about that time that suggested that they could work as stand-in's for Orks or Guard.
As it is, I have re-oregnised them back into the army list first published in White Dwarf 111.

So here are a few pictures and details on the army, which is very much a long delayed WIP.

White Dwarf 111, where the army was first published. 
[legal bit, the cover belongs to GW]
The army on the painting table. 
There are about 14 squads of 8 Squats, 17 Command/Heathguard, 8 Bikes, 5 Trikes, 2 Mole Mortars, and a Thudd Gun.
I have a few more Squats and a couple of Guild Masters in the bits box, as well as several Tarantulas, Rapiers, and a couple of Robots that can be added if needed from my Rogue Trader Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies.
I would only need a few Squats to complete the army.
 Closer up. 
The army is organised into Brotherhoods consisting of Warlord and 4 Hearthguards, and between 2 to 4 squads of 8 Squats, as well as any optional extras such as bikers, etc. 
It works out to three full Brotherhoods, and half of a fourth one. 

I replaced the plastic lasguns with Bolters from the RTB101 Space Marine box set as I had a lot of them spare. For 3.5  points per squad it's a good idea, giving the squads that extra punch. In the army list you can also upgrade any/all the troopers to carry a heavy bolter, as well as allowing one trooper to have a different heavy weapon instead!
 Bikes and Trikes. 
I was never too fussed about using bikes in the army, always seemed odd to me to have a slow moving army with really fast support troops.
However the Trikes armed with Multi Meltas are excellent delivering mobile fire support and anti vehicle firepower. A bit like short, fat, and hairy Tau Battlesuits on wheels really LOL. 

Paint schemes.
The Squat on the left is one from the army I painted about 1990. Centre was one of a few I painted in 2005 in Mjolna Brotherhood colours, the same as the White Dwarf cover. The one on the right I painted quickly this afternoon as a test model.
 Not sure whether to go for this scheme, or the Mjolna one?
 The test model from the front, painted with Vallejo English Uniform, with Violet Brown for the green for the pouches (the one on the arm is WWII German green).
 Command Squad Squats.
I only have one of the exo armoured ones.
 A few of the RT03 Space Dwarves.
 Bob Olley Squats.
Now I love his Iron Claw Goblins, but I am not a fan of Bob Olley's squats. They are nicely detailed, but to me they did'nt seem to fit in with the plastic Squats or the earlier Citadel metal ones. The guns were often unknown and you could only guess at what they could be used as. They will paint up better than they look, but personally I think that these miniatures helped to contribute to the cancelling of the Squats.
 That and the name 'Squat' did'nt really help!
Personally I think they are better for collecting to paint, rather than gaming with.
 More Bob Olley Squats, some of the better ones.
 Three more Squats.
 Wood Elves. 
The second regiment of 15 Lord's Bowmen
 Different, more Autumnally painted versions of Kaia Stormwitch (left), and Araflane (right). I am pleased with how Kaia's coat came out.
 Regimental leader and one-eyed trooper.
The leader is the Rakhir the Red miniature from Citadel's Eternal Champion range.
 Two hooded archers, one male, one female.
 Two more archers.
 8 Warhounds and two handlers.
 Close up showing more of the bases.
The two handlers.

Next update should be more of Wood elves, although I must admit I tempted to paint a few Squats. :)


  1. Aha Lee, glad to see you're back in the world of round bases ! Your chaos and ork army were really nice so these oneshould be no exception !
    Yes, the forum is very tempting and mindblowing and can help lose focus but hey, it's all for the greater good !

    1. Yes, I could'nt resist finding the Squat army after chatting on the forum.

      It a great forum, with some nice people and good stuff on there. You're right though, it can be distracting.

      I have just won an e-bay auction for another squat biker. Only need one more and I can field a bike mounted Warlord and Hearthguard! :)

    2. Heh wasn't this one was it? was also bidding on it lol Oh well,

    3. er, yes.
      Sorry about that! :(

    4. Oh well, it's all good as your'll give it a good home :) . On the off chance you dont have any spare Arms and/or lasguns going spare?

    5. Sorry, I have no spare arms.
      I am not sure how many lasguns I will need as I have an Imperial Guard army to equip as well, but if I do I will let you know.

  2. Extremely envious of the warhounds unit, very cool, hard to find; especially in a unit that size. Well done.
    Oh and if time permits could we get an autumnal basing tutorial?

    1. Thank you.
      That's a good idea, might do that during the week. :)