Sunday 27 July 2014

Ongoing Skaven painting and a forgotten army.

This week I have been continuing the bulk speed painting of the Skaven Clanrats. Despite a slow start to the weeks painting with lethargy due to work and the heat, I have manged to paint 66 Clanrats!  In addition I greenstuff converted-up the Army Standard Bearer.

 I have also been continuing to slowly increase the numbers of my WIP Chaos Nippon Army. In additon I found another distraction, a forgotten army in a box detailed further on in this Blog post.

Enjoy :)

 Army Standard Bearer converted from a metal Plague Monk model.
 33 more Heroquest Clanrats. 
All of the Heroquest Skaven are now painted. I will be painting up all of the Command models in one batch later.
 33 Clanrats from the Warhammer Regiments boxset.
These are the only Clanrats formed from the Warhammer Regiments models, with all the other same models being used as Slaves. To differentiate them from the Slaves I decided to paint thier hoods blue and give the regiment a form of coherence. They also all have the shield with the Skaven design on them. 
For the Beatles fans out there, I have been referring to the regiment as 'The Blue Meanies'.
 Cloes up front and rear views. 
They are quite nice plastic models and speed paint well, I much prefer them to the Heroquest ones.
 What has been painted so far: 
99 Clanrats, 1 Clanrat leader, the General, a Wizard, 3 Globadiers, 4 Warpfire Throwers, 3 Jezailachis, and the 6 Rat Ogres with 3 Beastmasters. 
 66 Slaves on the painting table! 
I only have these, 5 Command groups, 10 Gutterrunners, 20 Stormvermin, theArmy Standard, and a Wizard left to paint. 
And the varnishing and basing too of course. 
 A small seletion of models forming part of the Chaos Nippon Army.
 I was looking for something the other day a found an army I have forgotten about. 
Back in the 1980's, and on and off since, I bought many of the Marauder Dwarf landsknechts (and Ogres). At the time we used to refer to them as 'Frilly Dwarves'. 
The idea was to make a seperate army of them, something which I have not completed. However considering the lovely models made by White Knight, I might revisit the army sometime, although I still have a lot of other things still to do too!!!
I will do a proper series of photographs for them at a later date.

Next update will be more Skaven! 

Also, with the building of my Chaos Nippon Army I have been re-examining my 1980's C-Series C36 Citadel Hobgoblins, a lovely collection of models with a great Far Eastern vibe to them. If possible I will do an in-depth update of them too.


  1. Loving your work there,the plastic Skaven from the Warhammer Regiments boxed set paint up really nicely and if you mix them with some lead they hide quiet well.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. :)
      I have seen other people mix them in with metal models and you are right it does work well. My Warhammer Regiments Skaven will be all plasticc with metal commands, but it did at one point consider mixing them with a selection of more metal models.
      The Skaven are proving quite fun to paint and an enjoyable project.

  2. great work once again! as an aside, i love those trees in the background. may i ask where you got them?

    1. Thank you.
      I bought most of the trees a long time ago from Games Workshop. They used to sell bags of trees, I think I bought them in the mid 1990's. The one very large tree was given to me by a friend about the same time, not sure where he got it from.

  3. Hi Goblin Lee,

    Nice Skaven progress!

    Your "forgotten army" made me smile for a couple of reasons - first, forgetting you had such a glorious stash, and second, 'cause I've paired those wonderful Marauder Dwarves and Ogres together in a ragtag Renaissance-like army too. They just fit together so well, and I always think of Ogres as big Dwarves for some reason. Looking forward to seeing them all set up in one of your army shots. I'll have to dig out mine sometime soon too.

    1. Yes, the army had completely slipped my mind! I had planned on painting them up in a white and red livery as a homage to an English Elizabeathan style army, but I might go for a light blue and red now.

      Glad you like the idea of pairing the Dwarves and Ogres together. I have always thuoght of them as part of the same range and army concept since they came out. I was never a great fan of the Marauder line of models, but I really liked the Dwarf and Ogre ranges.

      This evening I wrote a 3,000 point army list for them using the models I have and with an eye to adding some from the White Knight range. I only need about 25 models and a few weapons to complete the army. It will consist of the following regiments:
      30 Pike (including the General); 20 Sword/shield; 20 Double handed weapon; 15 Arquebus; 15 Crossbow; a further 10 crossbow; 2 Cannons; a Wizard; and a Mercenary unit of 8 Ogres.

      I will sort out a little mail order soon and then post photographs of the army in it's 'to do' state.

      It would be good to your Dwarves, I noticed the photograph of the yellow and green ones on your blog.

  4. Excellent work sir really impressive speed painting as well. You've made those plastic Clanrats actually look good, mine are quite shit. Nice work on the standard as well, I'm sure it will be awe inspiring

    1. Thank you, I was suprised how well the plastic Clanrats paint up with only a basic speed paint. I plan to complete the 66 plastic Slave models from the Warhammer Regiments boxset this week.

      I am going to loosely copy one of the Standard designs in the Warhammer Armies book, with a large Skaven symbol on it and probably some motif and writing. However, I am tempted to paint The Stranglers 'Rattus Norvegicus' red cover with rat on it as the standard instead. :)

      I quite like the way you have painted your Skaven, and am looking forward to seeing how you will paint your Army Standard as well.