Thursday 29 May 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Thursday

This evening I managed to completely paint another 20 Chaos Space Marine Beserkers.

Although it was not the 30 I had planned to do, I did also get halfway thriough the other 20 ordinary Marines as well, so it's not that bad. I only have to spend another hour or so on them to complete them. I have also taken to giving the Marines a light black paint wash before adding the glaze, just to restore some of the depth and to stop the glaze from looking too bright red.  That's 40 Chaos Marine done so far!

Apart from the last of the half painted 20 Marines, I only have the 9 Chosen Space Marines, the Army Warlord on a Juggernought, the Dreadnought, and the Defiler. I plan to finish off the 20 Marines tomorrow (or even work on them this later this evening). This leaves some of the Chosen for tomorrow as well, and then the rest of the Chosen for Saturday evening as they will require a little more work on the details. Sunday is a completly free day for me and so I will be painting the Dreadnought and Defiler, and then basing the whole army. This will leave Monday for any odds and ends that might need doing, and the varnishing.  :)

Another 20 Completed Chaos Marines.
 Squad 3.
 Squad 4.
 The Two Aspiring Champions. 
I have been lightly drybrushing the tops of the Khorne horns with gold to break up the black and red on the whole of the horns.
 Close up of the armour, showing the deep red emerging from the black. I am quite impressed with the Citadel Bloodletter Glaze as it seems to bring the black and red together and aquire the look I was trying to achieve.
Not a Chaos Space Marine! 
He's a lovely Gnoll/Great Goblin I bought from e-bay and he arrived in the post today.
 Just to reassure everyone that I have'nt forgotten about the Goblins :)

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