Monday 26 May 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Monday.

I have been rather remiss of late in my painting.
I have been doing a lot of overtime at work recently, and when I have had time I have been sorting out miniatures rather than painting them; and more recently at the weekends I have been enjoying the Brighton Festival and generally wasting time in the sunshine here on the South Coast (no sunshine today though!!).

All this lack of painting has been frustrating and I have felt as though I have not been making much progress, especially after the good start to the year. So to remedy this I have decided to re/paint my current edition 40k World Eater Army to get back into the swing of painting armies again.

I will be posting a daily progress on how I am getting on, probably later in the evening once I have had time to paint!  Tonight I am undercoating them all black, very mucky, as I always undercoat by hand. Tomorrow I hope to start painting them. The colour scheme I have chosen will be a very dark red one based on an old painting style from an article in White Dwarf a long time ago, as well as also used to great affect similarly by Dons Hans on his excellent 1980's Chaos Renegades here :

So the plan is to do a very basic, but effective dark and brooding paint scheme on 70 World Eater Marines, a Dreadnought, and probably a Defiler. In a week.  :)



  1. I felt sleepy when I read that you were undercoating them all by hand :( I switched to an airbrush for that very reason.

    How many have you got to paint Lee? Looks close to 80 or so minis there.

    Looking forward to seeing them all done.


    1. I can be an effort to do sometimes, but I don't usually do this many in one go. I am painting 70 Marines, a Defiler, a Dreadnought, and probably a couple of Predators.

  2. Lee, there seems to be no end to the levels of wonder you induce in us. MOst of us wouldn't be able to prime 70 models and 2 vehicles in a week and you do it in a night?
    The way you set yourself high goals is really inspiring. some of us often tend to procastinate "NO, I 'm not painting this tonight because I don't have enough time or because BLABLABLA...." you just get on with it and the outcome seems to be the best reward.
    There's definitely a lot to learn from you. I can't count the number of hobby blogs of people who cry about "hobby burn outs" and yet never come up with anything !

    That said, I'm still awed by the hand priming thing, I'm lazy as hell so I spray but if I was a little bit lazy my only other option would be airbrush, I just never want to base an entire model again !

    I'll be following your daily output with great interest !

    1. Thank you, I don't tend to do things by halves! I will be interested myself to see how I get on. LOL
      I am only just back from work, and had to stop off to buy red paint, so I'll have a coffee first and then start :)

      I managed to get them all undercoated. I prefer to hand undercoat as I think you get a better coverage of paint on the miniatures. Also with some of the older models I find hand undercoating can familise yourself with all of the details of the model and think on colours.

    2. I entirely agree with the last motive for priming by hand. I strongly believe you only truly "know" a model once you've painted it no matter how much youv'e looked at it. It's the reason why I'm blocking base colours first on my model more and more .

  3. Fantastic and absolutely insane project :)
    (thanks for the mentioning)

    1. Thank you, it's a bit of a crazy project!

      No worries, always happy to mention your blog :)