Friday, 30 May 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Friday

The mission for the Blood God continues!

This evening I have finished the 20 Chaos Marines I started last night, and also painted 4 of the Chosen Marines.
This completes the Troops choices for the Khorne Berserker Chaos Marines.
The Chosen Marines are old 1990's Metal models, and to add vareity I have added a little more detail, and painted some of the skull iconography a bone colour to provide a link between them.

 This evenings painting. 
2 Squads of Berserkers, and 4 Chosen Marines.
 Squad 5.
 Squad 6.
 The two Aspiring Champions.
Like all the Aspiring Champions they are armed with Power Fists.
 Two of the Berserkers.
 Two metal Chosen Marines from late Rogue Trader/early 2nd Edition 40k. 
The Chosen Squad are equiped with Bolt Guns and act as an elite and bodyguard to the Warlord, and so the more individualistic sculpts of these miniatures as compared to the plastic ones work well.
The one on the right is one of my favourite miniatures in the entire army.
Two more Chosen, the one on the left showing some of the bone coloured skulls of the Chosen. The one on the right is a later 1990's Metal Khorne Marine.

Tomorrow evening I shall be painting the rest of the Chosen and the Warlord.

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