Sunday, 13 October 2013

Undead Army Finished.

On this rainy afternoon/evening in the run up to Hallow'een, I have finished painting the Undead army. I am very pleased as it has only taken me a week of evenings and a Sunday to do.

I am very happy with the overall look of the army, and with the mix of Undead miniatures. The whole army is metal, apart from where I used plastic scythe arms from the 1980's Skeleton Horde box set for conversions.

The only thing I might re-visit are the banners, on whch I might paint runic symbols. Whilst painting them, the overall shield and banner colours ended up as red, partly more by accident than design, as it looks good when painted faded and mucky.

However, there is one slight problem with the army.
 I seem to have lost the piece of paper which had the army list on! So I have updated the blog without it to get the photographs of the miniatures on the blog this evening. I have'nt got around to re-working it out, but will sort that out later, and post it during the week.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy :)

 The now customary full Army photograph.
 Along the battle line from the left...
 ...and from the right.
 Army General. 
I recall him being a Level 25 Necromancer.
Despite being a Skeletal horseman, I think he looks good as an ancient looking human wizard.
 Morbius the Liche, from the Skeletal War Machines box set. 
Again, despite being technically dead-ish, I will use him as a human wizard.
I decided to only use only the one Wraith, and so thought I would use this model instead. It's an old Ral Partha RP5 Monsters range Wraith.
 Ghost, from the Citadel Night Horrors range.
He is the ADD 93 Shadow model from the Citadel Advanced Dungeons and Dragons range.
 Another Wight, using the Runequest Jack O'Bear.
Appropriate for the time of year.
 Mounted Spectre, using a Citadel C21 Undead Cavalry.
 Marauder MM52 Carrion, with armoured Imp.
 Marauder MM52 Carrion, with Grim Reaper Imp.
 Mummies from the Citadel Night Horrors range.
 Two more Mummies from Harlequin/Black Tree.
 Skeleton Catapult with one of the crew replaced with the Skeleton holdling his head up.
 Catapult with the original complete crew.
 20 Skeleton Warriors, with spears, light armour, and shields.
 Converted standard bearer from a solid based C17 Skeleton who had lost his weapon. Centre is the unit leader from Grenadier. On the right is a later 1980's Citadel C17 Skeleton.
 3 more Skeletons with spears, all made by Grenadier.
 Another Grenadier Skeleton in the centre, flanked by two more later C17 Skeletons.
 20 Warriors with hand weapons, light armour, and shields.
 Left and right are solid based C17 Skeletons designed by the Perrys. The standard bearer is converted. Centre is the unit leader from the Armoured Skeleton range.
 C17 Skeletons, 'Gunner', 'Grave Skulker', and 'Skeleton Rising'.
 On the left is a spare Citadel Zombie that was too good not to paint up and sneak in with the Skeletons, and two more C17 Skeletons, 'Boney Bomber', and a two-handed swordman.
 C17 'Wanderer', Grenadier Skeleton, and armoured Skeleton.
 20 more Warriors with hand weapons, light armour, and shields
 Grenadier standard bearer, unit leader, and C17 Swordsman.
 Grenadier swordman with a lovely Octopus shield, and two more C17 Skeletons.
 ...and three more Citadel ones.
 20 Grim Reapers.
 Skeletons armed with Scythes (two handed weapons), light armour, and sheilds.
Citadel only really produced a few Sycthe armed Skeletons (excluding the plastic range), so whilst I have mostly them, about half the regiment is made up from converted Skeletons or others. The converted ones are converted with the scythe arms from the 1980's Skeleton Horde box set, which I feel help kept them contempory with the rest of the army.
 Standard bearer from the command range, and armoured skeleton with scythe.
The unit leader, centre, is the Citadel C34 Death Elemental. I thought what better miniature from the era to lead the Grim Reapers. 
I do have the Life Elemental which I might use as a Spectre in one of the Elven armies.
 3 converted Grim Reapers from C17 Skeletons. The centre one is a converted version of the two-handed swordsman in photo #24.
 3 more converted Skeltons, made from Grenadier miniatures.
 One converted Citadel C17 spearmen, and two Grenadier miniatures.
 'Reaper' and 'Longhorn' from the MD8 Skeleton War Machine box set. On the right is a sold based C17 Skelton, named 'Azak'.
 3 Citadel Skeleton, the one on the right had his head replaced with one from the Skeleton Horde box set.
 Two Harlequin/Black Tree Skeletons from the mid 1990's.
Another photograph of Death. 

Now that I have finished painting the Undead, next army will probably be the Wood Elves.


  1. Cool! Some lovely old figures! But no undead cavalry or even more surprising... No nightmare legion?

    1. No, I left the Nightmare Legion out of the army, I will paint them up at a later date. I wanted to army to have a more contiguous feel of raised Undead, rather than random Skeletons based around the Legion.

      I never really had a lot of undead cavalry. I was going to add some, but opted for more Ethereal things.

  2. Holy crap. Ur a painting machine. Glad to see such a plethora of ethereals; something you don't see much of anymore. The fig you have for death is just perfect. I don't mean to ramble but I'm excited to see your wood elf host as well. Some of the greatest games I've played have been elves vs undead.
    Exciting stuff sir.

    1. Thank you,
      when I get motivated I can paint fast, and they are very easy and straight forward to paint.
      I have always liked Ethereals, they are always good to have in the army, and of course it's fun to paint the old miniatures.

      I'll do an update later in the week on the Wood Elves, just deciding on a paint scheme.
      I added the army list in an earlier update here:

  3. Dusty and rusty, just like they're meant to be !
    This is a very nice selection you've made for this army and it really has this feeling they've faced even mor battles in undeath than in life...

    Wood elves, we're waiting for you !

    1. Dusty and rusty is a good description of the overall look I was aiming for with them. That and the rag-tag feel of an Undead army raised and used over a long period of time and many battles. Glad you liked the effect.

      The starting of the Wood Elves will be later in the week :)